Text to speech: Scribd

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This article will tell you everything you should know about Scribd.

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Text to speech: Scribd

Scribd is among the most popular resources for books, research, magazines, and other materials. It’s often used by students looking for information they can’t find elsewhere and professionals looking for high-quality materials. But, of course, it’s also suitable for those who enjoy curling up with a good book.

This article will tell you everything you should know about Scribd.

What is Scribd?

Scribd is a paid read-as-you-go service with an extensive library of books, podcasts, and docs, among other content types. It also has a dedicated audiobook library full of mainstream and indie titles.

The platform is available online and offers iOS and Android apps This versatility lets users enjoy Scribd’s vast library at home or on the go.

Scribd has many handy features that ensure a pleasant browsing and reading experience. These include various text and background options, bookmarking, and seamless syncing between different platforms. You can also save your favorite titles and Scribd’s algorithm will show recommendations based on your interests.

The main disadvantage of Scribd is its lack of text to speech. While the platform offers audiobooks, you can’t turn any other content into audio.

Text to Speech 

As a comprehensive TTS reader, Speechify turns webpages, emails and more into text. It also provides a plethora of great features, including:

  • Over 30 natural voices

  • More than 20 languages

  • Adjustable reading speed (up to 5x)

  • Note-taking, highlighting, and importing tools

You can use Speechify on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac), thanks to the dedicated iOS and macOS apps you can find in the App Store, alongside a Safari extension. It’s also available on Google Play for Android devices. If you’re using a Microsoft PC or laptop, you can take advantage of Speechify’s Google Chrome extension.

Speechify reviews

Users love Speechify, as evidenced by the app’s 150,000+ five-star reviews. Some of the things users appreciate the most are Speechify’s natural-sounding voices and various helpful features that contribute to the enjoyable listening experience.

How to sign up for Speechify

Speechify offers a free plan so that you can create an account without obligations. The free version will give you lots of features you can use to turn text into premium-quality audio.

If you want to unlock additional features and use Speechify to the fullest, you can subscribe to the paid plan.

To see how Speechify works in action, you can try it for free.


Does Scribd text to speech?

Scribd doesn’t offer text to speech, so listening is limited to the audiobooks in its library.

How do I get Scribd to read aloud?

You need a third-party screen reader like Speechify to listen to Scribd content.

Can you read and listen on Scribd?

Yes, you can read lots of different materials on Scribd, and you can listen to audiobooks.

What is Scribd compatible with?

Scribd offers a web app and iOS and Android apps.

How do I read Scribd on my phone?

Using an Android and iOS device, you can download the Scribd app from their respective stores. If not, you can use almost any browser to read Scribd.

What is the difference between reading and listening on Scribd?

Scribd has a dedicated audio interface for listening to audiobooks. In addition, you’ll get a separate interface for reading.

What is the text to speech speed on Scribd?

You can adjust the playback speed of Scribd audiobooks to match your preferred pace.

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