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The 5 best alternatives to ReadSpeaker

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Alternatives to ReadSpeaker
ReadSpeaker is a great text-to-speech app. However, are there other options? We've curated THE top 5 best alternatives to ReadSpeaker. See our detailed list.

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What is Read Speaker?

ReadSpeaker is a text-to-voice app that allows users to listen to information instead of reading it in text format. Many users appreciate ReadSpeaker’s natural-sounding voices, developed using new technology to improve upon the voice quality offered by similar apps.

Why users want a Read Speaker TTS app alternative

Many colleges and universities offer ReadSpeaker TTS app to students as an option to get the information they need quickly. If you’re a student who has run into issues with ReadSpeaker while using the Canvas course management system, you’re not alone.

Many students found that while adding ReadSpeaker to Canvas seemed like a good idea, it caused more trouble than it was worth, as it caused compatibility and speed issues. One of the most common searches regarding ReadSpeaker is how to turn it off, as students find that it makes working through course management platforms more difficult.

That being said, there’s no doubt that many students can benefit from a text-to-speech app that can help them breeze through required reading, whether that means they’re relaxing and listening to a chapter after class or getting the information they need while hitting the gym. Here, we’ve compiled a list of five alternatives to ReadSpeaker text-to-speech app for anyone who wants to get the information they need without spending hours reading text.

Five ReadSpeaker alternatives: Finding the best TTS app

1. Voice Dream

With more than 200 voices available for users, many users find that Voice Dream provides natural options that make it easy to stay focused on the material offered in the text-to-speech. Need something a little bit fancier to spice up your reading? If you’re an iOS 12 user, you can choose from over 60 free voices.

Voice Dream prides itself on offering 30 different languages to users, making it simple for people around the world to use the app to get the information they need. Both iOS and Android users can download and use Voice Dream for their text-to-speech needs.

One of the best things about Voice Dream: users don’t have to be online to utilize the service. This means that users can upload files in advance, then take them anywhere–without using valuable data or needing a wireless connection. Files can be loaded from anywhere, including the iOS file browser, paper documents using the Voice Dream scanner, Dropbox, iCloud, Bookshare, Google Drive, and Gutenberg.

Are there better alternatives to Voice Dream?

2. Read Aloud TTS Chrome extension

This Chrome extension allows users to choose from several different voices, and easily integrates into Google-based platforms, including Google Docs, EPUB, and the Amazon Kindle. The extension supports more than 40 languages, making it simple for users to get the information they need no matter what language they speak.

Read Aloud isn’t just for converting books and other documents into audio files. It also works to translate text to audio on websites, blogs, textbooks, school websites, and more. Google platform-using students may find that this Chrome extension is a better fit for reading Canvas and Blackboard materials than ReadSpeaker.

Users can make use of simple shortcuts to navigate the text and can use the extension options to change the pitch, reading speed, or to change the reading voice. If you try the extension, take some time to play around with the options, finding the right voice and speed for your audio needs.

See top 5 alternatives to Read Aloud

3. Speech Central

If you’re ready to take your productivity to the next level, you’ll want to check out Speech Central. It provides a simple user experience, making it easy to get what you need without bogging you down with features and options that complicate your experience.

Speech Central offers real-time text-to-speech translation, meaning you don’t have to upload files ahead of time in order to hear them read aloud. User reading history is saved in the Speech Central app, making it simple for you to get the information you need without having to track down the original source.

Speech Central is available on iOS, Windows, Android, and macOS, so it’s easy to use across various devices, even if you use a PC for work and a Mac at home.

4. TextAloud

Ready for a no-frills app that gives you everything you need–and nothing you don’t? Enter: TextAloud. This simple app takes documents, .pdf files, and websites and translates text into natural speech, making it easy for users to kick back and relax while they get the information they need in an easy-to-process audio format.

TextAloud works to meet the varied needs of users by offering options to change the speed of reading to match the user’s preferred pace, as well as options to change the text size, font, and background color of the text being read aloud. For users who prefer a combination of visual and auditory learning, TextAloud has the ability to highlight each line of text as it’s being read, allowing users to focus on the information at hand.

5. Speechify

Speechify can do it all. Better. Whether you want to hear your emails read aloud, .pdf files, or long documents, Speechify can get you the information you need–fast.

Speechify has the ability to read up to 600 words per minute, which is nine times faster than most people typically read. This means that you can boost your productivity, doing more with the time that you have. Many Speechify users find that they’re better able to remember what they read and that they have a higher comprehension level of the material. This means that Speechify isn’t just saving users time by helping them read faster, it’s also saving them time by stopping them from going back and re-reading confusing sections of text.

Speechify users can save audio files to their library, allowing them to access files across all of their devices. The app is available to both Android and iOS users, allowing anyone to learn without limits. One of the coolest features of the Speechify app: users can take a snapshot of printed material, and the app quickly converts the information on the page into an audio file.

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