The best alternatives to

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Try for free is a video generation app that creates high-quality videos. But since it’s not the only one, let’s check out other options.

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The best alternatives to

Creating video content for various purposes has never been easier. With video generation software, you share promo videos on social media like LinkedIn or even TikTok. From creating explainer videos to entertainment videos, it’s all a click away.

One of the most popular apps in this branch is definitely However, it’s not the only one, and more importantly, it’s not superior to all others. In fact, allow us to introduce you to some alternatives for creating engaging videos.

Synthesia—an AI video creation platform is an AI video generation platform that utilizes machine learning and automation algorithms. The main idea behind this software is for various e-commerce businesses to have an easier time creating video presentations to increase their workflow. The app creates custom avatars for you and supports subtitles too.

There’s a host of video templates and animations. The avatars differ in the personalities they show off. And by picking the right one, you can properly represent your business in video marketing. There are also voice-overs. These narrations can be your own recordings, but you can also use several drag-and-drop AI voices.

When it comes to pricing, Synthesia offers two options. You can pay $30 for a personal plan which includes ten videos per month and over 65 avatars speaking in over 60 languages, or you can select the corporate version. The corporate version doesn’t have any restrictions and offers more avatars and AI voices for a negotiable fee.

Pros and cons of using Synthesia

Like everything in life, Synthesia’s video creator mode has pros and cons. Before exploring your other video-creating options, we should inspect the advantages and disadvantages of this app. So, let’s check them out, shall we?

The Pros

  • Save time and money: With Synthesia, you don’t need to pay actors, directors, or a film crew to make advertisements. Moreover, you don’t have to match anyone’s schedule; you can make videos whenever you feel like it.

  • For laypeople: You don’t have to have any previous user experience with video editing or recording if you use Synthesia. It’s simple to use and does most of the work for you. All you have to do is choose the avatar and add the text.

  • Up to 30 minutes of video material: Unlike some other video-generating platforms, Synthesia allows users to create promotional material that lasts up to half an hour. This is a rare option and it definitely sells the app to many users.

  • Customer support: You can set up your Synthesia account so that it covers 24/7 customer support through a live chat. This is a pretty handy feature that can save you from spending additional money on customer support.

The Cons

  • Disallows paid promotions: Unfortunately, you can’t mix Synthesia and its avatars with paid promotions or any popular advertisements.

  • Inferior to traditional videos: The reality is that artificial intelligence and apps are still nowhere close to producing videos that can compete with human-shot footage. An actual crew, actor, and director will always make a better video.

Alternatives to Synthesia

If you can’t afford a professional filming crew and still don’t want to use Synthesia, you can always count on any of the apps on the list below.


By running geological and hyper-personal ads through, you can increase CTRs and VTRs to successfully get your message to your target audience. The pricing varies depending on your specific needs.

2. Speechify

Speechify is a high-quality text to speech app that provides you with over 30 natural-sounding AI voices in over 15 languages. You can use its narrators as voice-overs for your promotional videos across the web. In fact, it’s a top choice among creators because its voice options are indistinguishable from actual human voices.

3. Colossyan

Offering 12 premium actors, over 70 languages, and six scenes per video, Colossyan can provide colossal help with marketing videos. Besides the free plan, you can opt for a Basic and Pro version that costs $21 and $70 per month, respectively.

4. Lumen5

An ideal option for marketing teams, Lumen5 uses AI to turn your blog post into a video advertisement. The price starts at $11 and you can choose between two plans—the Free-Forever and Custom plan.

5. is yet another video-maker that can improve your communication with potential customers. You can try it out for free to see what these AI-generated videos look like and how well its AI avatars and voices work.

6. Narakeet

Creating narrated videos is made simple by Narakeet. This text to speech video editor is a great AI tool that can improve your reach and potentially make your business worth more than you ever hoped.


Similar to Synthesia, is a fantastic text to video platform that creates custom avatars and voices for your ad campaigns. The major pro of this tool is that it’s cloud-based, meaning you can sync all your devices with it in real-time.

Use Speechify to get human-like voice-overs for your video creation needs

Although Synthesia and other professional video-generating providers use custom AI voices, that’s not their main strength. They are primarily focused on video production. As a result, their narrators are far from natural-sounding. However, there’s one exception. Speechify tops all of them in terms of the voice quality it offers to its users.

With over 30 voices that sound like real humans and more than 15 language options, you can create an audio narration worthy of any top brand. Moreover, you can fiddle with the voices, import text in any font, and use it across all devices and platforms. It’s a perfect solution for any content creator, especially if they are looking to use it for commercial projects. Try a free trial of Speechify today.


Is there something like Synthesia?

Yes, there are various video-generating platforms out there. Each offers unique features to its users, but all can help you create professional-looking promotional videos, PowerPoint presentations, and more using AI avatars and voices.

What is the difference between synesthesia and Synthesia?

Synthesia is a phenomenon in which people’s senses become mixed. For example, when you hear music, you start to see shapes or sense a certain smell. On the flip side, Synthesia is a video-generating platform that creates personalized advertisements for businesses.

What is the best way to do synesthesia?

You can partake in synesthesia training. Still, no one can guarantee that you’ll start seeing colors when listening to your favorite track or sense soft touches while admiring the smell of the meal in front of you. It’s a phenomenon.

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