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V.C. Andrews books in order

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Have you ever wanted to read all the V.C. Andrews books in order? Now you can, with this complete overview of her book series, complete with a summary of every title.

V.C. Andrews books in order

V.C. Andrews is a much-adored author whose stories have impacted readers of the Gothic horror and family saga genres for decades. She achieved impressive success when she ventured into science fiction with her novel, Gods of Green Mountain, introducing readers to a unique blend of traditional writing styles and new ideas.

Themes of family ties, hidden secrets, and revenge are recurrent throughout her work, creating an atmosphere of mystery that compels the reader to stay until the very last page. In fact, her tales were so beloved after V.C. Andrews passed in 1986, literary works continued to be published under her name but were written by the renowned ghostwriter Andrew Neiderman.

This article will provide a complete overview of all of V.C. Andrews' books in order, giving you an insight into the varied and fascinating worlds she created throughout her prolific career.

V.C. Andrews books by series

Dollanganger series (11 books)

Flowers in the Attic 

A family is torn apart when a mother (Corrine) and her dying father are forced to keep her children (Chris, Cathy, Cory, and Carrie) hidden away in an attic for years. As time passes, dreams and desires become entwined with superstitious fears that the Devil will take control of the children and they must be destroyed. Flowers in the Attic is a story of family, love, loss, and terror against a backdrop of secrets, longing, and helplessness.

Petals on the Wind

After three years in the attic, Cathy, Christopher, and Carrie hatch a successful escape plan. Once out, they try to find security and happiness but must face painful memories and dark secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

If There Be Thorns

Christopher and Cathy have built a loving home for their three children, Jory, Bart, and their baby daughter. But their lives are disrupted when an older woman and her mysterious butler move in next door. The older woman slowly lures Bart inside her home with treats while pushing him closer to the edge of madness.

Seeds of Yesterday

The Dollanganger family's darkest secret is the forbidden love between Cathy and Christopher, which bloomed when they were held captive in Foxworth Hall. Decades later, their three grown children are confronted with their tainted past on Bart's 25th birthday when he claims his inheritance at the place where it all began.

Their story is one of innocence lost in the attic and consequences that reverberate through time.

Garden of Shadows

In this book, V.C. Andrews takes us back to a time before the four siblings were taken into the attic of Foxworth Hall.

Olivia moves to Foxworth Hall with her husband, Malcolm, hoping for a life of happiness and love. But the gloomy mansion hides dark secrets and forbidden passions, threatening Olivia's two sons and one daughter with a stain of jealous obsession. Within her daughter lies an evil secret that could forever destroy the proud Foxworth name.

Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth

Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth is a revealing account of the events within the walls of Foxworth Hall, as documented by 14-year-old Christopher Dollanganger. Seventeen-year-old Kristen Masterwood and her father discover Christopher's diary during a visit to value the property for eventual sale.

Christopher's Diary: Echoes of Dollanganger

This novel picks up where Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth left off. Kristen and her boyfriend try to enact some of the stories in Christopher's diary. Kristen's father is uncomfortable with the idea because Christopher may be a blood relative, and Kristen doesn't have a clue.

Secret Brother

Secret Brother is the captivating sequel to Christopher's Diary: Echoes of Dollanganger. It follows a young boy with amnesia who discovers his true identity as he is adopted into a wealthy family. Along the way, he uncovers secrets and mysteries from his past and learns more about his true identify.

Beneath the Attic

This novel takes us back in time. We meet Corrine (mother to the four siblings) as a young girl. Corrine falls in love with the handsome Garland Foxworth and gets pregnant soon afterward. When Garland marries her, Corrine discovers shocking secrets about the Foxworths.

Out of the Attic

The book gives us more details about Corrine as a married woman.

As she struggles to find her place in her new environment and uncover the secrets of her husband's family, Corrine must confront judgment from the ancestors' portraits and betrayal from those closest to her. A captivating mix of mystery, drama, and desire make this a fascinating read.

Shadows of Foxworth

In Shadows of Foxworth, V.C. Andrews tells the tragic story of Corrine Foxworth's children as they discover the dark fate of their family, cursed by destiny.

Casteel series (5 books)


In the first installment, we meet Heaven Leigh Casteel, a poor, backwoods girl with an abusive father, a tired stepmother, and five younger siblings.

Despite her hardships, Heaven still clings to her pride and dreams of escaping and showing the world they are worthy of love and respect. When her stepmother runs away, Heaven's wicked father has a vicious scheme that could shatter their dreams for good.

