Top 10 audiobooks by Mary Higgins Clark

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Are you a fan of suspense novels? Check out our list of best Mary Higgins Clark audiobooks everyone should read—or listen to.

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Top 10 Audiobooks by Mary Higgins Clark

Appropriately nicknamed the “Queen of Suspense,” Mary Higgins Clark was one of the best-known mystery writers of our time. She wrote 51 books throughout her life, all of which became U.S. best-sellers, with some being international best-sellers as well.

If you’re into suspense novels, Mary Higgins Clark audiobooks are a must-listen. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

10 Mary Higgins Clark Audiobooks to read today

Mary Higgins Clark wrote many books, sometimes in collaboration with Alafair Burke and Clark’s daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, author of the famous Alvirah and Willy series. Many of her books were published by the famous Simon & Schuster house and were later converted into audiobooks, including several New York Times best-sellers.

If you’re looking to get started with her audiobooks, here are the ones you should read first:

1. Where Are The Children?

Clark’s debut novel was released in 1975. It tells the story of Nancy Harmon, a woman who changes her identity and moves to California after her divorce and the bizarre loss of two children.

After Harmon remarries and gives birth to two new kids, tragedy finds her again when she looks in the backyard and realizes her kids are missing.

2. You Don’t Own Me

This book is a part of Clark’s best-selling Under Suspicion series. It centers around Laurie Moran, a TV producer investigating an unsolved crime.

She tries to uncover the secrets behind the death of Dr. Martin Bell, a respected physician and prominent member of society. During her investigation, Moran realizes that Martin’s picture-perfect life might’ve been a facade.

3. Every Breath You Take

In this novel, Moran investigates the mysterious death of Virginia Wakeling, a wealth donor and Board of Trustees member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

At first, the prime suspect is Ivan Grey, Wakeling’s personal trainer. However, Moran soon realizes that Wakeling had many people who wanted her dead.

4. Moonlight Becomes You

When Maggie Holloway, a successful fashion photographer, goes to Newport, R.I. to visit his stepmother, she finds her dead in her home.

Holloway realizes her stepmother left everything to her, but her fortune and life are at risk. Her stepmother’s death wasn’t the only one, and the pattern is leading straight to her.

5. Piece of My Heart

Only days away from their wedding, Laurie Moran, a TV producer (a recurring character in Clark’s novels), and her fiancé Alex decide to spend a day on the beach. However, the idyllic atmosphere is soon shattered by the sudden disappearance of Alex’s nephew Johnny.

The search party yields no results and leaves more questions than answers. The most important one—is Johnny above or underwater?

6. The Sleeping Beauty Killer

After the brutal murder of Hunter Raleigh III, his fiancée, Casey Carter, serves 15 years in prison for the crime. Throughout that time, she maintains her innocence. But even after serving out her sentence, she’s still under everyone’s watchful eye.

The case attracts Moran’s attention, so the TV producer sets out to prove Carter’s innocence. However, the feat proves itself harder than Moran thought.

7. Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry

When multiple female employees speak out against sexual misconduct at television network REL, wealthy lawyer and REL counsel Michael Carter promises the network CEO he’ll do everything in his power to stop the issue from making headlines.

One of the employees dies under serious circumstances, and investigative journalist Gina Kane sets out to uncover the truth behind the “accident.”

8. I’ve Got You Under My Skin

The first book of the Under Suspicion series, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” introduces us to TV producer Moran five years after the tragic loss of her husband.

It also depicts Moran’s early beginnings as a TV producer as she tries to solve the murder of socialite Betsy Powell. Moran must uncover the truth while dealing with her own trauma.

9. The Cinderella Murder

The mysterious death of UCLA student Susan Dempsey raised countless questions. Who better to answer them than Laurie Moran?

Moran partners up with her TV colleague Alex Buckley and a prominent lawyer to solve this high-profile case and get her show off the ground.

10. Two Little Girls in Blue

After Kelly and Kathy, three-year-old twins go missing, their parents collect the eight-million-dollar ransom and set out to retrieve their daughters. However, they only find Kelly in the car, alongside the driver’s suicide note stating that he inadvertently murdered Kathy.

At the memorial, however, Kathy tells her mother that Kelly is scared and wants to go home. Believing in her daughters’ telepathy, her mother launches an extensive and desperate search.

Honorable mentions

There’s no doubt some of the above titles piqued your interest. If you’re looking for more, you shouldn’t miss the following Mary Higgins Clark books:

  • My Gal Sunday

  • All By Myself

  • Nighttime Is My Time

  • Remember Me

  • As Time Goes By

  • Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting

  • You Belong to Me

  • I’ve Got My Eyes On You

  • The Lost Years

  • A Stranger Is Watching

  • Silent Night

  • Pretend You Don’t See Her

  • On the Street Where You Live

  • No Place Like Home

  • I’ll Walk Alone

  • Shadow of Your Smile

  • The Lottery Winner

  • I Heard that Song Before

  • We’ll Meet Again

  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart

  • The Second Time Around

  • The Melody Lingers On

  • I’ll Be Seeing You

  • The Devil Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Short Stories

  • Murder in Manhattan

  • All Through the Night

  • Where Are You Now

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Where do I start with Mary Higgins Clark?

You should start with the author’s unabridged Under Suspicion series.

What reading level is Mary Higgins Clark?

Her novels have an ATOS rating of 5.5, meaning a fifth-grader can read them.

What is Mary Higgins Clark’s best-selling book?

The author’s best-selling book is Piece of My Heart.

What is the order of Mary Higgins Clark’s books?

The first book is Where Are the Children, while the last one is Piece of My Heart.

Did Mary Higgins Clark write her own books?

Yes, though she often collaborated with her daughter, Carol Higgins Clark, as well as Alafair Burke.

What genre does Mary Higgins Clark write?

Mary Higgins Clark wrote suspense thrillers.

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