Top audiobooks for kids

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Learn where to get audiobooks for kids for endless entertainment and help boost learning.

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Top audiobooks for kids

Encouraging kids to read is one of the best things parents can do to help their children improve their language skills and learn a new language. However, that doesn’t mean reading regular books or e-books is the only way to do things.

Audiobooks can help a lot and even be more enjoyable. Moreover, they can help kids follow along with the written text to improve their spelling and writing skills. So, without further ado, here are the top apps where you can find children’s books in an audio story format.

The audiobook apps for kids


Storynory has an extensive collection of fairy tales, educational content, poems, chapter books, and many more original stories that kids will enjoy. Although Storynory is only available in the Apple App Store, you can find some of the best books on the platform.

From the Brothers Grimm to Snow White to folk tales and Aesop’s fables, kids can go through tons of audio content narrated in friendly voices. The stories are more than enough to put any kid to sleep or get them interested in ditching the TV screen or monitor once in a while.

The only downside to Storynory is the lack of platform compatibility.


LibriVox has one of the largest selections of books, many of which are available in an audiobook format.

The collection only contains public domain titles. However, that means kids can listen to some of the most famous stories like the Wizard of Oz, Pinocchio, the Jungle Book, and many more loyal books. Great audiobooks aren’t hard to come by on the platform.

Read Along

Read Along is an Android app that kids can use. The app contains many short stories and reading exercises that can help children with dyslexia or very young ones improve their reading level.

The app is easy to use with a best friend, parent, or alone and includes an engaging reward system. While it only has a few audiobooks, there are enough fun short stories to keep kids entertained.

It makes learning more playful and can help children advance their language decoding and comprehension skills from a very young age.


Libby, by OverDrive, is an excellent mobile app to use if you want a wide variety of audiobook content variety.

This program requires a library card. However, local library books can be anything from bestsellers to short stories, picture books, magazines, and much more. There’s enough content for every taste and reading levels.

Libby is compatible with iOS and Android devices, making it a great choice for listening to audiobooks on the way to school, on road trips, etc.

Great kids’ stories to sample

If you lack ideas on what kids might like to read or listen to, here are a few suggestions:

  • “Peter Pan” is one of the all-time favorites for kids, from books to audiobooks to animated or live-action movies.

  • Books from the Harry Potter collection are great for kids and young adults.

  • “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll tells an engaging fantasy story with plenty of lessons to learn.

  • “The Wind in the Willows” makes for one of the best audio stories.

  • “The Jungle Book” is a fantasy adventure novel created for kids that translates well into an audiobook.

  • “Pinocchio” is full of life lessons and readily available.

  • Although published in 1905, “A Little Princess” by Frances Hodgson Burnett stands the test of time and is still one of the best audiobooks for children.

  • “Anne of Green Gables” is a classic children’s novel about the adventures of an 11-year-old orphan named Anne Shirley.

  • “Treasure Island” is another timeless gem full of adventure, lovable characters, and intense action.

  • “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett is another classic British tale for kids and is often considered one of the author’s best works.


Do libraries have audiobooks for kids?

Not all libraries have audiobooks for kids, but enough of them do to make apps like Libby relevant. The more extensive the library network, the easier it is to find children’s audiobooks.

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