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Add voice overs to your GoAnimate videos

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How do you add voice overs to your GoAnimate videos? Find out how to insert your files to this handy video creation platform.

Even though developers recently changed GoAnimate’s name to Vyond, the app remains a user-friendly solution for creating stunning visuals and animated videos.

Once you record your content in Vyond, you may want to elevate it with a high-quality voice over. This article will show you how to do just that.

What is GoAnimate?

GoAnimate (Vyond) is an animation and video-making platform that offers production-level quality. It lets you generate compelling animations in high resolutions and many different formats.

Broadcasters appreciate this video creation tool due to its security, support, and scalability. It’s perfect for organizations of all sizes and has a minimal learning curve. Even though it goes beyond simple drag-and-drop functionality, it doesn’t overwhelm you with advanced controls.

Whether you want to move images or text, you’ll be able to do so with ease. The seamless interface allows you to develop data visualizations and stories with rich dialogs to engage your audience.

Another reason GoAnimate is popular is its customizability. The platform has many use cases, such as mixing various styles, creating custom characters, and bringing existing characters to life with automated lip-sync, actions, and realistic movement.

There are also built-in templates you can spice up with imported media.

You can even upload your GoAnimate projects to any social media or cloud-based platform. The videos are downloadable as mp4 files.

The steps for adding voiceovers to GoAnimate videos

Besides the above features, GoAnimate offers another convenient function – adding voice overs. Here’s how you can voice over videos with this platform:

  1. If you’ve recorded your audio file outside GoAnimate, you’ll first need to import the file. To do so, simply drag and drop the recording into your GoAnimate studio. It’ll be available in your Upload tab. If your file has more than 15MB, you’ll have to divide it into multiple tracks.
  2. If you want to record directly from GoAnimate, choose Audio.
  3. Press Add Audio and go to Record. Alternatively, paste the text you wish to read. The script won’t disappear after hitting the Record button. You can also print the text, but don’t rustle your paper while recording to avoid background noise.
  4. Strike the microphone symbol and start speaking in the Mic Recording window.
  5. Use the Stop button as often as necessary to ensure your recordings sound good. This way, you won’t have to remove poor-quality sections.

How to edit audio in GoAnimate

After adding your voice over, don’t stop there. You can edit your audio and video file to make the recording more immersive.


If you want to add unique flair to your GoAnimate audio communications, you can do so with the integrated fade feature. It’s an excellent way to address poor ambiance tone and other issues by setting up a streamlined soundscape.

Adding audio fades in the GoAnimate video editor is straightforward:

  • Open your track.
  • Select a specific point in your timeline and choose settings.
  • Toggle your Fade settings to On.
  • Adjust the start, end, and duration.


If your Vyond track is longer than usual, you might want to split it before filming your scenes. That’s where the cut feature comes in. Here’s how it works:

  • Place the cursor where you wish to place your split. You should now see a blue line on the timeline.
  • Right-click your blue line.
  • Select Split to divide the track into two.
  • If necessary, delete a part of the track by right-clicking the unwanted section and pressing Delete. Alternatively, hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

Adjusting Volumes

Besides fades and cuts, Goanimate has many other controls to fine-tune your track. One of them is volume adjustments.

  • Right-click the track with the volume you wish to modify.
  • Go to your Settings.
  • Adjust the volume by typing any number between 0 and 100. The higher the number, the louder your audio will be.

Adding Sound Effects and Music

When creating videos in GoAnimate, the tool gives you access to numerous music tracks you can add to your projects.

  • Open your recording.
  • Select the music note symbol to access your audio library.
  • Preview the track, and if it sounds good, incorporate it into the recording by clicking it.

Sound effects are also available. You can add them the same way you integrate music. Like tracks, they can make your projects more engaging and emotional.

Just make sure not to use too many sound effects. They either highlight key moments of an action scene or build worlds.

Use Speechify Voiceover to create voiceovers for your GoAnimate videos
GoAnimate isn’t the only app that creates voiceovers. Speechify is also a fantastic option.

This well-designed text to speech (TTS) platform has many cutting-edge yet easy-to-use features. It has convenient controls that let you manage the pitch, speed, volume, and other key aspects of your recordings. You can also shoot your audio in 20+ languages to impress global audiences.

Better still, Speechify lets you download as many files as you want and use them in GoAnimate. Try the app for free!


How do I add voice over to an existing video?

Take the following steps to add voice overs to existing videos in GoAnimate:

  • Open your recording and go to the timeline where you want your voice over to start.
  • Choose the character you wish to lip-sync.
  • Press the Add Audio button from the drop-down menu, followed by Mic Recording.
  • Tap the microphone symbol to start speaking.

How do I add computerized voice to a video?

You need to use an  AI voice generator to add computerized voices to your videos. Speechify offers this functionality out of the box.

Does GoAnimate have templates?

Yes. GoAnimate has many ready-made templates for your audio files.

What is a video editing app that allows voice overs?

Animoto is one of the most popular video editing apps that lets you integrate voice overs into your explainer videos, tutorials, and whiteboard animations.

How do you upload a voiceover to YouTube?

To upload your voice overs to YouTube, you first need to download them from your audio platform. From there, sign into your YouTube studio and follow the prompts to add the clip to your channel.

What are the elements of a professional video?

A professional video has gripping images, crisp narration, and suitable sound effects.

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Cliff Weitzman

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