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Ultimate guide to WellSaid Labs and reviews

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Learn everything you need to know in our ultimate guide to WellSaid Labs and reviews. We delve deep into this text to speech platform and some alternatives.

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Ultimate guide to WellSaid Labs & reviews

WellSaid Labs is one of the most popular text to speech (TTS) platforms. Utilizing advanced features, it saves businesses a lot of time with fast word processing. It also helps people with disabilities such as dyslexia or visual impairments better understand written words.

But how good is this voiceover app, and are there any better solutions? This ultimate guide to WellSaid Labs will provide the answers.

About WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs is a text to speech platform that relies on deep learning to produce voiceovers. The software creates spoken content using AI to help people comprehend text. You can also customize their voice avatars to make your digital experience more intuitive and engaging.

Audience–Who is it for?

WellSaid Labs is designed for many different groups of people. Besides people with communication disorders, it can also be useful for various professionals:

  • eLearning experts

  • Marketing specialists

  • HR departments

  • Internal training staff

About WellSaid Studio

The owner of WellSaid Labs is WellSaid Studio. This organization offers text to speech algorithms for personal use but is also popular among various enterprises. It meets all regulatory requirements and compliance needs by storing data on safe servers to prevent customer data from leaking.

Whether you utilize WellSaid for personal or business use, you gain access to a simple interface and high-quality API endpoints, all of which integrate with many other tools.


This text to speech technology has several pricing plans.

You can check out the free trial if you want to test the software before purchasing it. It gives you a better understanding of how voiceover scripts work. Additionally, you gain insight into WellSaid algorithms and how they can help your business, whether you’re running an enterprise or a startup.

The free version lasts for seven days. The platform allows you to perform a project with intuitive workflow features during this period and unlocks access to 50 audio clips and all voice avatars.

Once your trial ends, you can choose from the following plans:

  • Maker ($49 per month) – five projects; four AI voices; 250 downloads; 1,000 characters per clip; unlimited retakes; commercial use

  • Creative ($99 per month) – 50 projects; 49 AI voices; 750 downloads; 1,000 characters per clip; unlimited retakes; commercial use; live chat support

  • Producer ($199 per month) – everything above + 2,500 downloads

If you want to enhance your podcasts or YouTube videos with human-like voiceovers, but standard plans don’t cut it, WellSaid provides custom plans. Each one will let you add more team projects, members, creative training kickoff, and volume licensing.

Another great thing about custom plans is that they come with an account manager. They collect feedback and make any necessary tweaks to ensure the system meets your requirements. However, you’ll need to contact WellSaid customer support to determine the price.


WellSaid Labs delivers speech synthesis while enabling you to integrate the software with your current production tools.

It works well with most platforms to meet the demands of large and small companies. As a result, you can upgrade or scale your infrastructure to stay compliant and improve the customer experience.

The software is compatible with several extensions too. For instance, you can pair it up with Grammarly to avoid pronunciation mistakes before recording your clips.


WellSaid Labs is relatively easy to use. Like Amazon Polly, it’s a cloud-based solution that generates audio clips.

After signing in with your credentials, you’ll need to scroll through your library and read the voice descriptions. Once you find the desired avatar, click on it and paste your text into the software. Alternatively, you can type text in with your keyboard.

Keep in mind that you can only enter a limited number of characters. If you exceed the 300-character limit, your text will appear red. You’ll need to delete some content to create your clips.

Press the “Listen” button to set up your file if everything checks out. You can now rename it or reorder the recordings if you’ve generated multiple clips. Also, the platform lets you rework some of your scripts with the text icon.

Finally, the software allows you to download files in the WAV format whenever they’re ready for import to sound editors.

Refer to website tutorials if you need help using these features.

Value for money

This TTS software provides solid value for money. It gives you access to state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive interface.

Nevertheless, it might not pay off if you’re a casual user. It’s more geared toward enterprises with large teams.


WellSaid Labs is a fully functional text to speech program. Here are some of the most useful features available:

  • Sorting clips by voice

  • Changing voices

  • Render by sentence (playing one sentence at a time to enhance presentations, e-learning, or audiobooks)

  • Adding emphasis to certain words with quotation marks

  • Combining clips

Ratings and reviews

Happy WellSaid customers appreciate the platform for its voice actors. Most sound natural and don’t resemble AI generators at all.

That said, the price is an issue. High-end features are only available with the most expensive plans, making them out of budget for many people.

Another drawback seems to be a lack of emotion in the voices. Despite sounding natural, they sometimes struggle to grab the listener’s attention.

Company information

As mentioned, WellSaid Studio is an AI-based text to speech company. Many product developers, brands, and creators depend on the platform to improve their digital experiences.

This is a privately-owned company established in Seattle, Washington. In the four years it’s been operating, WellSaid has harnessed various technologies, like AI, synthetic audio, voice synthesis, and deep learning.

Videos and screen captures

You can’t convert screen captures to speech in WellSaid. However, you can use your recordings to create immersive clips for real-time narration of video games, social media content, and any other full video content.

Product details

WellSaid Labs has a few distinguishing characteristics:

  • Great productivity—The software enables multiple people to create clips simultaneously. They can also receive feedback, make tweaks, and publish audio faster. Plus, the platform lets people store text in sharable phonetic libraries for higher consistency.

  • Customization—You can perform voiceovers with any avatar or set up your own voice. Just describe the audio you need, and the AI will do the rest.

  • Security—WellSaid protects your privacy with secure systems.


WellSaid Labs is a solid TTS platform with several features for optimizing your converted speech and understanding written content better.

However, it’s much more expensive than Murf AI and some other platforms. Therefore, consider another option if you’re on a budget or if you’re an individual looking for a TTS solution rather than a large enterprise team.

Bonus: WellSaid Labs not what you need? Try Speechify!

If WellSaid doesn’t seem suitable for your needs or price point, consider Speechify. The platform is far more versatile and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Speechify is packed with exceptional features. For instance, you can take pictures with your smartphone and upload them to the platform with the “+” symbol. From there, use the on-screen prompts to convert the image into text and let high-quality digital voices read it aloud.

The entire experience is customizable. You can adjust your speaking speed to over 400 words per minute, improving your work and study. Other customization options include languages, male or female voices, reading speed, and accents.

Speechify additionally works across all major devices—including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are also available. With a premium plan, you can sync your account across every single device.

Of course, these features are only the tip of the iceberg of all the amazing text to speech features Speechify offers.

Best of all—the plans are affordable and include both free and reasonably-priced premium versions.

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