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Companies are choosing to use AI for customer service. But, why? Well, we'll explain everything in our ultimate guide to voice generators for customer support.

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Improving the customer experience largely relies on providing good customer support. It’s essential for providing buyers with solutions and information. So, it’s important to keep it consistent. And, artificial intelligence can be the ideal way to achieve that. 

Let’s face it, oftentimes, having an actual customer service team around can get quite expensive for a company. So, in recent years many companies have opted for using automated systems, or IVR, instead. But, how does all of that work? Well, that’s what we will be getting into today. 

What is an AI voice generator?

So, what’s an AI voice generator? Well, essentially, these generators can turn a text file into an audio format by using AI voice generation. There are many providers that offer text-to-speech transcription nowadays, and most of them come with high-quality voices that appear almost humanlike. They are mainly used for making voice-overs for youtube videos, podcasts, or social media posts, creating an animated explainer video, or simply for making audiobooks for personal usage, but there are many usages for TTS software. Such as customer service and support purposes. 

These TTS software are a huge step up from the typical automated systems that sound monotone and robotic and represent a real game-changer. So, it’s no wonder that they’re growing in popularity when it comes to creating voice-overs for customer support purposes among other things. 

Why use a voice generator

As we’ve mentioned AI voice generators can provide you with natural-sounding voices, and these voices have certain advantages. Namely, they’re pleasant to listen to. And, their ability to imitate human speech is improving fast due to machine learning. 

Now, this might sound a bit unnecessary, but having a voice-over that sounds too robotic may often be quite irritating to customers. After all, people are programmed to find these types of voices a bit off-putting. So, a human-like voice can often improve the customer experience, and it’s also way cheaper than hiring professional voice actors. And, it’s much cheaper than having a customer support team in the first place. Plus, as we’ve mentioned, thanks to e-learning, the voices are getting better and better as time goes on.

Then, there’s the pricing part. Many text to speech generators are very affordable, and with a simple subscription, you’ll be allowed to use all kinds of unique and handy features. Plus, if you ever get confused, it’s no big deal, since many of these services also have tutorials available on their websites, making it all super easy for beginners.

Additionally, many text to speech synthesis services have a wide variety of languages available, making them ideal for companies all over the world. 

How to use Speechify for your voice-over needs

There is many good text to speech software on the market, and Speechify is one of them. With Speechify, you can turn any text format into natural-sounding speech. Google docs, PDFs, articles, and emails can all become audio files in just a few minutes of real-time. 

Speechify has both iOS and Android versions so you can access it from wherever. It also has a Chrome extension, maximizing functionality and making usage as simple as ever, so it’s quite user-friendly.

Speechify also has a vast collection of different voices you can pick from. Speechify also has both male and female custom voices, along with voices of various age groups, as well as different accents, making it certain that you’ll find the perfect voice for your voice-over needs. 

As we’ve already briefly mentioned, the collection consists of various natural-sounding voices, and there is also a variety of different languages available too. 

The prices Speechify offers are also very affordable and by getting a Speechify subscription you will be provided with many handy features. And, you can also try it for free and see if you like it. 

Other voice generators 

Aside from Speechify, there are other AI voice generators that can come in handy as alternatives for various use cases, including voice-overs for customer service purposes. Murf.ai, Resemble.ai, and Play. ht are all good options if you’re looking for AI voice generators. And, below we will get into detail on each of these services.  


Murf.ai is one of the many text to speech software that can be helpful if you’re looking to make voice-overs for customer support use. Murf.ai has a collection of various voices, including different accents and languages. Murf.ai also has a free plan, so you can access certain features and decide if you like the service enough to sign up. 


Resemble.aiallows you to create AI-generated voices, however, that’s not all it does. It also allows speech-to-speech voice synthesis. This lets you create synthetic voice creations, essentially allowing voice cloning. With Resemble.ai you can also schedule a demo, which assures you’ll get a guided tour through the different aspects of the service. Resemble.ai is a bit pricey compared to most Ai voice generators, but the entry-level plan is rather affordable, and you can also try it for free as well. 


Play.ht also provides TTS services. It helps you create synthetic voices using different accents and languages. The conversion is rather quick and you can download your audio as both MP3 and WAV. Additionally, it’s used by many notable companies, such as Samsung and Verizon. 


How to pick the right voice generator?

In order to choose the perfect AI voice generator for your specific needs you’ll need to take into account a few different factors, namely pricing and preference. Different AI voice generator services come with different pricing and different features. Plus, the voice options sometimes differ from provider to provider, and sometimes different services provide different language options. So, essentially, it all comes down to what you do or do not want for your voice-over needs. 

What are the pros and cons of using a voice generator?

You can find the pros listed in one of the sections above, but we will cover the cons since it’s one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to voice generators in general.

Now when it comes to the cons of AI voice generators, there aren’t many. Sure, while the voices are human-like and high in quality, they aren’t the perfect replacement for real human voices. So, if you’re looking for a 100% realistic voice, and have the budget for it, hiring a professional voice actor, or even using your own voice recording is probably the way to go. 

How much do voice generators cost?

The costs of individual TTS services tend to vary from provider to provider. Some have free trials, and some have free plans altogether. Certain AI voice generator services charge a few dollars while some can charge up to several hundred for their premium services.

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