Dark Angel

Heaven arrives in Boston to start a new life of wealth, love, and respect. But in this world of luxury, there are secrets lurking beneath the surface that will soon trap her in a web of deceptions and hidden passions.

With courage and determination, Heaven strives to make the Casteel name respectable and reunite with her siblings against all odds.

Fallen Hearts

Heaven returns to the hills to rise above her family's shame and marry Logan. Tony Tatterton persuades the two to stay at Farthingale Manor for a lavish party. The two are confronted with ghosts from Heaven's past threatening their love with scandal, jealousy, and sinister passions.

Gates of Paradise

Annie Casteel Stonewall is left orphaned and crippled after a car crash kills her parents and is taken to Farthingale Manor by her possessive guardian. By uncovering secrets in the mysterious woods of Farthingale, she discovers more about her past while pining for her long-lost half-brother Luke.

Web of Dreams

Leigh Van Voreen has to flee her home, Farthingale Manor, hiding a deep secret. She finds solace in Luke Casteel and faces the suspicions of the hill folk as she searches for true happiness.

Cutler series (5 books)


In this book, we're introduced to Dawn Longchamp, a young girl who moves to a new school in Virginia and experiences love and heartache. When her mother dies, she is thrust into a web of secrets. Along the way, she searches for her brother and has to cope with the harsh realities of life while struggling to keep her dream of becoming a singer alive.

Secrets of the Morning

Now a student at one of NYC's best music schools, Dawn finds solace and hope in her dreams of becoming a singer. But when Michael Sutton, a singing star and new teacher, arrives at the school, Dawn discovers newfound passions and a heartbreaking betrayal in quick succession.

Twilight's Child

Dawn is blissfully happy with her new family, but her grandmother's legacy of deceit and betrayal still haunts her. Philip's mad passion and Clara's childish rage threaten to destroy everything.

Midnight Whispers

Growing up in a loving home, Christie discovers her family's secrets and is confronted with unbrotherly love. She flees to New York City and turns to Gavin as they travel together to The Meadow.

Darkest Hour

Lillian must overcome tragedy and face an arranged marriage to save her family's plantation.

Landry series (5 books)


Ruby Landry's happy life in the bayou is disrupted when forbidden love, family secrets, and a budding artistic talent threaten her innocence.

Pearl in the Mist

Ruby's life takes a dramatic turn when she moves from the Louisiana Bayou to her newfound family in New Orleans - but instead of finding joy, she endures painful treachery from her stepmother and twin sister.

All That Glitters

Ruby returns to her bayou home after losing loved ones and is determined to start anew with her young daughter, Pearl, despite fate's obstacles.

Hidden Jewel

Pearl, raised in a loving New Orleans home, strives to become a doctor while struggling to uncover long-buried family secrets and find romantic passion.

Tarnished Gold

Gabriel Landry's life is turned upside down when a wealthy cannery owner Octavious Tate waylays her near a secluded pond, leaving her pregnant and desolate.

Logan series (5 books)


Melody Logan's dreams of becoming a model or actress are put on hold when she is forced to leave West Virginia and travels to Cape Cod following the tragic death of her beloved father in an accident. Here, she must face the unknown family her father left behind and learn to cope with her grief.

Heart Song

Logan confronts secrets and forbidden love on Cape Cod after her mother's death.

Unfinished Symphony

Logan searches for the truth about her mother and finds herself entangled in a web of secrets, lies, and unexpected reunions.

Music in the Night

In the fourth installment, V.C. Andrews tells the story of Laura Logan, whose perfect Cape Cod life is marred by rumors and secrets until the arrival of gentle Robert Royce helps her find happiness again—but Grandma Olivia's threat threatens to ruin it all.


The final book tells the story of Laura Logan being entangled in a forbidden romance with Robert Royce. At the same time, she struggles to protect her beloved twin brother Cary from dark secrets on magical Cape Cod.

Audrina series (2 books)

My Sweet Audrina

This is a haunting tale of love, deceit, innocence, betrayal, and the overwhelming power of love between two sisters. The story follows Audrina Adare as she attempts to live up to the legacy of her perfect yet deceased sister and discovers the dark secrets kept by her family.


Audrina struggles to protect her independence against her husband's ambitions as she inherits control of her family's sprawling Victorian mansion, Whitefern.

Orphans series (5 books)


The book tells the story of an orphaned girl longing for a family. She discovers deep secrets about her past when a chance at a new life appears.


