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How to get Wattpad to read to you on Android

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Wattpad is a social storytelling platform that can convert text to audio content. Learn how to best utilize Wattpad on your Android device.

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Although popular, Wattpad doesn’t have the most intuitive mobile app. It comes with some content and reading preferences limitations.

Making Wattpad stories come to life on Android or iOS devices is a bit trickier than advertised. But it’s not impossible once you learn its features and how to navigate the app.

What is Wattpad

Wattpad is a social media storytelling platform that leverages text to speech (TTS) technology to deliver written content in an audio format that anyone can absorb while doing other activities.

Whether you’re an avid reader, a writer looking to gain notoriety or a casual short-story enthusiast, Wattpad caters to many needs.

The platform’s rich content library constantly expands thanks to Wattpad’s community. It also works with important partners in the entertainment industry like Hulu, Syfy, and Sony Pictures.

The read aloud feature turns written content into audiobooks and makes Wattpad a convenient service for pretty much any user.

It caters to fanfiction book lovers, aspiring writers, avid readers, talent scouts, and users with reading disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD. If you want to share your own stories without selling them on Amazon or Kindle, Wattpad is a great place to do it. You may even upload a new chapter every week on the social storytelling platform and share your content with the community.

How to get Wattpad to read to you on Android

Before you activate “read to me” on the Wattpad Android app, it’s best to configure your reading preferences.


Download and install the Wattpad app from the Google Play store

You can find Wattpad on the Google Play app store or by clicking the app’s download button on the official Wattpad website.


Open the app and sign into your Wattpad account

You can register for an account in your browser and log into the Wattpad platform anytime. However, due to its limited online functionality, it’s best to use the mobile phone app for account creation, membership purchases, and other actions.


Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner of the main screen

The Wattpad app doesn’t have a direct link to the settings menu. First, you must go to your profile page by tapping the icon in the top left corner of the main screen.


Tap the “Settings” button

Once on the profile page, tap the settings gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You will see the advanced settings menu.


Look for “Reading Preferences” and select “Scrolling”

Setting the reading preference to scrolling is essential for a good flow during the audio narration. It helps avoid breaks during “page turns” and makes it easier to follow along on the screen.

All you have left is to find books with text to speech enabled by the author or the platform. To do so, go to the search bar and look for books using the tag #texttospeech. The results will display books based on your genre settings with the read aloud feature enabled.

Tap on a story, hit the “Read” button, and wait for the content to load. Tap the “Play” button next to the “Listen with text to speech” option. Sometimes, you may have to repeat this for each new chapter.


Using text to speech for audiobooks

Many audiobooks come in ebook format, and some get created after hard copy books. But why is TTS valuable software in a world where audio files of written content already exist?

Well-designed TTS apps can add human-like, realistic voices and give plain text nuance through narration. People can set text to speech apps to use different dialects, change the playback speed, and create a unique auditory experience.

That’s not something guaranteed when listening to random audiobooks. In addition, the right TTS software can help you turn any document into an audiobook.

But not all TTS apps have the same features, functionality, and accuracy regarding reading documents. Many of them use standard digitized voices, lack nuance and inflection, and can’t take cues from punctuation.


Read audiobooks and more with Speechify

Speechify is a leading brand of TTS software and assistive technology. The app can act as a screen reader and turn written text into audiobooks. It doesn’t matter if you want to listen to a sci-fi novel, short stories, or free books you can’t find in audio format.

Not everyone can read stories or textbooks with ease. Some people don’t have the time or struggle with reading difficulties.

But Speechify offers a bit of everything to everyone. The TTS service even partners with Gutenberg. It allows users to search for their favorite audiobooks and listen to them using the Speechify Android, iOS, and desktop apps or the Chrome extension.

Doing it this way is ideal for controlling the playback volume, speed, and overall voice quality. And that’s not where the benefits end.

  • Free stories – Speechify helps users turn their owned hard copy books or PDF ebooks into audiobooks they can listen to online and offline. You don’t have to pay extra for audio versions of books you already own.
  • An uninterrupted reading experience – Platforms like Wattpad often publish new chapters weekly, making it difficult to read or listen to something in one sitting. Speechify lets you upload complete documents or hear full narrations of free books.
  • Start reading faster and better – Its text highlighting feature and controlled playback makes the TTS software ideal for improving your reading skills.
  • If you want to try Speechify, registering for an account and testing the app takes just a few moments.


Can I get Wattpad to read to me?

You could make the app read written content if the author or the platform enabled TTS for that story. Note that it usually applies to content with over 10,000 words.


Does Wattpad have audio books?

Wattpad has some audio books, although most audio content is available after adding TTS technology to written stories.


How do I get Wattpad to read aloud on iPhone?

The read aloud feature is only available for stories where authors enabled the text to speech function. A play button should appear on the story’s main page.

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