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Alternatives to Wideo text to speech

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Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

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Wideo may have more bells and whistles than the average text-to-speech engine and more than the standard text-to-speech user is looking for. We outline alternative to Wideo Text to Speech.

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Alternatives to Wideo text to speech 

Wideo is a software that takes written text and transfers it into audio. Wideo’s specific applications can vary, although they cater to video voiceovers for narration purposes much like, Descript, or Speechelo. These videos can assist with the creation of youtube videos, promotional and explainer videos as well as online videos for demonstrations and presentations. 

With the text-to-speech software accompanying videos, it allows any user to create a professional video for multiple applications. Wideo also offers an integration with Google text-to-speech API which allows users to not only convert their text file into audio but download it as an mp3 audio file. Integrating with Google text-to-speech API gives Wideo users the option to avoid paying a fee per character to Google and Wideo also offers unlimited mp3 download on their pro plan and multiple tutorials to assist their subscribers.

This integration feature is helpful for those who are seeking voiceovers for videos because it allows for the use of an additional editor by uploading the mp3 file into a video editor. By combining audio and video editing, even beginners can achieve extremely specific audio and video content. However, sometimes the audio quality of an mp3 format isn’t retained as well as in a wav file. For those users seeking wav file downloads, a TTS software such as Balabolka may be the best option.

Although paid by character, google cloud does offer speech synthesis markup language (SSML) that allows a significant level up to create a custom voice from the text by adjusting the inflections of how things are said. By allowing text to be customizable in audio format, the message is better conveyed. Along with SSML options, google cloud offers interactive voice response (IVR) in its contract center. This experience uses a voice generator to offer interaction with customers via automated telephone support.

While Wideo offers text-to-speech applications for voiceover purposes, there are other uses for this type of technology as well. For those who struggle to read plain text, text-to-speech engines and software can be helpful tools, allowing users to listen to text when reading may be troublesome for them. Some options offer a free version as well as different pricing plans that are available for how the volume or frequency of use of the speech tool.

Some other softwares to consider as an alternative to Wideo are:

  • Speech Central

  • Voice Dream Reader

  • The Rest of the Pack

  • Balabolka

  • Motoread

  • Microsoft TTS

  • Voice Aloud Reader

  • The Verdict

  • Natural Reader

  • Speechify

Free text-to-speech software

Wideo is a free text-to-speech software, which makes it available to anyone seeking a text-to-speech option without a monthly subscription. However, because of the target audience to which it appeals, Wideo may have more bells and whistles than the average text-to-speech engine and more than the standard text-to-speech user is looking for.

While many alternatives out there offer a paid service, there are multiple alternatives to Wideo that also offer free text-to-speech options and allow for audible reading of plain text. Similar to Wideo, these alternatives offer a basic free version along with paid versions for additional applications depending upon the volume of reading to be done and the type of voice that is preferred. 


An alternative to Wideo is Speechify. Speechify is the #1 rated best free text-to-speech app that will read any text including PDFs, textbooks, and much more. Speechify can read any text aloud and highlight the reading as it goes along which increases the efficiency of learning, comprehension, and retention of materials by accessing both auditory and visual learning modes of the material that is read. 

Speechify offers a large benefit to those who may struggle with reading plain text due to a learning disability such as ADHD or dyslexia. The physical act of reading can feel quite cumbersome and be difficult to sit still thought. But with Speechify, any book sitting on the shelf at home or document from the mail can be transferred into audio and listened to at the user’s convenience. 

Speechify is compatible with Chrome, Android, and iOS, allowing its accessibility to nearly anyone with any device, and Speechify’s mobile app can be downloaded from the google play app store. The freedom offered by the app is extremely helpful for those who need TTS services on the go. Where someone would normally struggle while out and about, such as reading a menu at a restaurant, Speechify can read the text from a picture of the menu and make choosing a delicious meal a breeze for the user. With Speechify, those who have trouble reading signs, flyers, or instructions while on the go can let go of their stress and conquer errands with confidence. 