Through her dreams and courage, Crystal finds hope and a chance for love, freedom, and family.


Brooke is an orphan who her mother has abandoned. Despite finding a new family, she still feels alone and isolated - a situation that creates an emotional struggle as she searches for a sense of belonging.


Raven, an unwanted child, is sent to live with her aunt and uncle. Despite her new home, broken promises, secrets, and disappointments follow her as she struggles to find a place where she can truly belong.


Four orphaned sisters, Brooke, Crystal, Raven, and Butterfly, escape the grim foster home of Louise and Gordon Tooey in search of a better life. Together they embark on a harrowing journey of discovery and hope, determined to find a place of safety and love.

Wildflowers series (5 books)


A young girl navigates her divorced parents' turmoil and uncovers secrets while in therapy with three other children. It is an emotionally-charged tale of discovery that speaks to young readers about the power of friendship and family resilience.


The second volume follows the story of a young girl who hides her traumatic past in therapy until she gradually opens up to her doctor and group mates.


Jade is a pawn in a legal battle between warring families and must contend with the trauma of escaping her past while trying to forget it.


Cat is the least open of the four girls in Dr. Marlowe's therapy group, but she holds the heaviest secret and risks losing a great deal by revealing it.

Into the Garden

The final volume tells how the four girls in the series - Misty, Star, Jade, and Cat - manage to bond over their traumatic pasts in therapy sessions before facing a bittersweet goodbye.

Hudson series (5 works)


Rain Arnold is a hardworking dreamer from the ghettos of Washington, D.C., struggling to make ends meet and fit in. Her life is changed forever when she discovers a shattering secret from her past.

Lightning Strikes

Rain Arnold's journey to uncover her family's secrets leads her to a world of opulence, theater, and terror as she discovers the truth about her past. With courage and determination, Rain fights against the odds to find her place in the world and a home for her heart.

Eye of the Storm

Rain is left alone to face the secrets of the Hudson family after the passing of her grandmother while also having to contend with a fierce battle over her inheritance. A tragedy soon strikes, and she must confront her unaccepting mother, manipulative stepfather, and cold aunt to survive.

The End of the Rainbow

Summer, Rain's daughter, is about to turn 16 and must face hardship and tragedy before she is ready. Will she follow in her mother's courageous footsteps and find hope amid adversity? Or will she crumble?

Gathering Clouds

Gathering Clouds tells the story of Megan Hudson, a privileged young woman who falls in love with an unsuitable partner and is deprived of the chance to raise their child. She must confront a world of hardship and heartache on her journey of self-discovery.

De Beers series (5 books)


Willow De Beers' discovery of her family's deep secrets leads her to forsake college for the glamorous and wealthy Palm Beach in search of her birth family.

Wicked Forest

Willow De Beers leaves her small-town life behind to start anew in Palm Beach, Florida, with her real family. But she discovers a world of hidden dangers and nosy neighbors obsessed with gossip and glamour instead.

Twisted Roots

This novel tells the story of Hannah Eaton, a lonely teen in wealthy Palm Beach, Florida, who embarks on a journey to New Orleans to pursue her singing dreams. Along the way, she faces unexpected challenges that ultimately force her to confront realities she may not be ready to face.

Into the Woods

Grace Houston's life is turned upside down after tragedy strikes, and she moves with her mother, Jackie Lee, to Palm Beach, Florida. She must do whatever it takes to fit in at an exclusive private school, but her life is changed forever when she takes a fateful journey into the woods.

Hidden Leaves

Willow discovers the truth about her adoptive family and her birth father's secret love affair with her mother. She uncovers the reasons for her adoptive mother's cruelty and the mysterious woman who loved her.

Shooting Stars series (5 books)


This book is about a young girl with a talent for theater who finds solace from her difficult home life in an imaginative world of characters and stories. She discovers something special within herself that gives her a chance to pursue her dreams and take control of her future.


Ice is a silent girl with an extraordinary singing voice who faces tragedy and deception but ultimately finds a way to pursue her dreams.


Rose is a young girl who discovers her father's hidden secrets after he passes away, leading her to a world of luxury she never knew. With the help of an unlikely person, Rose learns to embrace family and follow her dream, all while navigating a hateful whirlwind of wealth and greed.


This novel tells the story of a young girl who, under her strict and religious grandfather's rule, discovers her talent for the violin and an innocent interest in boys and dating. She finds solace in music with a piano student, only to uncover an unexpected family secret that threatens to destroy her newfound joy.

