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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Video Studio on November 01, 2022
How to find the best video voice for voiceovers and why text to speech software can give content creators an advantage in production quality.

    Video voice

    Content creators have many ways and platforms to upload videos. YouTube and TikTok are among the top video-sharing digital platforms that anyone can use. The best thing about them is that you can share virtually anything.

    You can upload personal thoughts, inspirational advice, educational content, and promotional videos – the world is your oyster. However, not all videos succeed in engaging audiences and those that don’t can often blame it on the lack of voiceovers or decent audio content.

    Why should your video include a voiceover?

    While you can include subtitles in a video, unfortunately, they often aren’t enough. Not everyone wants to read subtitles when watching YouTube videos. It’s particularly difficult if the dialogue and the action are fast and even more challenging for those with reading difficulties.

     Voiceovers, meanwhile, make it easier to follow the narrative and discussions and create separation between characters. Few videos are as impactful as they can be without voiceovers and audio tracks in general. Luckily, content creators have many incentives to add voiceovers. Here are a few:

    Enhancing eLearning experiences

    Creating eLearning materials is a great way to make information accessible to everyone. Training videos and entire courses – all benefit from digital educational resources. Voiceovers can help create eLearning video clips in any language. A bit of audio editing is enough to add a quality voiceover and share the same tutorials or classes with multiple audiences.

    Engaging audiences

    Many YouTube videos, even tutorials, promote products, services, and brands. However, commercial videos rely on more than graphics and visuals to engage audiences. The voice, sound effects, and transitions help content creators connect with their targeted customer base. Voiceovers can expand on the content in any language, from English to Portuguese to Hindi and everything in between.

    High-quality production

    People expect the best from content creators these days. They don’t want videos with background noise, distortions, or sounds that distract from the narrative. A quality voiceover in the right voice can make messages resonate faster with audiences. It can help you gain more followers, get free shares, and solidify your reputation.

    How to add voices to videos

    There are several ways to add voices to videos, whether you want female or male voices, voice effects, etc.

    Record the voiceover yourself

    Audio and video editing tools aren’t hard to come by online. Many decent software solutions are free to use. Therefore, anyone with a microphone can record a voiceover and sync it to their videos using editing software.

    You can narrate a story, provide instructions to the on-screen video, and create different voice characters. Even more interesting, recording your voice lets you use voice changers that can alter your voice pitch to create the right speech patterns and identity.

    However, high-quality voice changer apps aren’t cheap. If you want the best production value, you can expect premium pricing on top of what you already pay for a good video editor.

    Not everyone is comfortable with the way they speak. It can be even more challenging trying to record voiceovers that target foreign language-speaking audiences. Likewise, complex voice changer software and similar editing tools aren’t for everyone.

    For those reasons and others, you may consider other alternatives.

    Hire a professional voice artist

    Professional voice artists or voice actors can record high-quality voiceovers for any content. Voice artists often record character voices for audiobooks, bring people’s favorite cartoon characters to life, work in video game development, etc.

    You can find actors of all ages and genders proficient in multiple languages and accents. Professional narrators and voice actors provide the best way to convey a message in the perfect tone based on the topic and target audience.

    But professional voice artists are expensive. Many might be unavailable when you need them to record a voiceover. Sometimes, they can’t do the recordings themselves, and you may need to pay extra to book time in a studio.

    It’s best to weigh the pros and cons of using voice artists to spruce up your content with narrations and character voices.

    Use text to speech apps

    In some cases, the voice you use in videos doesn’t have to come from people. Text to speech software is a fantastic alternative to creating voiceovers for personal, educational, and commercial use.

    This assistive technology reads a text and converts it to audio using computer-generated voices. Depending on the TTS software, voices can sound synthetic or humanlike. Advanced TTS apps use deep learning and artificial intelligence to mimic human speech patterns and qualities and generate narrations that are hard to distinguish from the real thing.

    There’s also another benefit to using text to speech apps. You don’t have to do multiple takes. TTS apps don’t make mistakes when processing the text or miss words. You can run entire scripts through text to speech software and get an unabridged audio file version or real-time narration.

    Likewise, using text to speech software for voiceovers can help content creators with reading and writing difficulties. Hearing the text in real time enables content creators to proofread their work and make adjustments on the fly.

    In addition, you can use text to speech software on almost any platform and device, from Android to Apple to Windows PCs. TTS software is popular in the eLearning industry, with apps like Kurzweil 3,000, Read&Write, or Speechify helping students overcome reading disabilities.

    Speechify – Create quality audio files using TTS

    Speechify is a continually evolving TTS app available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Its TTS technology relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to process complex language structures and create audio narrations.

    Its extensive voice library contains multiple natural-sounding voices in many languages and accents. With Speechify, users can upload articles, PDFs, web page content or scan documents or notes to create unique voiceovers based on written words.

    The app lets you hear the speech in real time and offers MP3 and WAV versions for download. That makes it easy to add voiceover tracks to YouTube and Vimeo videos, presentation slideshows, educational material, etc.

    Try Speechify for free to give your own voice a break. The realistic tracks it produces in over 20 languages work with any software you use to edit videos.

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