Voice over generator for PowerPoint

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Using a voice over generator for PowerPoint adds style, professionalism, and natural properties to your presentation. Here’s how.

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Voice over generator for PowerPoint

PowerPoint is Microsoft’s app for making and editing presentations. PowerPoint is available on Mac, PC, and mobile devices. It lets users create brand-new or template-based presentations, add text, art, images, animations, or videos, and share their work with others.

Adding voice over as audio support is particularly useful when making PowerPoint presentations and can enhance content delivery. This article explores this feature in more detail.

Why are voice overs a good idea?

Voice overs complement PowerPoint presentations in many ways. Below, we explore their benefits in more detail.

Boosts reliability and validity

Adding clear audio voice over to a presentation adds validity to its content. The audience can feel that validity, which in turn increases the feelings of reliability and adds faith in the content.

Adds emotion

Besides increasing validity, a voice over on PowerPoint slides makes the content more emotional. The presentation adds passion that accentuates the vision and values of the presentation.

Serves as a call to action

Voice over functionality is very captivating. It passes the call to action to your audience even without apparent references. This is mainly because the presentation becomes more emphatic when natural-sounding voices are behind it.

Makes up for other content

Maybe you missed adding some videos, images, and other important pieces of content to the presentation. You can make up for it by adding a voice over.

Makes content more inclusive

Text to speech software and a voice over make any presentation more inclusive and accessible. People with learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, and visual impairments can listen to the content without feeling overwhelmed about reading it.

Many use cases

Best of all, voice over has a wide range of use cases. Popular ones include:

  • E-learning material

  • Podcasts and narrations

  • In addition to background music

  • Android and iOS apps and other software

  • Banking and finance apps

  • Gaming

  • Web pages optimization for accessibility in different languages

How to record a voice over using PowerPoint

Recording and adding a voiceover on PowerPoint is simple. Just follow the steps below, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation where you want to add a voice over.

  2. Hit the “Record” button from the upper-hand ribbon. You can also choose from different recording options in the “Record” tab.

  3. You can use the text from the presentation as a teleprompter as you record yourself. Any existing notes will be transformed into text during the recording.

  4. With proper permissions, turn on or off your camera or microphone.

  5. Press “Start recording” when ready.

  6. Use the “left” or “right” arrows to record voice overs for a particular slide.

  7. Make pauses by pressing the pause button or selecting “Stop” to finish.

  8. Review the recording by pressing the “Play” button. If you’re unhappy with it, you can edit it by pressing “Retake recording.”

  9. Export the presentation as a video file by hitting “Export” and “Export Video.”

Speechify – Create a professional voice over quickly and easily

As you can see, adding a voice over to your PowerPoint presentation can be done from within the app. However, the steps may be a bit too complex for some users. Also, you may not be comfortable with the idea of using your own voice.

But luckily, we have a solution for that.

Speechify is a text to speech (TTS) app that you can use to create professional voice overs. Using Speechify is straightforward and intuitive; you won’t even need a tutorial.

Simply copy the text from a web page, news article, Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, or any other source into Speechify’s text to speech API’s AI Voice Generator and hit “Create.”

The software will create the voice over version of your text and read it aloud while showing subtitles at the same time. When you’re ready, hit “Download,” and the file will be saved locally on your computer as an mp3 or .wav file.

Create audio dialogs, training videos, or stunning slide-show presentation voiceovers in seconds. Various human voice changer features are also available.

The human-like voices, plenty of playback options, and affordable pricing make Speechify well worth the consideration.

You can use your own video editor to edit the text to speech voices however you like.

Here’s an overview of Speechify’s AI Voice Generator features:

  • Plenty of high-quality AI voices

  • Different voices for different use cases

  • Real-time AI voice generator

  • Users can use their voices in combination with AI

  • Online editor for adding music, video, and other content to make YouTube videos

  • Ability to convert a home recording to voice over

  • Easy tools for team collaboration

  • HD voices for a super realistic experience

  • Work from any file, including Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Chrome web pages, etc.

Try Speechify today

Speechify can provide high-quality natural-sounding voices for your PowerPoint presentations. The ease of use and quick generation of audio files make this app suitable for users of all ages and computer skills.

You can give the Speechify subscription a try for free by visiting Speechify’s voice over generator or downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play.


How do I set up voice over in PowerPoint?

You can use the app’s in-built voice recorder feature and record yourself or use third-party computer-generated AI voices offered by Speechify.

Can you put a voice recording over a PowerPoint?

Yes, you can use your own voice recordings or computer-generated voices from third-party software like Murf or Speechify over a PowerPoint slide.

How do you get PowerPoint to read to you?

PowerPoint has a speech recognition tool you can use to read text out loud. Go to “Speech Recognition,” then “Text to Speech,” and set the reading speed and other properties.

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