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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Accessibility on October 02, 2022
Text to speech bots have two primary uses on Twitch. Let's explore these cases.

    Twitch text to speech

    Interactive livestreaming is a big business and many people have built impressive careers due to streaming various activities on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms.

    But what makes livestreaming interactive? The way you can communicate with viewers. That’s why Twitch text to speech forever changed the platform for individual streamers.

    What is Twitch? is the world’s leading livestreaming service that caters to everything from live game streaming and esports broadcasts to creative content or IRL (in real life) streams.

    The platform enables content creators to share their online and offline activities with viewers and interact with them in real time. And it’s the real-time interaction where the text to speech bots come into play.

    Traditionally, Twitch allowed streamers and viewers to interact via chat. Of course, streamers could read the stream chat and reply by talking into their microphones. However, there was no way for viewers to have their voices heard until the platform allowed text to speech support.

    Text to speech (TTS) bots are tools that use speech synthesis to process and convert written text into computer-generated speech. They have many applications, from reading web pages to fulfilling customer service requests to helping streamers interact with their audiences.

    How text to speech can be used with Twitch

    Text to speech bots have two primary uses on Twitch. First, you have TTS bot integration for the donation system. That means that donations of a certain amount or higher won’t appear only in a text overlay on the screen; the bot will also read aloud the message, which should get more attention.

    Secondly, converting text messages into audio means that important messages are harder to miss by a busy streamer. Every streamer must learn to balance game and chat awareness because interaction with viewers is crucial.

    People want to give advice, ask questions, and share opinions. Therefore, they value streamers who notice them and respond.

    Why you should use text to speech with your Twitch channel

    Although Twitch TTS bots have two main uses, they have more benefits than you would think.

    • They encourage more to donate – Many donations go unnoticed, especially during a flood of donations. Although some viewers donate to support their streamers, many do it only to get their message heard. The presence of a TTS bot ensures that people can get their thoughts across not only to the streamer but also to other viewers.

    • More content to clip – Livestreams aren’t the only way streamers attract viewers and keep their audiences saturated with content. Clips of funny stream moments are the perfect content to share on various social media platforms. In fact, clipping outrageous donation messages can generate pure gold in some cases. Some streamers have built entire YouTube and TikTok series dedicated to sharing text to speech donation messages, viewer questions, jokes, tutorials, riddles, etc.

    • More interactions with viewers – Twitch chats have a lot of spam, even with the “Slow Mode” enabled. While some messages are back-and-forth conversations between viewers, some spam the same message repeatedly to get the streamer’s attention and a reply. A text to speech Twitch bot can help by reading specific messages in a chat or donations aloud to engage the streamer quickly.

    • Voice replies for viewers – The reverse also works when interacting with viewers. Not all streamers have complex and expensive studio setups yet still have enormous audiences. Setting up custom-recorded replies in the streamer’s voice can be challenging. But a text to speech bot makes recording messages easy and streamers or moderators can dish them out with a button press.

    • Manage trolling – Many viewers want to hear their messages on screen after a donation and with TTS messages enabled, trolls won’t hesitate to cause madness on the stream. TTS bots enable content creators to only allow donation messages from subs after reaching a specific threshold or messages without profanity.

    • Audio alert overlay – Various plugins, actions, widgets, and other stream elements can generate dozens of alerts. Similar to messages, some of these may go unnoticed – subscriptions, earning Twitch channel points, someone gifting bits, OBS errors, or other content creators raiding the livestream. Setting up text to speech for Twitch is a cheap and easy way to prioritize various alerts and notifications, even when they don’t come from the Twitch chat or subscribers.

    • Translate messages – Some bots come with multilingual support and can even translate messages on-screen, from Brazilian to English, for example. This type of Twitch extension can enable users worldwide to interact with their favorite foreign streamers.

    Use Speechify with your Twitch channel

    What is Speechify? Speechify is text to speech software with machine learning algorithms and AI-generated natural-sounding voices. It can read and narrate screens, web pages, chat interfaces, documents, and pictures.

    How can you integrate it into your Twitch streaming setup? The best uses for Speechify for Twitch livestreams are to record custom audio messages for your stream and to read the Twitch chat while you focus on gaming.

    If you set up Speechify on your phone or as a browser extension in Chrome or Safari, it won’t interfere with anything on your screen.

    You can let the software read the chat aloud, filter out words, adjust the playback speed, and stay updated on what your viewers have to say even when you can’t physically follow the discussions.

    Likewise, if you have dyslexia or similar reading difficulties, keeping up with the chat speed on Twitch is near impossible without a TTS reader.

    You can try Speechify for free to discover how it can change your Twitch streaming experience.


    Does Twitch have TTS?

    Twitch doesn’t have a built-in TTS feature, but its API supports various text to speech bots and third-party TTS software.

    How do I TTS on Twitch?

    You have to install a third-party TTS bot or the StreamElements plugin suite for the Twitch platform.

    What is the best TTS for Twitch?

    StreamLabs has one of the best TTS bot integrations, but Speechify is a better screen reader with higher-quality voices.

    What are the best TTS voices?

    The best TTS voices are AI-generated voices with human-like qualities like the ones available in the Speechify reader.

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