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The Bad Guys reviewed

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Curious about The Bad Guys? Here, we review the book series and film, as well as help you learn more about the author.

The Bad Guys reviewed

The Bad Guys is a popular book series and movie about five hilarious animal outlaws striving to become model citizens. The book series sold millions of copies, while the movie was the highest-grossing animated movie in 2022.

This article shares everything you need to know about both the book series and the hit movie.

What is the series about?

The Bad Guys is a hilarious book series about the adventures of five mischievous animals attempting to become the good guys. After the animals get caught in criminal acts, they try to reform themselves as model citizens. However, their villainous leader always has different plans.

The author of the series, Aaron Blabey, is also the illustrator of the comics.

The main characters include:

  • Mr. Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf)
  • Mr. Shark (Master of Disguise)
  • Mr. Snake
  • Mr. Piranha
  • Ms. Tarantula (Webs)
  • Professor Marmalade

All the characters in The Bad Guys have a menacing appearance. However, they are extremely friendly and often misunderstood. Together, they are the “Bad Guys” and share numerous funny and heart-warming adventures.

The Bad Guys book series is exciting and action-packed. The Bad Guys are always in sticky situations: police heists, car chases, saving endangered species, and stopping evil geniuses are only some of the missions they face on the daily.

Kids love The Bad Guys because of the humor, jokes, and overall positive tone of the books. The illustrations are fun and capture the characters’ emotions and feelings in an authentic way.

More importantly, kids can learn important lessons about loyalty, friendship, and working together. The Bad Guys are perfect for young readers as the kids are guaranteed to laugh their heads off while falling in love with the big five.

Below is a short overview of the ten most popular books in the series:

  1. The Bad Guys—The Bad Guys are about to enroll on their first good mission. They try to free two hundred dogs from the Maximum-Security Dog Pound.
  2. Mission Unpluckable—A new mission leads the Bad Guys to a high-tech cage farm where they have to rescue 10,000 chickens.
  3. The Furball Strikes Back—The gang mess with the wrong guinea pig who turns out to be an evil scientist.
  4. Attack of the Zittens—The Bad Guys confront nasty kittens during the zombie kitten apocalypse.
  5. Intergalactic Gas—The world is about to end, but the Bad Guys are here to save the day. The mission includes rockets, spacesuits, and lots of bean burritos.
  6. Alien vs Bad Guys—A weird creature with tons of teeth steels the Bad Guys one by one. The end of the big five may be near.
  7. Do You Think the Saurus?—The Bad Guys make it to space and then back to Earth. Only, they’ve landed 65 million years in the past and have to confront dinosaurs.
  8. Superbad—Strange yet defective powers have come to the Bad Guys. Still, the gang has an important mission to accomplish.
  9. The Big Bad Wolf—The Bad Guys must prevent an alien invasion while Mr. Wolf has gotten Godzilla proportions.
  10. Open Wide and Say Arrrgh!—The Bad Guys embark on their next adventure, including chain-saw monsters, velociraptors, disturbing antics, and more.

About Aaron Blabey

Aaron Blabey was born in Victoria, Australia, on January 1, 1974. He’s the author of New York Times bestselling works like The Bad Guys, Pig the Pug, and Thelma the Unicorn. 

Blabey’s books have more than 35 million prints. His work remained at the top of the New York Times bestseller list for more than 120 weeks.

The author was also an actor until 2005, and he starred in two television dramedies—The Damnation of Harvey McHugh and CrashBurn. He won the AACTA Award for Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama award in 1994.

Aaron was married to an actress and speech pathologist Kirstie Hutton with whom he has two sons. The couple separated in 2022.

The Bad Guys on film

The Bad Guys finally got its movie adaptation on April 22, 2022. DreamWorks Animation produced the film, while distribution was the work of Universal Pictures.

Film director Pierre Perifel worked with producer Damon Ross and screenplay writers Etan Cohen and Hilary Winston. The executive producers of the movie are Aaron Blabey, Patrick Hughes, and Etan Cohen.

The Bad Guys film remained in the box office top ten for eleven weekends upon its premiere. It was also the second highest grossing animated movie of 2022, and it has a relatively positive score of 6.8 on IMDB. This heist movie has won the Truly Moving Picture Award and has a total of 24 nominations.

The Bad Guys were such a success that several books followed after the movie’s release date:

  • Bad Guys Movie Novelization—Brand-new insight into the wannabe heroes who do good deeds.
  • Bad Guys Movie: The Biggest, Baddest Fill-in Book Ever—An immersive book where children get to create their own funny moments with the gang.

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Will The Bad Guys be on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix will stream The Bad Guys in the near future.

Is The Bad Guys a Disney movie?

No, The Bad Guys is a DreamWorks movie.

What is the cast of The Bad Guys?

Sam Rockwell (Wolf), Marc Maron (Snake), Awkwafina (Tarantula), Craig Robinson (Shark), Anthony Ramos (Piranha), Richard Ayoade (Professor Marmalade), Zazie Beetz (Diane Foxington), Alex Borstein (Police Chief Misty Luggins), Lilly Singh (Tiffany Fluffit)

What is The Bad Guys rated?

The Bad Guys has a PG rating, meaning that parental guidance is suggested.

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