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Speechify gives your team, org, or classroom the power of text-to-speech. Listening saves time and energy so everyone can get more done with less effort. And it levels the playing field when reading is a barrier. Now your team or classroom can turn anything you read into a podcast or audiobook — documents, websites, PDFs, articles, books, Gmail, and more.
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Empower your team

Move at the speed of sound

• Turn whatever you need to know into a podcast — industry reports, news, research, + more.
• Breeze through emails on your commute, at the gym, or running errands.
• Level up your skills with less effort. Listen to tutorials, or coursework while you work or on-the-go.
• Take your work with you. Switch up your surroundings to spark new ideas + build creativity.

Attract top talent

Add Speechify to your list of employee benefits to make your offer even more attractive. Boost employee inclusion and support your team in all the ways they like to work.

It's a perfect solution for:

• Neurodivergent learners
• Saving time + multitasking
• Dyslexia
• Low vision

Works where your team does


Close deals faster by listening to your emails at 2x speed.



Find resolutions faster by listening to your conversations at 2x speed.



Find answers to problems faster by listening to documentation at 2x speed.


Trusted by many


"Speechify has been the secret in why I am top in my team."

Sam uses Speechify to move quickly at helping customers by going through conversations at a fraction of the time in what it used to take her when reading.

Work smarter,
not harder.

Get more done in less time and with less effort than reading

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