Falling Stars

The final volume follows four talented girls from different backgrounds pursuing their dreams of stardom at the prestigious Senetsky School of the Performing Arts. They must face the harsh reality of Madame Senetsky's strict rules and intense classes while attending star-studded parties with celebrities.

Gemini series (3 books)


The novel follows the story of Celeste and her twin brother Noble. Celeste’s life is turned upside down when a terrible accident takes Noble's life. Driven by grief, their mother forces Celeste to take on Noble's identity. When a handsome boy moves in next door, she risks her mother's wrath to reclaim her own life.

Black Cat

Celeste must keep her true identity hidden from her domineering mother while caring for her young daughter. But toxic secrets and vicious enemies threaten to reveal her darkness.

Child of Darkness

After finally shaking off her mother, 16-year-old Celeste Atwell finds her privileged life threatened by secrets lurking in the shadows of her newly adopted family.

Secrets series (2 books)

Secrets in the Attic

Two best friends in a small town devise a plan to protect Karen from her stepfather's abuse. But when their plan turns deadly, they must keep the secret hidden in the attic or risk tearing apart their beloved hometown.

Secrets in the Shadows

Alice finds solace in the attic, writing poetry and painting pictures until she musters the courage to emerge from her shell. But a tragic event leads her on an incredible journey that culminates in an unexpected reunion with the shadows of her past.

Delia series (3 books)

Delia's Crossing

Delia Yebarra's life is thrown into chaos when her parents are killed in a truck accident. She is uprooted from her rural Mexican village to live with her wealthy aunt Isabella in Palm Springs, California.

Struggling to adjust to her new environment, Delia must find courage and strength amidst the tragedies of her past.

Delia's Heart

After leaving Palm Springs to save a friend's life, Delia Yebarra must contend with a treacherous return journey.

Delia's Gift

Delia Yebarra's life is changed forever when a boating tragedy ends her romance with Adan Bovia, and she learns that she is carrying his child. Despite his resentment, Adan's powerful father steps in to ensure the safe delivery of his grandchild, setting up an emotional rollercoaster ride for Delia.

Broken Wings series (2 books)

Broken Wings

This book tells the story of three girls from different backgrounds who are all born to be wild. Robin struggles with her mother's neglect, Teal breaks the law for attention, and Phoebe moves in with her aunt to find a new beginning.

Midnight Flight

The novel tells the story of a group of teenage girls sent to Dr. Foreman's School, an institution filled with oppressive guards and a mysterious Ice Room where the girls face their greatest fears and punishments.

Early Springs series (2 books)

Broken Flower

Jordan March's life is upended when her body changes and family secrets are revealed, forcing her to face the consequences of her grandmother's strict rules.

Scattered Leaves

Jordan March is sent away to live with her estranged Aunt Frances, only to discover a dark secret that changes her family forever.

The Heavenstone Secrets (2 books)

The Heavenstone Secrets

This thrilling story is about two sisters living in a grand old mansion in Kentucky. Semantha is the younger, prettier one, and Cassie is the older, wiser one who always tells her what to do. An intriguing tale of secrets and sibling rivalry will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Secret Whispers

Semantha Heavenstone must face the painful memories of her family's past when she returns to her grand Kentucky mansion for graduation. Amidst scandal and betrayal, Semantha is haunted by taunts from the ghost of her overbearing sister, Cassie.

The Mirror Sisters series (3 books)

The Mirror Sisters

The Mirror Sisters tells the story of identical twins Haylee and Kaylee, who are forced to be identical in everything by their perfectionist mother. The novel explores the dark consequences of living a life devoid of individuality.

Broken Glass

When Haylee and Kaylee attend high school, they start to make small changes to differentiate themselves, only to discover that their mother's control has more severe consequences than just upsetting her.

Shattered Memories

In this thrilling conclusion to VC Andrews' acclaimed Mirror Sisters trilogy, estranged twin sisters reunite amidst a darkly gothic backdrop of secrets, lies, and suspenseful surprises.

Shadows Series (2 books)

April Shadows

Overweight and sensitive, April Taylor feels like an outsider until her older sister's college roommate arrives and brings a glimmer of hope.

Girl in the Shadows

April Taylor embarks on a journey of heartache and betrayal. But when danger arrives with greedy intentions, Tailor must confront a future full of uncertainty.

