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Looking for a voice actor for eLearning? This article will tell you why your eLearning videos benefit from voice-over and where to find the best talent for this job.

Voice-over in eLearning is an excellent way to improve the instructional design of your online courses and make the learning experience more enjoyable for your learners. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources where you can find the right voice actor for your eLearning content.

This article will explain how voice-over benefits eLearning courses and where to find the right people for the job.

What voice actors do in eLearning material

eLearning has become a popular way of acquiring new knowledge and skills. Many eLearning courses rely only on on-screen text, but some eLearning videos feature voice-overs.

Voice-over refers to a voice recording of a voice-over talent’s voice incorporated into a video or used as an audiobook, podcast, radio drama, etc. These projects use various types of voice-over talent, but the most common forms of voice-over in eLearning content are:

  • Narration voice-over — provides additional information about what’s happening on the screen
  • UN-style voice-over — translates the original voice-over at a higher volume
  • Dubbing —the original voice-over is replaced with a voice-over in another language

Most eLearning projects that require voice-over are online courses for students. However, eLearning voice-over is also extensively used in explainer videos, tutorials, various training programs, and corporate training.

Things to consider when using voice-over in eLearning

Apart from hiring professional voice actors or investing in good voice-over software, there are more ways to ensure you reap the benefits including voice-over in your eLearning videos.

Listening to the same voice for hours can get boring, regardless of how good the voice actor is. As a solution, add music to keep your learners engaged and motivated for longer. Just ensure it won’t distract them or make them fall asleep.

The second aspect is the tone of the voice-over delivery. This depends on the content of your eLearning courses, and a professional voice actor should be able to set the right tone themselves. Still, most content is best with a conversational tone which makes the subject matter more approachable and appealing.

Lastly, if you’re using voice-over to supplement your eLearning material, ensure you know whether you want it to summarize or elaborate. The latter is more common since it provides easier retention of the main points while also leaving room for conversation.

The benefits of voice-overs for eLearning

Adding voice-over to your eLearning videos makes the content more engaging, appealing, and enjoyable, especially if learners need to sit through the lesson for several hours. It also gives the eLearning material a human touch, even if you use AI voices.

Since many people are auditory learners, voice-over in eLearning helps them retain information. Even visual learners benefit from voice-over since they can focus on other content on the screen rather than the text. Furthermore, voice-over makes your content available to people with visual impairments, so you can reach a wider audience.

If your content is intended for a worldwide audience and you want voice-over to benefit your brand, it’s recommended to look for authentic voices that will make your content stand out from the crowd. A more straightforward way to achieve this is by utilizing voice-over software rather than a voice actor. More on that later.

Where to find eLearning voice actors

If you want a renowned voice actor for your eLearning content, the Internet offers many great choices.

Voice Crafters

Voice Crafters is one platform for finding the right voice-over talent for your eLearning narration. It offers professional talent that guarantees high-quality voice-over.

You can post your job ad for free or browse through hundreds of talents with a handy filtering option. There are 80 languages available on the platform, so you can find talent in any language you want.

Blue Wave voice-over

Blue Wave voice-over is another website where you can find excellent voice-over talent for your eLearning projects and help your learners tackle the subject matter. You can select voice-over actors in different languages, accents, and from different ages and genders.

The platform allows you to listen to demos and auditions for free before you find the voice that best fits your eLearning project.

If you need an authentic voice for your online learning courses, is the right place. The platform offers over 2 million voice-over artists, including professional voice-over talent. You can choose from different voice styles, such as conversational, scientific, technical, serious, and much more.

You can also select from more than 100 languages, different ages, genders, and voice roles.


On VOPlanet, you can find professional eLearning voice-over artists who have years of experience and specialize in providing voice-over for eLearning videos. They can provide you with medical, technical, business, conversational, corporate, and many more types of voice-over.

There are no hidden fees, so you can post your job for free, listen to auditions for free, and immediately contact the voice actor that suits the job.

Get the perfect eLearning voice-overs with Speechify

If you want to save on renting a recording studio, a voice-over service like Speechify is the answer. Speechify is a text to speech generator that uses AI technology to imitate human voices and make natural-sounding narration for your eLearning videos.

You can choose from 30+ languages and over 120 male and female voices, including celebrity voices. If you want a more authentic voice to include in your eLearning courses, Speechify lets you request custom voices.

You just need to enter the text for your voice-over, and Speechify will give you a downloadable audio file that you can use in your videos. Try Speechify today by downloading the app on any device you want and make your first eLearning voice-over.


How do you become an online voice actor?

To become an online voice actor, you can make demo reels and join online voice acting platforms to get cast more easily. Attending voice-over courses or working with a vocal coach can help you develop your voice.

Can you work remotely as a voice actor?

Voice actors commonly work from home, provided they have a home studio or recording software.

How much do voice actors make per hour?

The hourly pay of voice actors depends on the type of project, word count, and additional costs. The average pay voice actors earn per hour is close to $40.

Who are the best voice actors?

Some of the best voice actors are Mel Blanc, Seth MacFarlane, Mark Hamill, and Tara Strong.

How is voice acting different than on-camera acting?

Voice acting and regular acting are similar in some ways, but there are also many differences. Voice acting doesn’t require physical performance, collaboration with other performers, or memorization of lines. On the other hand, regular actors need to memorize their lines, focus on both physical and verbal performance, and work together with other actors.

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Cliff Weitzman

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