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3 Best Alternatives to Speechmax Voice Overs

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Is Speechmax the right fit for you? Read on to learn about the 3 best alternatives to Speechmax voice overs.

Speechmax is a popular voice over software that converts English and Hindi texts to speech. While the platform is used by millions, it’s not the only option on the market.

Here we’ll provide recommendations for the three best alternatives to Speechmax voice overs and explain how they work.

What is Speechmax?

Speechmax is text to speech software that allows users to create high-quality voice overs. These voice overs can be used for commercials, podcasts, video editing, e-learning, video games, explainers, Instagram reels, YouTube videos, audiobooks, TikToks, product demos, reading web pages, and much more.

The platform converts English and Hindi texts to speech, so naturally it’s aimed at Hindi Speakers. Speechmax offers 11 Indian languages and 26 male and female voices. Some of the most popular Indian languages are Gujrati, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil, and Telugu.

Since Speechmax is an AI voice generator, it offers lifelike, natural voices and natural-sounding intonation, pitch, and tone.

Unlike many other TTS platforms, Speechmax doesn’t have an app but an online speech converter. It features a simple interface that is easy to use, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. You can convert your texts to voice overs in only a few seconds.

Another important feature of this platform is voice cloning. Users can create a clone of a voice and use it for converting text to speech online.

Many people love that they can use Speechmax without creating an account. Simply go to the platform’s website, enter your email address, agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, and choose “Create Audio.”

While Speechmax offers a free trial version, it’s important to point out that its options are limited. For example, you can use up to three voices and download up to 10 audio files. Moreover, you can’t add pauses, combine files, or edit the speed, loudness, and other elements.

In terms of paid plans, Speechmax offers three options: Lite, Pro, and Unlimited. The plans differ in available languages and voices, editing options, and character and download limits.

Unfortunately, none of the paid plans offer access to other languages except Indian (and its variations) and English. If users need to create voice overs in other languages like French, Spanish, German, or Chinese, they will have to use another platform.

Considering the language limitations, many people agree that the platform is pricey and want to explore alternatives.

Best Speechmax alternatives

Here are the best Speechmax alternatives and their functions and features.


Speechify is one of the best AI voice generators on the market. This speech tool is proof that content creators, individuals with disabilities, corporate professionals, and others can rely on AI-based programs instead of hiring voice over artists.

Speechify uses cutting-edge speech technology to offer human-like voices and generate studio-quality voice recordings. The platform offers over 200 voices and 20 languages. Some of the most popular languages are French, Korean, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Another amazing feature of this platform is that you can save your voice overs as WAV or mp3 audio files. Consequently, you can work on your voice over even when you don’t have an internet connection.

With Speechify, you’ll enjoy granular word level control over pauses, pronunciation, pitch, and other elements. All of which enhances voice quality and provides natural-sounding speech. You’ll also get blazing-fast audio processing on edits, an advanced audio timeline, and unlimited uploads and downloads.

You can use Speechify on your computer (Microsoft Windows and Mac) and mobile device (iOS and Android). is an incredible text to speech software that can create high-quality voice overs for different purposes. The platform offers more than 120 voices and 20 languages. Thanks to the latest AI technology the software features, users can enjoy exceptional text to speech voices and speech quality.

With’s voice changer functionality, you can customize the voice of any voice over and change it from female to male or vice versa in a few clicks. You can also adjust the playback speed, add background music, and customize the pitch, emphasis, tone, pronunciation, and other elements.

The software is easy to use and features an intuitive interface. Like most other platforms, offers free and paid versions. What makes stand out is that it allows users to try all languages for free, while many other programs limit the languages to two or three.

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly uses deep learning and AI to convert text to speech. This speech synthesizer offers a wide range of languages and voices for users to explore.

Many of Amazon Polly’s features are directed toward commercial users. For example, the platform allows the creation of an exclusive voice that brands can use to enhance the company’s identity. Moreover, Amazon Polly can be integrated into other systems and applications for enhanced convenience.

As a user, you can adjust the speaking style, loudness, speed, pitch, and other elements to get the desired results.

In terms of voices, you can choose between two types: Standard and Neutral. Standard voices are more robotic and have limited use cases, while neutral are human-like and better suited to audiobooks, podcasts, broadcasting, etc.

Amazon Polly features a free and paid version. As you’d assume, the free version offers limited features and allows you to get to know the platform and see whether it’s a good fit.

Honorable mentions

Other platforms and speech synthesis tools that can serve as Speechmax alternatives are NaturalReader, Notevibes, Voicemaker, Speechelo, Speech Generator, Lovo,, and ReadSpeaker.

Create amazing voice overs with Speechify

If you want to create natural-sounding voice overs and be able to download them in different formats (mp3 and WAV files), Speechify is the way to go.

The platform’s exceptional customization features, SSML tag support, high-quality voices, and a wide range of available languages make it an excellent choice.

Try Speechify today.


What is the most realistic TTS engine?

One of the most realistic TTS engines is Speechify.

What is the best text to speech for voiceover?

Some of the best TTS for voiceovers are Speechify,, Speechmax, and Notevibes.

What is the best voice to text app for Android?

Many agree that the best voice to text app for Android is Speechtext.

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