Photos of text can be uploaded directly into the Speechify app from the camera of a smart device. Once uploaded, these photos, or any PDFs that have been shared with the Speechify app, that need to be read can be edited to crop out any additional materials, such as headers and footers, that the reader doesn’t want to hear. Speechify makes customizing the readability of documents quick and easy. For instance, about 30 seconds of picture taking from the pages of a book can generate up to an hour or more of audio content.

Offering high-quality artificial intelligence that is the closest to a real human voice in their premium plan, Speechify offers text read aloud in English, Spanish, and 27 other languages. The free plan offers several different voices of standard quality. While reading, Speechify also provides a widget that hovers along and allows the user to play, pause or change the reading voice or speed.

For functionality among devices, Speechify provides its users with their very own podcast link that stores all text-to-speech readings that they have generated so that they can reference anything they’ve listened to in the past. Also allowing offline use, Speechify makes all of your reading accessible from anywhere at any time.

NaturalReader voiceover

NaturalReader text-to-speech engine also converts any written text into spoken words and allows typing and editing of text. For those who are looking to multitask and still get their reading in or who may struggle with reading due to a disability, TTS software such as NaturalReader can be extremely helpful.

NaturalReader uses optical character recognition (OCR), often referred to as text recognition, to listen to printed books, scanned documents, and text from PNG or JPEG images directly from a smart device. This process recognizes text within a digital image and converts it into an audible file that is read aloud

Also offering a free chrome extension, NaturalReader gives its users the ability to listen to webpages, Google Docs, and emails directly from the browser. Simply copy and paste the URL or copy and paste the specific text into the chrome extension box and the software will read the text aloud in natural-sounding speech.

The WebReader widget offered by NaturalReader is also a useful tool for website owners. With NaturalReader’s WebReader widget, management users are able to create, edit and manage the widget that will read the website to anyone who visits. This not only allows for accessibility of their page but opens the doors to a broader audience for the marketing of products and services by reading the material aloud to those who would otherwise not be able to consume the information on the page. 

Along with its commercial use features, NaturalReader also offers downloadable desktop software for personal use. With the free version of this software, PC users can use it to read any text such as word files, webpages, PDF files, and emails. However, much like other downloadable desktop softwares, the paid version offers additional features such as more natural-sounding voices and the ability to convert audio readings into mp3 files. 

Audible Learning  

Auditory learners process and retain information best by hearing words out loud. Some benefits to auditory learning are maximizing critical listening, thinking, and comprehension skills – all of which are key components in brainstorming. Along with these benefits come improved focus and memory. 

With several benefits to auditory learning, text-to-speech softwares open the doors for those who prefer this learning style to turn any type of written material and transform it into an audible reading that is better catered to how their brain processes information. 

For audible learners, text-to-speech software is an extremely helpful tool in their everyday lives. Where they would normally spend several hours attempting to retain information by reading, the act of listening to the same text while being able to follow along while it is read to them offers a better avenue of learning and retention.

TTS and e-learning 

While many people obtain information best by reading it, the act of learning online can be difficult due to the degree of separation from student to teacher. Many people learn best by being in an interactive environment, mostly because the information being taught is spoken aloud in tandem with whatever reading or study materials may have been provided

Text-to-speech is revolutionary in the world of e-learning because it allows those who would normally be stuck reading off of a screen to have the interactive component of software reading materials to them while they follow along in real-time. Studies have shown that this enables students to better focus on the information being conveyed and less on the act of reading which gives them a better understanding of the content they are learning. 


What is the most realistic text-to-speech app?

Some text-to-speech apps offer more lifelike and human-sounding artificial intelligence voices (AI voices) than others. The top providers of the most realistic voices are:

  • Speechify

  • Voice Dream reader

  • The rest of the pack

  • Motoread

  • Voice Aloud Reader

  • The Verdict 

What text-to-speech engine can be used on a mobile device?

There are many text-to-speech softwares that have applications specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This allows for all types of documents to be read aloud on the go, such as google docs, PDFs, and web browsers as well as some that offer the added bonus of reading pictures of text that are uploaded into the app. 

Some types of TTS softwares that offer mobile apps are:

  • Voice Aloud Reader

  • Pocket

  • T2S

  • Natural Reader

  • Speak

  • Speechify

What is the best text-to-speech software?

Here are the most top-rated text-to-speech converters based on user reviews:

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