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Voice generator tools to do different character voices

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Using voice generator tools to do different character voices is an excellent idea, as long as you know what to do. Here’s everything you need to know.

Voice generator tools to do different character voices

Voice generator tools can be more than helpful for content creators, but only if you use them properly. Here’s what you need to know about this AI technology. 

What are voice generator tools?

Voice generator tools are AI text to speech apps that can convert any type of text into an AI voice in real-time. These synthetic voice changers can be quite useful, and people all over the world are interested in them. 

They are a great option for narration, dubbing, e-learning, improving accessibility, and so much more.

The advantages of using voice generator tools

There are many different reasons why someone would use voice generator tools, but there are a few key reasons that can make a world of difference for content creators: 

  • Cost and time efficiency
  • Easy access to different voices
  • Improved quality of generated voices

Once you are done with your script, you can easily create the audio files you need—and that’s it. You’ll save so much time, and you won’t need to spend money on different voice actors. Just choose a different voice, and you can proceed with the same script. 

Furthermore, the quality of unique voices is quite high, and they are almost indistinguishable from real voice actors or audiobooks

Best practices for using voice generator tools like a pro

While all of this might seem too easy, there are still a couple of rules and tricks you will need to know. These apps can be crucial for success and quality of your social media content, but only if you use them properly:

  • Preparing your script
  • Choosing the right voice
  • Quality of audio output
  • Matching character voice to project requirements
  • Adding special effects to generated voices
  • Syncing voice with visual elements
  • Maintaining consistency in character voices 

As you can see, there is still a lot of work to be done, and it is a bit more complex than simple copy-paste. You will need to write a script, choose human-like voices you want to use, adjust quality, ensure that everything is spotless, and so on. 

In the end, you will still need to do audio editing and ensure that everything is synced properly in the audio player and that the video is as good as it can be. 

Common mistakes to avoid while using voice generator tools

Knowing what to do and having a clear idea in your mind is a great starting point, but it’s also good to know common mistakes and how to avoid them. Each of the previous steps can hide an error. 

You might have an incomplete, unclear, inadequate, or improper script, and it won’t be possible to proceed without making some changes. People also don’t spend enough time on voice customization, as well as audio editing. Both steps are crucial. 

Finally, don’t ignore user reviews, comments, and the latest trends. You might get a couple of new ideas and learn what are some things that just aren’t working. There’s no need to make the same mistakes as other people when you can easily avoid them. 

Overview of typical text to speech tools

There are many different TTS apps you can find today, and each offers something a bit different and unique. 

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is an API that is a part of Amazon Web Services, and the most famous use case of this tool is Duolingo. Polly uses neural voices that offer natural-sounding speech, and the quality is quite high. However, you won’t be able to find it as an app you can use. 

Google text-to-speech

Google’s text to speech is another API you can find, and it is part of Google Cloud services. You can also check out Speech Services, which is an app available on Android. Both options can be limiting for some users. 

IBM Watson text to speech

The next API you might encounter comes from IBM and it is called Watson. It supports numerous different languages and accents (besides English), and it can be a great option for you. But if you are interested in TTS apps, you might have better options. 

Popular AI voice generator tools

There are many different apps you can find that offer incredible quality and are easy to use.

Murf is a great option for beginners and anyone interested in making their own AI voiceovers and dubs. The app offers high-quality voices, and it’s easy to use. The only downside is that the free version is quite limiting. is perfect for those that are looking for a simplistic solution. You can use this app online, and it is available through your browser. This means that you won’t need to install anything, and there is a free plan you can check out.

Resemble offers speech synthesis and computer-generated voice cloning, and there is a pay-as-you-go subscription plan. This means that you will pay per generated word instead of having a fixed price each month.

Lovo is the next speech generator on the list, and it is a great app worth checking out. You can try out the free plan, but it can still be too limiting for some users. Especially if you have bigger projects on your mind.

Speechify is one of the best text to speech tools available, and it offers superior quality, multiple languages, accents, and so much more. It is also available across multiple devices, so you won’t need to worry about compatibility. 

Why should you use Speechify?

Speechify offers everything you will ever need from a TTS tool. Plus, it doesn’t have the boundaries and limitations other apps often have. Instead, you will be able to install the app and enjoy creating unique voice overs, narrations, animations, podcasts, and whatever else you imagine. 

You can also choose between different voice styles (male or female voices), languages, different speech voice options, and so much more.

Beyond Speechify as a dropdown#toggle" data-dropdown-menu-id-param="menu_term_253491815" data-dropdown-placement-param="top" data-term-id="253491815">TTS tool, you can also use Speechify’s dropdown#toggle" data-dropdown-menu-id-param="menu_term_253491798" data-dropdown-placement-param="top" data-term-id="253491798">voice over studio to create customizable and lifelike dropdown#toggle" data-dropdown-menu-id-param="menu_term_253491799" data-dropdown-placement-param="top" data-term-id="253491799">voice generation.

Check out Speechify’s dropdown#toggle" data-dropdown-menu-id-param="menu_term_253491798" data-dropdown-placement-param="top" data-term-id="253491798">voice over studio today.


What is the best AI voice generator?

The best artificial intelligence voice generator you can find today is Speechify. The app will work on any file format, and it’s easy to use. Other options include Polly, Microsoft Azure, and NaturalReader.

Can you clone someone's voice?

Yes. Voice cloning is a complex process that allows you to create a custom voice, digital replica of someone’s voice, or clone your own voice. It uses machine learning, deep learning, and AI, and you can also use it with TTS apps. 

What is the most realistic voice over generator?

The most realistic voiceover generator today is Speechify, and it is incredible. The app is easy to use, and versatile, and the audio quality is exceptional. The app works on Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. 

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

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