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What Type of Audible Credits Do I Have?

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Audible is Amazon's popular audiobook service. If you've just started using Audible or are considering becoming a member, you might be wondering about...

Audible is Amazon's popular audiobook service. If you've just started using Audible or are considering becoming a member, you might be wondering about Audible credits and how they work. This unique form of currency is at the heart of the Audible experience and can be used to purchase a vast selection of audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive Audible Originals.

With options to suit every budget and lifestyle, from monthly to annual plans, Audible offers a tailored listening experience for every book lover. In this article, we'll delve into the ins and outs of Audible credits to help you make the most of your Audible membership.

What are Audible Credits?

Audible credits are essentially the currency you use within Amazon's audiobook service, Audible. Whether you're a fan of bestsellers, new releases, or exclusive Audible Originals, these credits can be exchanged for any single-volume audiobook in the Audible library, regardless of its list price. It's a cost-effective way to obtain and listen to your favorite books and podcasts on the Audible app, available on iOS, Android, and Google Play.

How do I get Audible Credits?

Getting Audible credits is linked with an Audible membership, which comes in different plans, namely, Audible Premium Plus and Audible Premium Plus Annual. These plans provide monthly or yearly credits, depending on the chosen membership plan.

For instance, an Audible Premium Plus membership offers one or two credits each month, while the Audible Premium Plus Annual plan gives you 12 or 24 credits all at once. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you also receive two free Audible Originals per month.

During the 30-day trial period, Amazon offers one free audiobook, which can be a nice introduction to the world of audiobooks. Additionally, you can often find special offers for free credits or additional credits for purchase on the Audible website or app.

How do my Audible Credits Work?

Using Audible credits is as simple as browsing the Audible library, choosing your new audiobook, and selecting "Buy with 1 credit" during checkout. But here's the best part: if you're not satisfied with your pick, you can return it and get your credit back. This freedom to explore is one of the things that makes Audible membership worth it.

Why do I need Audible Credits?

Audible credits can help you save money on audiobooks. A credit can be used to purchase any audiobook in the Audible library, irrespective of its price. This is particularly beneficial when you wish to buy high-cost audiobooks, as you can obtain them at a significantly lower price by using just one Audible credit.

Do my Audible Credits have an Expiration Date?

Yes, Audible credits do have an expiration date. The expiration period typically depends on your membership plan and the number of credits you have. For monthly members, unused credits will expire if not used within a year of being issued. For annual members, any unused credits expire 12 months after the end of the membership year in which they were given.

What happens if I do not use my Audible Credits?

If you do not use your Audible credits and they exceed the rollover limit or reach their expiration date, they will be forfeited. So it's a good idea to keep an eye on your account details and ensure you're using your credits regularly.

How do I know if I have any credits in Audible?

You can check the number of credits you have by logging into your Audible account. Your available credits are displayed in the top right corner of the Audible website or in the menu of the Audible app.

What is the difference between credits and coupons in Audible?

While Audible credits can be used to purchase any single-volume audiobook, coupons or promotional codes, which are occasionally offered by Audible, usually apply a discount to the price of an audiobook. It's important to note that coupons have an expiration date and cannot be used to purchase credits or Audible subscription plans.

Audible credits are a valuable component of an Audible membership. They offer a cost-effective way to explore and enjoy a wide range of audiobooks, from bestsellers to new releases and Audible Originals. So whether you're using Audible on iOS, Android, Kindle, or Alexa, these credits provide you access to a vast library of content at a lower cost.

Additionally, as an Audible member, you're not just limited to monthly credits. Audible offers a daily deal, where you can buy a specific audiobook at a reduced price, and there are often special offers where you can gain additional credits or extra credits.

If you find yourself with unused credits, it's worth browsing the Audible website or app to find new audiobooks to add to your wishlist. Don't worry about making a wrong choice - if you're not satisfied with an audiobook, you can return it and get your credit back. Just remember that your Audible credits do have an expiration date, so it's best to use them regularly to make the most out of your Audible membership.

Moreover, it's worth mentioning that while Audible credits and coupons might seem similar, they serve different purposes. While credits can be used to buy any audiobook, coupons are used to get discounts on audiobook purchases.

Your Audible membership plan determines the type and number of Audible credits you have. Whether you have a monthly or annual plan, it's easy to manage your credits via your Audible account on the Audible website or app.

So, is it worth it? For those who love audiobooks and want access to a vast library, including exclusive Audible Originals and the best narrators in the business, the answer is a resounding yes. From providing free books to monthly subscriptions that yield monthly credits, an Audible plan can enhance your audiobook experience.

But, if you ever feel like canceling your Audible subscription, remember that any unused credits will be lost. So, it's best to use them up before canceling your Audible membership.

In conclusion, the type of Audible credits you have depends on your chosen Audible plan. These credits, along with the many other benefits and special offers that come with an Audible membership, make Audible a popular choice for those looking to immerse themselves in the captivating world of audiobooks. Whether you're an Amazon Prime member or not, there's likely an Audible plan that's just right for you.

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