Kindred Series (2 books)

Daughter of Darkness

The book tells the story of Lorelei and her adopted sisters, who have been raised to use their seduction skills to lure young men into their world of darkness. However, Lorelei's life changes when she falls in love with a charming classmate who challenges her views on life and love.

Daughter of Light

Lorelei, born into a family of vampires, is determined to make a life for herself outside of darkness and secrecy. She must confront her past while battling her desire to break free and make something of herself in the world.

The Forbidden series (3 books)

Forbidden Sister

Emmie Wilcox was only 6 when her defiant older sister, Roxy, was thrown out of the family's New York City apartment. Now a successful student at an exclusive school, Emmie embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about her long-lost sister and the dark secrets threatening to tear their family apart.

The Forbidden Heart

The second installment follows Emmie as she navigates her new life in Paris after her sister's disappearance. She must rely on all of Roxy's lessons on love and sex to protect herself when she meets a charming young French man.

Roxy's Story

Kicked out of her home and living in a fleabag hotel, Roxy is taken in by Madam Brittany, who runs an escort service. Roxy takes her sister in, but their plan to reunite with relatives is thwarted when Roxy falls for a wealthy Frenchman.

Storms series (2 works)

Family Storms

When a devastating storm claims her destitute mother, Sasha Porter's life turns upside down, leaving her injured and alone. Desperate to survive, Sasha must rely on the kindness of strangers and face the dark secrets of her past.


The book follows Sasha Porter in her search for her sister and the secrets she uncovers that could threaten to tear her family apart. Along the way, she meets Duane Banks, and their attraction grows as they both audition for a school play, revealing even deeper secrets lurking beneath the surface.

The Umbrella Lady series (2 books)

The Umbrella Lady

The latest thriller in the V.C. Andrews novels franchise introduces young Saffron Faith Anders, who's left stranded at a train station when her father doesn't return as promised. She encounters a mysterious older woman with an umbrella who offers her shelter, and at that very moment, her life is changed forever.

Out of the Rain

Following the events of The Umbrella Lady, 13-year-old Saffron Faith Anders searches for her father and discovers he is married to a woman he had been involved with before her mother's death. Desperate for his love, she agrees to pretend to be his niece to con the new family.

House of Secrets series (3 books)

House of Secrets

Fern has lived as a servant in Wyndemere House, the Davenport family’s old Gothic mansion since she was young. Despite her status, Fern forms an unbreakable bond with Dr. Davenport's son Ryder and is invited to join him at prom. But Mrs. Davenport's cruel punishments and conditions push their friendship to the limit.

Echoes in the Walls

Fern and Ryder's forbidden love is threatened by class divisions, family secrets, and the dark past of Wyndemere House, as they discover that their friendship has become something more.

Whispering Hearts

Emma Corey leaves her comfortable English countryside home for the bright lights of New York, determined to make it as a Broadway star. But even with support from her new friends and boundless opportunities, she soon learns that achieving fame is much more complicated than she could ever have imagined.

The Girls of Spindrift series (4 books)


Corliss is a brilliant and shy teen living in Los Angeles. She struggles to fit in at her high school, where a group of girls targets her after she refuses to take drugs with them. Her story is told in Corliss, a haunting novella from the bestselling author of the Flowers in the Attic and the My Sweet Audrina series.


Donna, a Hispanic-Irish teenage girl attending a specialized high school, struggles to fit in despite her brilliance. A fight breaks out on the day she tries her hardest to fit in, leaving Donna feeling misunderstood and isolated from those around her.


Mayfair's escape from Spindrift School leads her to a thrilling, new affair of the heart, inspiring her to choose between the rigors of academia and the allure of adventure.


The Supremes at Spindrift work together to find their missing friend, Mayfair, after she meets a mysterious older man in town. As they investigate her disappearance, they discover secrets hidden behind the ivied walls of the elite school.

Eden series (2 books)

Eden's Children

Eden adopts brilliant siblings Faith and Trevor, homeschools them, and fights for their independence. This is a story of family, love, and legacy in the captivating world of V.C Andrews.

Little Paula

Distraught mother and brother seek justice to get Paula back from her wealthy adoptive family, but the truth of their dark secrets may come at a deadly cost.

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In what order should I read the Flowers in the Attic series?

To understand the complete story behind the Flowers in the Attic series, it's best to read them in order of publication.

When did V.C. Andrews write her first book?

V.C. Andrews wrote her first book, Gods of Green Mountain, in 1975.

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