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Let us brief you about voice over, and text-to-speech technology to let you in on the latest technology advancements.

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A great video will contain expertly cut scenes, carefully graded colors, fitting music, and, most crucially, a compelling voice over.

A compelling voice over will help the audience understand the plot and feel what the characters are experiencing. Therefore, many companies rely on online video formats with a well-fitted voice over to convey vital messages to customers about their services and products.

Voice overs are being employed in a wide range of media, such as podcasts, audio/video advertising, YouTube videos, corporate training films, webinars, online coursework, and video games.

How to create voice over for YouTube and other platforms

Producing professional voice overs is difficult work. Even if you wanted to make your own, you’d have to spend a lot of time and money (perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars) on recording equipment.

Let us brief you about voice over, and text-to-speech technology to put your mind at ease.

In 2022, artificial intelligence-powered voice over software can create convincing human-like voices from plain text in real-time. Yes! You read that right. 

With the help of these voice over software, you may give your video scripts, articles, essays, or any other content you choose to a natural voice of your choosing. Most of these options are also relatively cheap and simple to implement, which is a huge plus.

Here’s our selection:


Regarding converting text to speech voices, voice overs, and dictation, Murf is one of the most popular and remarkable artificial intelligence voice generators available. In particular, it can be helpful for individuals working in product development, podcasting, education, and business.

Making a natural-sounding voice using Murf takes very little time and effort. They then have broad potential applications, with over 110 voices in 15 languages available for use.

Here are some of the main features of Murf:

  • Expressive emotional speaking styles
  • Extensive library of voices and languages
  • Pitch and fine-tune voice tones
  • Audio and best text input support


  • Frequent technical glitches


Speechelo is a software that uses artificial intelligence to generate a voice for any given piece of text. The text-to-speech tool not only converts written text into spoken word but also supports 24 different languages and lets you choose between several voices.

In only three simple steps, users of the Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, or Chrome platforms may turn any text into a voice over using Speechelo. Many other types of instructional, promotional, instructional, and educational video content are created using this tool.

Here are some of the main features of Speechelo:

  • Three ways to read text (normal tone, joyful tone, serious tone)
  • Over 30 natural voices
  • Breathing sounds and long pauses
  • Ability to change speed and pitch
  • Online text editor


  • The output of Speechelo will be 48kbps. If you’re familiar with sound production, you’ll see that this is a meager output
  • It may produce faulty output if you input long voice-overs


One of the most widely used and robust AI voice generators is Synthesis, which makes it possible for anyone to create a high-quality AI voiceover or AI movie with just a few mouse clicks.

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge platform that’s developing cutting-edge algorithms for commercial text-to-voiceover and video applications, go no further than this one. Consider how much more effective your website’s explainer films or product tutorials would be if they featured a real human voice.

Synthesys’ text to speech (TTS) and text to video (TTV) technologies take your screenplay and turn it into engaging and exciting media productions.

A variety of features is offered, including:

  • Choose from an extensive library of professional voices: 35 female voices, 30 male voices
  • Lifelike voices, unlike competing platforms
  • Create and sell unlimited voiceovers for any purpose
  • Use for sales videos, letters, animations, YouTube videos, explainers, social media, TV commercials, podcasts, and more


  • It has character limitations when making a voice over video
  • It does not have a free trial version


NoteVibes is excellent text to speech software, and it has both a free and a paid version, both loaded with options. Customers can choose from more than 500 translation characters and adjust the pronunciation to their liking.

This means that users can access all their materials to improve their reading abilities and learn a new language. More than that, Notevibes has 177 unique voices available in 18 different tongues.

Users appreciate the tool’s ability to help them pronounce words more accurately in a natural-sounding way. The tool’s versatility means it can be useful for many users.

NoteVibes best features:

  • 47 different voices
  • Realistic voice generator
  • Aloud Speaking
  • Characters: 200 – 1,000,000
  • Make an MP3 of your audio speech       


  • There is no preview available. To listen, you must create the voiceover
  • A single audio file cannot be created by combining many audio files

The Voiceover & editor page stands out because it contains two sections, one for recording the voice-over and one for acquiring audio files. It will take some time to switch between them. Switching between sites will be challenging if you’re working on a large project.

There is no project-based organization.


Speechify is among the most cutting-edge text to speech (TTS) readers available. The tool differentiates itself from the competition due to the number of languages it supports, its flexibility and user-friendly output, and its compatibility with nearly all of the most common platforms and operating systems. You can play any movie or audio file on it, and it works with all major operating systems and mobile platforms, including Windows, OS X, iOS, Linux, and Android.

What’s best, though, is the dramatic improvement in the caliber of AI speech output. Those who are blind or visually impaired have a heightened sensitivity to aural cues and would benefit immensely from the chance to hear a human voice read aloud. If you have Speechify, your entire life can be narrated in your chosen voice.

Speechify has more than 20 voices, accents, and languages, including voice actors such as Gwyneth Paltrow. The tool will provide you with large text to read and will highlight critical terms to help you retain the information.

Speechify prominent features:

  • Allows scanning of hard-copy books and converting them to audiobooks
  • Instant Translation into 60+ languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, and others.
  • Enables users to import books from Audible
  • Supports note-taking tools
  • Natural human HD Voices made using AI – make listening a more enjoyable experience
  • Premium text extraction using state-of-the-art OCR technology using deep learning
  • Priority support – Get VIP support from the Speechify team whenever you need it
  • No speed limit – listen up to 900wpm to save time and be more productive
  • Offers a 3-day premium version for free to help you decide if you want to sign up


  • The free version is significantly poorer in terms of choice compared to the paid version enabled for subscribers.

Try Speechify at for free or sign up straight away!

Final thoughts 

Numerous computer voice generators have recently entered the market, thanks to developments in artificial intelligence and speech synthesis technologies. These recent developments have also rendered massive collections of speech samples and expensive, specialized machinery superfluous.

With today’s artificial intelligence tools, imitating any voice is simple, easy, and – most importantly – diverse in its application.

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