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Turn any image to speech with Speechify

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Take a look at how Speechify works to change images into audio files, and the other benefits you can expect when you begin to use Speechify.

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If you have image text that you want to turn into an audio file, it can be tough to know what to do first. You may wonder if you should type the words out, and then use an artificial intelligence app or algorithm to translate the text into speech. You may want to convert your txt file into an mp3 file, or you may want to use text-to-speech conversions that offer the use of a speech synthesizer so you can choose from a wide variety of vocal tones.

Optical character recognition, or OCR, is a type of technology that can use visual images of characters (not just text files) and turn them into audio files, often in real-time. Apps like Speechify can use pattern recognition and high-quality image processing to decipher text that’s on a photo, then turn that information into speech synthesis, uploaded in a simple audio file to your iOS, Mac, Android, or Microsoft device.

Here, we’ll take a look at why downloading Speechify is a smart move, how Speechify works to change images into audio files, and the other benefits you can expect when you begin to use Speechify.

Why use Speechify?

Speechify is a TTS app to which users can upload images with text, HTML files, web pages, docs, and more. The app works to extract text and convert it into easy-to-listen-to, natural-sounding audio that can read the text aloud. Whether you’re a busy professional who needs to get your information on the go or a student who is working to cram before a test, Speechify can make your life easier.

How does Speechify convert images into speech?

Speechify uses optical character recognition technology, which is a type of machine learning that allows the app to convert photos with text into audio files. An optical character recognition database keeps track of many different styles of fonts, and matches the characters in your photos of text to letters. Using text detection technology,, Speechify is able to use the information on your book page, screenshot of a web page, or other image file to create an audio file.

There’s no doubt about it–students, busy professionals, and others who have a heavy reading load can benefit from using Speechify’s image to speech service so that you don’t have to spend your time hunched over a book in order to get the information that you need.

Speechify’s other features

While image to text is a favorite feature of many Speechify users, there are also several other factors that users love, including:

  • Automatic library synchronization: Speechify automatically syncs your audio files between devices, so that you’re able to keep listening where you left off no matter where you are.
  • Multiple languages: With over 20+ available languages, Speechify users can upload text in a variety of language options. Many people who are learning a new language love that they can create an immersive experience using Speechify.
  • Free trial: If you’re not sure whether Speechify is the right fit for you, no worries. You’ll be able to give the program a try for free to decide whether it’s the right fit for your needs.
  • Natural-sounding voices: You’ll be able to choose from a variety of voices to make your Speechify experience perfect for you. When you get to listen to a human-like voice, it’s easier to focus on the information you’re learning, instead of focusing on pronunciation and semantic errors from a robot-like voice.
  • Speed changes: With Speechify, you’ll get to choose the speed at which your audio files play. This means if you need to slow down a file so that you can pay close attention to new information, it’s easy to do with the tap of a finger. Going through information that you already have a good handle on? Speed it up to boost your productivity and get you moving to the information that you still need to learn.

Whether you’re suffering from computer vision that makes it tough to stay on top of your work, you’re experiencing a learning disability like dyslexia that can make it tough to focus on printed words, or you’re simply an auditory learner, Speechify can boost your productivity and. help you take your work and reading comprehension to the next level.


How can I turn a picture into voice?

If there’s text in your photo, Speechify can turn it into an audio file using OCR technology. You’ll simply upload the image to the Speechify app. From there, Speechify will use it’s OCR technology library to decipher the letters in the photo and then convert them into an audio file.

Is there an app that turns text into speech?

Speechify is the perfect app for turning text into speech. With Speechify, users can upload a variety of files, including txt files, docs, HTML files, web pages, and images with text. You’ll have fast access to your audio file, and it will be a part of your Speechify library. That means that you’ll be able to access your file from any of your devices that have access to the Speechify app or web page. Many users loves Speechify because the app provides natural-sounding voices that make it easier to focus on the information at hand than an audio file that provides a robotic voice. Speechify is highly customizable, so you’re able to make the app exactly what you need to boost your productivity.

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