Top 10 audiobooks by Dean Koontz

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Looking for the best audiobooks by Dean Koontz? Browse our top 10 list to find many spine-chilling titles you must read.

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Top 10 audiobooks by Dean Koontz

True fans of horror and suspense genres are well familiar with the words of Dean Koontz. Throughout his prolific career, he’s published over 105 novels, many of which became international best-sellers. Many people don’t know that Koontz sold over 450 million copies of this book, outselling Stephen King, the “king of horror.”

Among so many titles, how to choose the ones you should add to your reading list—or playlist, in the case of audiobooks? This article will highlight some of the best Dean Koontz books to make the search easier.

The best Dean Koontz audiobooks

From lesser-known gems to New York Times best-sellers, author Dean Koontz offers sci-fi and horror fans many options. Here are the best ones:

1. The Other Emily

After David Thorne loses the love of his life under mysterious circumstances, he seeks closure in any way he can. He even visits her presumed killer in prison just to get an idea of her last moments.

But then, David Meets Maddison Sutton, a woman with an enigmatic past. The strangest thing about Maddison? Everything about her is exactly like Emily. Could it be her?

2. The Jane Hawk series

The Jane Hawk series features five gripping books, some of which we’ll cover individually as they deserve special attention. It tells the story of Jane Hawk, a rogue FBI agent trying to solve heinous crimes while fighting her demons.

The series is more a thriller than horror, and each book is a page-turner. The suspense will keep you glued to your headphones as you follow Hawk on her dangerous endeavors.

3. Odd Thomas

This is the first book of the Odd Thomas series, not to be mistaken for the Odd Thomas graphic novella series. It tells the story of Odd, a small-town man working as an expert fry cook. His idyllic life with the love of his life until a strange evil presence in the desert town where the couple lives suddenly disrupts it.

Odd knows that on August 15, violence will decimate the town. Today is August 14, and Odd is unsure whether he can save it.

4. Ticktock

This science-fiction horror novel tells the story of Tommy Phan, a successful novelist living his dream life. One night, Thomas finds a strange rag doll lying on his doorstep. Unsure what to do with it, Tommy brings it inside.

Not long after, he hears strange popping sounds. The stitches over the doll’s heart start breaking, and something mysterious emerges. It presents a grave danger to Tommy’s life, and there doesn’t seem to be anything he can do to stop it.

5. Demon Seed

Susan Harris spends all her time secluded in her high-tech mansion. Everything in her home is controlled by cutting-edge technology, giving her all the comfort and security she can needs.

One day, however, an insidious AI breaches the mansion’s systems and takes over the house. It has one goal—to understand the workings of the flesh.

6. The Silent Corner

This is the first book in the Jane Hawk series, depicting the protagonist’s beginnings. After her husband commits suicide, Jane sets out to understand what drove the love of her life to take his own.

Jane realizes her husband was far from the only one. All over town, seemingly happy and fulfilled people are taking their own lives in large numbers. Determined to uncover the truth, Jane makes powerful enemies who’ll stop at nothing to keep it hidden.

7. The Crooked Staircase

While uncovering the secrets behind mysterious murder-suicides, Jane Hawk becomes America’s No. 1 fugitive. The secret organization behind the conspiracy spares no cost to destroy her.

Jane tracks down the organization to Lake Tahoe, immediately leaving California in her pursuit of answers. As she descends the crooked stairs to the source of her suffering, Jane gets ready for the fight of her life.

8. Phantoms

After a series of gruesome killings shake up a small California town, the surviving citizens and authorities start desperately trying to figure out what’s behind them.

The theories included a mass murderer, Russians, and many other potential perpetrators. However, the truth is far more terrifying than anyone could’ve imagined.

9. The Big Dark Sky

When Joanna Chase left Rustling Willows Ranch, she thought she’d never come back. Years later, a plea from a friend she’d long forgotten makes her return to her hometown.

But she’s not the only one. Strangers get entangled in a mystery that leads them straight to the remote town as they gather together to uncover the truth.

10. The Bad Place

After waking up to blood on his hands one morning after another, Frank Pollard becomes fearful of sleep. Investigators who are trying to resolve the mystery start following the haunted man.

Their investigation yields no result until one day, a young man affected by Down syndrome reveals he might know the truth.

Honorable mentions

Dean Koontz gave life to many exciting characters like Harry Lyon, Edgler Vess, and Travis Cornell. If you want to explore their stories along with many others, you can check out the following books and audiobook versions, as well:

  • The Whispering Room

  • Night Chills

  • The Night Window

  • One Door Away from Heaven

  • Saint Odd

  • Life Expectancy

  • Odd Hours

  • Sole Survivor

  • Strange Highways

  • Darkfall

  • Dragon Tears

  • The Forbidden Door

  • Brother Odd

  • Short stories (“The Neighbor,” “Chase,” etc.)

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What is considered Dean Koontz best book?

Many consider The Bad Place to be Dean Koontz’s best book ever.

What is Dean Koontz scariest novel?

Night Chills is one of Koontz’s scariest novels.

What order do you read Dean Koontz books?

You can start with the Odd Thomas series, which many find the most compelling.

Is Dean Koontz on audible?

Yes, you can find many Dean Koontz books on Audible.

Which Dean Koontz books have been made into movies?

The most popular titles include Odd Thomas, Watchers, and Phantoms.

What is the first Dean Koontz book?

Star Quest, released in 1968, is Dean Koontz’s first book.

What are some Dean Koontz books that are not horror?

Some good options include The Taking, Strangers, and From the Corner of His Eye.

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