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Understanding the meaning of Autoread

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Here’s everything you need to know about autoread and the different software that supports it.

Understanding the meaning of Autoread

Autoread is a powerful assistive technology that allows users to read different types of information automatically. Whether it’s used for school, personal, or professional use, the autoread functionality serves a purpose in various situations, industries, and specializations worldwide.

Here’s everything you need to know about autoread and the different software that supports it.

What is the literal meaning of ‘autoread’?

Autoreading is a term that emerged many years ago. It refers to a fully automated computer measure of word identification, decoding, and comprehension. In layman’s terms, it means that a machine can automatically read a piece of written text. Most of the time, that machine is a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

There are other special devices that can perform autoreading. Brief examples include RadioRead for radio frequency transmission, QBC Autoread for hematology analysis, etc.

Autoreading can be used for monitoring and universal screening purposes. In this regard, reading can refer to reading any information out loud or reading it from one application to another.

Examples of Autoread Technologies

Autoread technologies are used in every industry and field of study, from medicine to education, audiology, computing systems, and more.

Here’s an overview of the most popular examples of autoread technologies available today.

Sensus Autoread — Utility Meter Reading

Sensus Autoread software boosts operational efficiency, simplifies billing processes, and automates meter readings. The program allows users to manage their Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems through a unique single-meter reading program.

Autoread by Sensus can deliver the most current information regardless of the type of meter reader. With this software, users eliminate the need to transfer their meter data to the computer manually. They can upload and prepare their meter information from the Sensus handheld unit or Vehicle Gateway base station and transfer it to their billing system.

The benefits of Sensus Autoread include:

  • Interfaces with AMR, TouchRead system, and FlexNet communication network and the user’s billing system
  • Boosts operational efficiency
  • Simplifies the billing process
  • Prepares route information for Sensus meter systems
  • Generates reports to increase efficiency

Autoread on the App Store

Autoread is available on Apple’s App Store and was initially designed for iPad users. However, you can also use it on iPhones and Mac computers, though you are required to use iOS 14 or later to access this app. For Mac users, you need to have macOS 11 or later. Also, the Mac needs to have the M1 chip or later.

This app allows you to listen to books, set a sleep timer, and recognize text. It is a viable all-around autoread app that strives to help everyday users boost their productivity levels and get things done faster.

Note that this relatively small app lacks proper testing and reviews.

AutoReading by IlluminateEd

IlluminatedEd’s Autoreading software measures the automaticity and accuracy of students. It has eight individual subtests containing 30 items in total.

The subtests in Autoreading by IlluminateED align with the Common Core State Standards:

  • Letter names
  • Letter sounds
  • Encoding
  • Word identification
  • Vocabulary
  • Matching synonyms
  • Decoding
  • Morphology

Each subtest can measure the speed and accuracy of the student. They can see each item for around six seconds even though the subtests aren’t timed.

QBC Autoread Plus

Autoread systems are used across all fields and industries, and the healthcare system is no exception.

For example, the QBC Autoread Plus Dry Hematology System performs fast CBC testing on venous and capillary blood samples. It performs the platelet count, granulocyte, WBC count, monocyte count, and more blood analysis. It has no liquid reagents and displays the results on an LCD screen.

Practitioners worldwide rely on this hematology analyzer to research the total blood count. Different centrifuges are available to meet different examination needs. There is a data sheet available for new users to make the most out of the program and do better diagnostics.

There is also dedicated technical support for users who have issues with configurations or calibration of this hematology analyzer. You can find the contact information on the website.

Systems like the QBC Autoread Plus require the utmost attention to detail and skilled professionals to handle them. Therefore, they are very different from the day-to-day autoread software that anyone can use and enjoy, like Speechify.


Speechify is a robust text to speech software that can read any content out loud. The program comes with numerous benefits and is a must-have tool for students who have trouble reading and understanding written text. It’s also helpful for anyone who wishes to be more productive and read their their study guides and other important documents on the go.

Although primarily marketed as a text to speech program, Speechify also has robust autoreading software for multiple reading activities.

There is a free and a premium version to meet different user needs and budgets.

The app can read any document, article, email, SMS, and other written content. You can use it as a browser extension or an app on your iPhone and Android device.


Note that different product types on the market are available as autoreaders. Your needs, preferences, and budget will help you determine the best app for you.

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable text to speech service that’s also affordable, we couldn’t recommend Speechify more. The app can turn any text from your screen into audio and do so in a human-like, natural voice. Make your everyday life more productive and make reading a habit by installing the app on your favorite reading device.


What is the difference between the “Autoread” feature and the “Read Aloud” feature?

There is very little difference between the two terms. Read aloud features allow users to select from a range of text to speech voices and have a text read aloud to them. With autoreading, you allow the software to read any text out loud. This can include incoming SMS messages, emails, and more.

What is the purpose of “Autoread”?

Autoread has various purposes. People with learning or reading difficulties can use autoread to easily access to the content on their devices. Many healthcare services are based on autoread software that reads the test results automatically. The Autoread function can also be helpful when you need software to read data to you out loud.

What does Autoread do?

The autoread function presents written data so a computer or other reading device can read it (out loud or on a screen). It’s a necessary tool for practitioners, students with reading disabilities, special education workers, and those who want to be more productive.

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Cliff Weitzman

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