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If you're into conspiracy theories and science fiction, this article provides a synopsis of the most prominent Valiant Thor audiobooks worth downloading.

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If you’re into sci-fi, UFOs, ancient aliens, Mount Shasta, or the New Saucerian Press, you may have heard about Valiant Thor. He was primarily known as the humanoid alien from Venus who lived in the Pentagon.

The short version of the story is he came to Earth to warn humanity against using nuclear weapons. However, he was asked not to by Eisenhower and Nixon, but this didn’t deter him.

The famous Venusian thinker and time traveler, also known as Val or the stranger at the Pentagon, wrote many books. If you’re intrigued by conspiracy theories and the unknown, you’ll likely find Thor’s content interesting. Keep reading to find out more about his most prevalent audiobooks.

Valiant Thor audiobooks you need to try

This is a list of Valiant Thor’s most thought-provoking unabridged audiobooks. They were narrated by: David Bufton, Adam Lee Partleton, Clay Lomakayu, Charles Krone, Jeremy Wilder, and Michael Welte.

‘Secret Bases of the Inner Earth’

Commander Valiant Thor discusses his account during the amplified Cold War tensions, where he worked to end the warfare and nuclear bomb testing on Earth. The book details the journey of how he eventually convinced world leaders to put their weapons down.

It includes details of how he worked with conspiracy researcher Gray Barker to convince UFO witnesses to write about their experiences. This was to keep the flying saucers and machinations of the deep state at the front of alternative news. He was constantly under surveillance. However, he snuck out of the Pentagon several times to progress his agenda.

‘Valiant Thor’s Venusian Health Magic’

Due to the Venusians advanced understanding of human beings, they have learned about the circuitry to make the human body function. They discovered that vitality and radiant health is increased by consuming more life electricity through a positive diet and a conscious direction.

Thor’s Venusian health magic audiobook teaches you the Venusian secrets of longevity. He discusses how to rehabilitate your nervous system and the health principles to practice to avoid sickness, pain, and hopeless despair.

‘Fantastic Beings and Where to Find Them’

Thor wrote “Fantastic Beings and Where to Find Them” after escaping from the Pentagon. He outlines the best way to contact Space People like him for spiritual searchers or anyone interested in understanding and communicating with Space brothers.

‘Beholders of the Pale Horse’

The “Beholders of the Pale Horse: The Secret Space Program and the Alien Battle For the Soul of Mankind” audiobook has been described as a classic in ufology. Commander Valiant Thor debates that the “Greys” and the “Tall Nordics” are fighting for the hearts and minds of humans.

‘To Men of Earth’

“To Men of Earth” is an account of Dr. Daniel Fry’s 8,000- mile flying saucer round-trip experience from White Sands to New York City. Thor uses this as proof of extraterrestrial life. He outlines to the people of Earth the importance of understanding the truth about Venusian existence and how humans can spiritually profit from extraterrestrial contact.

‘The Stranger at the Pentagon’

“The Stranger at the Pentagon” is written by Andrew B. Colvin. He analyzes the enduring ufological mystery based on Fortean researcher Dr. Frank E. Stranges and possible extraterrestrial Valiant Thor’s evidence. His conclusion on the nature of Thor’s visitations may be surprising.

‘The Path of Vril’

Thor dictated this book over a century ago while settling into the role of the commander of the Venusian forces on Earth. Before that, he had spent many decades on Earth. However, he was not truly “in charge.” As a novice, he decided to avoid the word “Vril.” Venusian elders had agreed that the word and its belief system should be kept from Earthlings until the right time.

However, Germans stole the information and associated its meaning with fascism, Nazism, hate, etc. Thor sets the record straight as he discusses the critical aspects of the vitality of Vril, which is the art of rejuvenation, living, and loving to the fullest.

‘How to Cast Out Demons’

In this audiobook, Thor depicts a step-by-step technique for getting rid of demons and evil spirits.

‘Lightning in the Mind

This audiobook depicts how commander Valiant Thor and his Venusian partners assisted humanity through a difficult time by convincing world leaders to pull back from nuclear war. It also considers what can be done with Thor’s concepts shared with Tesla and other conspiracy researchers.

The audiobook requests listeners to continue supporting the endeavors of fearless Venusians in the hope that we all may someday experience a world free of fear and war.

‘In Days to Come’

This is Thor’s letter collection during his imprisonment in the Pentagon between 1957 to 1960. However, Thor had snuck out several times to speak to various global contactees, urging them to stand up against atmosphere testing of nuclear bombs. Thor was eventually successful, and after he was released from the Pentagon, he persuaded U.S. President John F. Kennedy to withdraw from nuclear war with Russia.

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How many of Valiant Thor Audiobooks are there?

There are at least 17 audiobooks written or co-written by Valiant Thor.

What genre does Valiant Thor write in?

Valiant Thor’s work falls under the following genres:

  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Education and Learning
  • Biographies and Memoirs

Is there a Valiant Thor podcast?

Yes, several content creators have created podcasts based on the life and work of Valiant Thor. An example would be “Odd Encounters,” available on Apple Podcasts.

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