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Text to speech for students

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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Learning on June 27, 2022
Text-to-speech apps can be incredibly helpful in the classroom to assist students in learning more efficiently. Learn more about the top TTS applications for students.

    Text-to-speech tools are assistive technologies that can help people in so many different ways. And students can use them too! Since the popularity of this software is increasing by the day, it is a matter of time before schools will add it as a regular learning tool. 

    Until then, there are several ways you can use text-to-speech apps on your own, and they will be able to save you so much time. 

    How text to speech can be used in the classroom

    Text-to-speech is an accessibility tool, and its goal is to allow people to have an easier time while using devices. Today, you can find these apps on anything from Apple’s iPhone and iPad to PCs and Android devices. And TTS can be more than useful. 

    When it comes to educational technology, TTS software can make a world of difference. It can prove to be of great assistance to both students and teachers, and it should be a part of every classroom across the globe. 

    One in five children suffers from dyslexia, and reading will be more than stressful for them. With text-to-speech technology, they won’t need to read since the app will do it for them. You can easily find TTS that offer natural-sounding voices, which is perfect for classrooms. 

    Additionally, one in three children is an auditory learner, and they prefer listening to materials over reading them. It is the preferred version of accepting information, and they will have an easier time learning. 

    These are all just a few ways text-to-speech software can improve the experience and allow children to avoid struggling during their education. It is also one of the reasons behind the popularity of these voice synthesizers in e-learning. 

    Improve your reading and writing skills with TTS

    When it comes to reading and writing, children with dyslexia might have a hard time during the process. And having someone to read for them will be incredible. But unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. 

    Classes in schools can be too big for the teacher to dedicate enough time and attention to every student, and kids will often get the short end of the stick. But this doesn’t mean that the problem is unsolvable. 

    In fact, the solution is available on every single smartphone, tablet, and PC. And students should start using it. Text-to-speech tools are designed to improve reading comprehension and allow everyone to learn with ease. 

    Some of the apps like Speechify are designed as a way to battle dyslexia and allow everyone to be able to go through an entire book in a reasonable amount of time. And this is just the beginning. 

    Text-to-speech software can be more than helpful for language learners, and it gives them a chance to hear the proper pronunciation. At the same time, using the app allows users to follow along, and improve both their reading and writing skills. 

    Use Speechify to proofread your papers

    If you need to write a paper, it won’t be easy to proofread it once it’s done. Yes, you will be able to spot simple grammatical or spelling errors, but when it comes to the flow of the text, you will be helpless. 

    And since you wrote the entire thing, everything will seem logical and natural. Even if you forgot to write a certain part or explanation, you will know the answer to it. And this is one of the main reasons why you should let someone else proofread it. 

    Of course, students don’t have a proofreader on speed dial, and they will need to find help elsewhere. This is another example of how text-to-speech APIs can solve the problem. So, don’t be afraid to explore the functionalities these tools have to offer. 

    All you need to do is turn on the app, and let the AI voice read it to you. Hearing how it sounds will help you understand whether the flow of the paper is good, if there are mistakes, and or any ways to improve it. 

    You can easily turn your paper into an audiobook, and listen to it whenever you want. The process is simple, and you won’t need to be an IT expert to convert it. In fact, all you need to do is pick the voice you like, and hit the play button. 

    Multi-task and learn with TTS

    The next great benefit of text-to-speech apps is that they allow users to multitask. So, how does that work, you might ask? Once you find the text you want to listen to, you will be able to convert it into audio. 

    And after that, all you need to do is put on your headphones, and play the audio. You can go outside and take a walk, do chores around your home, or do anything else you feel like doing. There are no limits. 

    What matters is that your hands would be free, and you can do any menial task that doesn’t require your full attention. After all, your attention should be on learning, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do other things. 

    Many users and students prefer multitasking, and it allows them to be even more productive and save time. For example, you can listen to the audio while going to the store, and ensure that you are learning along the way. 

    You can also listen to the recording on your PC, take notes, read emails, or do anything else you need to do. As long as you are able to pay attention to the content, you will be able to achieve so much. 

    The top text to speech application for students

    The best text-to-speech app you can find today is Speechify. The app is versatile, it works on any device, and it’s easy to use. And anyone can check it out. It is perfect for schools, and even professors who are not IT experts can find their way around the app. 

    One of many reasons behind the popularity of Speechify is having an option to choose high-quality voices. They sound rather realistic, and it feels as if the app converts text using a real human voice. 

    Those that enjoy using this app can install it on any imaginable device, and it will work on any OS including iOS, Windows, macOS, and Android. Furthermore, the app is available in the form of a Chrome extension, which will allow you to use it on web pages or Google Docs

    The versatility and quality are what make Speechify stand out from the crowd, and why it is the best text-to-speech reader you can find. What makes it even better is that Speechify is available in different languages, and you can find a few rather exciting AI voices. 

    Speechify also has one unique feature that you won’t find on other tools. You can use OCR or optical character recognition to turn physical texts into audiobooks. All you will need to do is snap a photo of the page, and the app will do the rest. 


    What is the best text to speech app for students?

    The best text-to-speech app for students is Speechify. It allows users to convert physical and digital text into an audio file, and the app will convert it in real time. What makes it even better is that Speechify is available in numerous different languages. 

    Users can also choose different accents, adjust the speech rate, and so much more. The app works on any device you can find, and the quality is one of many reasons behind the popularity of this tool. 

    You can also use apps like Read Aloud, NaturalReader, Voice Dream Reader, iSpeech, and many others. 

    How can text to speech help students?

    Speechify is designed as a way to help dyslexic students save time. Instead of going through the text and spending hours on a couple of pages, students can convert that text into audio in just a couple of steps. 

    The app also assists visually impaired students, those with ADHD, and any other type of reading or learning disabilities, and for special education. If you are an auditory learner, Speechify is an app you need to check out. 

    You can use Speechify on Microsoft Word documents, PDF, epub, or any other type of text file. 

    How does text to speech help students with dyslexia?

    It allows them to hear the text instead of trying to read it. TTS technology is perfect for students, and they can easily find a mobile app that will work on their mobile devices. With it, the efficiency will increase, and they will have an easier time learning. 

    Many people use TTS apps as learning assistants, and they are rather helpful if a person is trying to learn a new language. They will be able to understand pronunciation and save so much time during the process. 

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