5 best alternatives to Read Aloud TTS Chrome extension

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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Alternatives on June 27, 2022
Read Aloud is a great TTS tool. However, are there other options? We've curated THE top 5 best alternatives to Read Aloud. See our detailed list.

    What is Read Aloud TTS Chrome extension?

    The Read Aloud TTS Chrome Extension is a text-to-speech app that translates written text into audio. For many users, this makes it easier to focus on information and can free up time, readers can listen to websites, articles, and other information while moving about and working on other tasks.

    Readers can choose from several different voices, working to find a voice that sounds natural to them and allows them to zero in on the material at hand. The extension supports more than 40 languages and can convert many types of text to audio, including websites, university materials, news sites, and more.

    Why users need alternatives to Read Aloud

    If you’re looking for the right text-to-speech app for your needs, you may be on the hunt for an alternative to the Read Aloud TTS Chrome Extension. Some users struggle to get Chrome extensions to load, which can be frustrating when you’re depending on your text-to-speech app to help you get through a busy day. While there are some troubleshooting options that can help you get your text-to-speech app working again, it can be easier to switch over to a more dependable option.

    Here, we’ve gathered a list of the five best alternatives to the Read Aloud TTS Chrome Extension.

    Five Read Aloud TTS Chrome extension alternatives

    1. ReadSpeaker

    Commonly used at colleges and universities, ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech app that works to translate text information into audio files. This app is also popular among business owners, as the platform has voice cloning software that allows marketing professionals to synchronize their voice across platforms.

    ReadSpeaker is designed to offer engaging voices across a variety of audio options, including smart speakers and personal devices. The company understands how important it is for business owners to have a trusting relationship with consumers, and works to help business owners explain how AI technology is helpful for all parties involved–and not something to be afraid of.

    In addition to colleges and universities, many K-12 schools also utilize the technology offered by ReadSpeaker. Some students with individual education plans require audio files instead of written text for their course materials, and ReadSpeaker makes it easy for teachers and case workers to provide all students with equal learning opportunities.

    2. NaturalReader

    NaturalReader provides a simple solution for users who want to listen to their content instead of trying to read it on their device. While many users use NaturalReader for articles, the app is also useful for reading webpages, cloud documents, images, notes, .pdf files, and more.

    Many people who have learning differences (like dyslexia) use NaturalReader to help them get the information they need from their mobile devices as they navigate day-to-day life. Many people who have dyslexia and other conditions that make reading difficult prefer to both look at a text and listen to the accompanying audio at the same time. The app also provides users with a dyslexia-friendly font option to help them focus on their material.

    See the Top 5 alternatives to Natural Reader

    3. Voice Dream

    With 61 voices available for iOS 12 users, Voice Dream makes it easy for users to get the audio information they need. Many users love the fact that Voice Dream does not require an internet connection, making it easy for them to create the audio files they need no matter where they are.

    Some users prefer to read and listen to text at the same time, and Voice Dream makes it easy to follow along with the audio. Forget the days of being distracted by every little ding of your phone or movement around the office–synchronized word-by-word highlighting helps readers follow along, and can help lower distractions and increase focus.

    Voice Dream can translate a variety of files into text, including Word documents, txt files, PowerPoint files, HTML text, and more. The designers of Voice Dream have worked carefully to create an app that helps people with a variety of learning differences – including motor function issues, dyslexia, low vision, blindness, and autism – access the information they need to thrive.

    4. Speech Central

    This app is a great fit for users who want to boost their productivity without having to upload files ahead of time. Speech Central has the ability to translate text in real-time, instead of requiring users to upload text files that need to be converted into audio files.

    Users can also instruct the app through voice dictation via Bluetooth or headphones, making it simple to tell the app what to read next when you’re at work, in the car, or on the go. Struggling to remember where you left off, or which chapter of a textbook you’re currently studying? Speech Central has you covered. The app keeps a reading history for users, helping you to go back and find what you need, without having to search for websites or files.

    Speech Central is readily available to users and is accessible on macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

    5. Speechify

    Speechify is the app that can do it all–if you’re ready to give your productivity a serious boost, this is the right app for you. No matter what pace you prefer, Speechify can meet your needs. The app has the capability to read up to 600 words per minute, at a pace nine times faster than most people can read on their own.

    Try Speechify free, today!

    Like most busy people, it’s likely that you’re moving from device to device throughout the day, and Speechify has you covered. Your Speechify library syncs across devices, making it easy for you to move from your computer to phone to tablet, without losing your place.

    The experts at Speechify understand that the voice you hear when you’re listening matters, and they’ve worked to create human-like voices that don’t distract you from the material you’re trying to process. The app’s superior AI isn’t just limited to translating digital files into audio files–it can also change snapshots of paper text into audio files. The app is available across all platforms, making it accessible to users around the world.

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