Voquent is the first and last stop for many looking for translation and voice-over services. Here’s our take on the site.

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get all your translation and voice-over work done in one place, by professional voice actors, and for a great price? Yes, it would, which is why Voquent has made it its mission to provide you with just that kind of service.

Here’s our ultimate guide to Voquent, all of its features, and all of its uses.

What is Voquent?

As we’ve alluded to at the beginning, Voquent is an online platform that seeks to bring together voice actors, translators, and content creators from all over the world and match them with clients looking for their services. In essence, you can think of it as some kind of Fiverr for voice-over artists looking for gigs.

Voquent is also constantly evolving and growing, seeking to expand its repertoire of available services and accommodate more potential clients.

Services and features

At Voquent, you can find just the right kind of voice-over talent for your video games, documentary movies, explainer videos, and all other kinds of localization projects. That includes subtitling, dubbing, translating, audio recording and editing, and everything else that falls under post-production.

What’s really cool about Voquent is that it offers all of those services in a bunch of different languages, further promoting accessibility.

Benefits of using Voquent

Why Voquent, though? We’ve already mentioned how economical it is to have access to everything in one place. Need someone to translate a short social media post? Need an audio engineer to fix the audio for a whole audiobook? Need anything in between? Done!

The second biggest reason why you should use Voquent is that it’s so popular. What we mean by that is that it attracts people from all over the world. You know how hard it is to find experienced voice actors to do some work in less-known languages, for example. Well, there are a lot of them at Voquent, and you can check their demo samples and promos at any time.

Further, if you rely on Voquent, you can do things remotely and without any studio equipment. That will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially since you can ask for revisions without extra fees.

How it works

Using Voquent is pretty straightforward. First, you head over to the website and browse through tens of thousands of reels and demo samples posted by people from all over the world looking for voice-over jobs.

Once you’ve found your perfect candidate, you book an audition with them. The Voquent team will work with you to make sure everything is in order and ready as soon as possible.

Then, when all the details have been ironed out, you come up with a deadline and make all other arrangements with your future employee, and voila — you’ve got the best voice-over service on the internet!


Voquent aims for affordability. Casting, for example, is completely free, and you won’t be alone during the process because the Voquent team tries to do everything to help its clients out every step of the way.

As for the other services, the pricing will depend. Narration and character voicing will not cost the same as dubbing. Narration gigs go for $0.02 per word, while subtitling, captions, and dubbing go for about #350 and up. Elearning materials will set you back $0.10 per word, apps $0.15 per word, and videos about $15 per string. 

How do I use Voquent for casting?

Voquent offers a comprehensive portfolio of casting services and platforms some of the most professional voice-over artists in the world. Looking for one is simple: you head over to the Voquent page and browse, either locally or globally.

You can filter your searches according to the genre and style you are going for, as well as the mediums through which your projects are going to be delivered and distributed.

Since Voquent is a serious international voice-over website, you can rest assured you’ll get nothing but professional quality every step of the way, no matter what language, language variety, or accent you are looking for.

If you choose so, you can book in-person auditions and work with sound engineers and actors in professional studios on location.


Naturally, since professional audio engineering and voice acting are highly sought-after services, there are tons of platforms and tools you can turn to to get the job done. One such tool is Speechify.

Speechify was initially designed as a text to speech reading assistant for those suffering from dyslexia and other reading disabilities, but it has since become one of the most popular solutions for everything from voice-over work to audiobook production.

If you’re looking to learn how to do voice-overs and casting yourself, you can use Speechify for all sorts of projects, from short animations to podcasts and full-length movies.

Speechify is very versatile, and it can be synced with various other platforms so you can turn your scripts into audio files as well as edit already existing ones.

That’s not all, though. With Speechify, everything is able to be a voice-over. You can even make use of its OCR tech to scan hard copies and have some of the high-quality AI voices narrate them.

Further, Speechify supports dozens of languages and works on all sorts of platforms and OSs, so you’ll get a small yet flexible recording studio in your pocket if you choose so.

Try Speechify yourself at https://onboarding.speechify.com/.


Is voice-over a good career?

The voice-over industry is ever-growing. There are plenty of potentially amazing positions looking to be filled. However, whether that would be a good career option depends on you and your interests. If you’re interested in dubbing, translating, and everything in between, you will feel right at home in a recording studio.

What is the difference between Voquent and Fiverr?

These two sites have a similar premise, but Fiverr goes beyond voice-overs and translation. You can find all sorts of work there, for example, coding or drawing gigs, as well as graphic design and digital marketing.

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