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Asianfanfics audiobooks & text to speech

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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Books on September 27, 2022
Enjoying your favorite fanfic is as easy as exploring Asianfanfics audiobooks. Let's take a look at the platform.

    Asianfanfics audiobooks & text to speech

    Some people love their books so much that they never want their characters’ adventures to end. Unfortunately, not all authors keep their characters or universes alive forever.

    That’s why many people turn to fan fiction stories. With fan fiction, fans can keep reading about their beloved characters and even explore topics the original author might have overlooked or intentionally dismissed.

    This is the content gap Asianfanfics.com aims to fill with user-written fan fics covering many genres and famous franchises. Additionally, text to speech readers can make reading fics more immersive. Let’s break it down.

    What is Asianfanfics?

    Asianfanfics.com is an online library of fan fiction works based around topics popular with Asian audiences. You can read everything from romance and fantasy to comedy or mature stories. And you can experience the platform on your favorite mobile device.

    Unlike similar fanfic platforms, Asianfanfics goes a step further.

    This platform caters to avid readers and writers. You can read or contribute your creative stories. The active community makes sharing easy and encourages user interaction via its dedicated social channel.

    Every user gets their own profile, can comment on stories, add bookmarks, share something on other people’s walls, etc. You can even subscribe to authors for newly released series or chapters.

    Likewise, Asianfanfics uses a Karma points system as a form of virtual currency. You can use that to gain special perks or upvote stories and support your favorite authors.

    Does Asianfanfics have audiobooks?

    Asianfanfics.com has a lot of content. It can keep you busy for years to come. But unfortunately, it suffers the same downside as many similar platforms that focus on fan fic content you won’t find on Amazon – it doesn’t have audiobooks, as you can see on Audible.

    Why is this important? If you think about it, not everyone has a lot of time to read as much as they would like. Even short stories take time, and some people lead hectic lives.

    Moreover, not all writers on Asianfanfics are expert writers. It’s common to find grammatical errors and poor flow that can make reading even more difficult for someone with dyslexia.

    Then, consider the fact that many people have reading difficulties ranging from mild to severe. A platform that only publishes digital text offers limited entertainment value.

    Sure, you can read online or download Asianfanfics to your computer or mobile device and you can take as much time as you need to go through a story. However, audiobooks are increasingly popular these days, even among avid readers with plenty of time.

    Narrations make books more immersive and entertaining. Luckily, you can enhance your Asianfanfics experience with the proper tool – a text to speech reader.

    What is text to speech?

    If you’re unfamiliar with text to speech (TTS), know that it can change how you approach consuming content and absorbing information.

    TTS aims to resolve particular reading challenges by turning digital text into speech. Think of it as an automated conversion of text into audiobook narration.

    Text to speech uses speech synthesis and AI-generated human voices to process the information in units of text and generate an audio output without needing human recordings.

    As a continually evolving technology, TTS gets better and better at handling complex pronunciations, complex sentence sequences, multiple languages, grammar, etc.

    Depending on the software’s complexity, you can do everything from listening to online articles to following along with narrations to improve your language comprehension abilities.

    Why use TTS for Asianfanfics?

    As previously mentioned, Asianfanfics doesn’t have audiobooks or a plan to add them to the platform. Not even Fanfiction.net has reliable audiobook support.

    Therefore, if you want to listen to a fan fic, you need a text to speech reader.

    There are more than a few reasons to use TTS with Asianfanfics besides turning an eBook into an audiobook, including:

    • Boost your productivity – The human brain is more than capable of processing an audiobook while you concentrate on others activities like cooking, working out, completing chores, etc. It can function as a study aid tool or help you get the most out of your leisure time.

    • Add narration to your favorite fan fic – There’s only so much you can get from reading a fan fic. Some argue that reading a hard copy book is not even as exciting, but adding narration can completely change your experience. Natural-sounding voices and certain accents can make your fan fic more immersive and engaging by bringing your beloved characters to life.

    • Fix accessibility issues – Asianfanfics can have accessibility issues, ads, and other problems. Using a TTS reader can help you overcome these challenges and other scenarios where the text might be unreadable to the human eye. Thus, you won’t have to miss out on your stories.

    • Overcome reading difficulties – Many people have difficulty reading. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy stories in a written format or that they can’t improve their language processing skills. TTS readers can act as audio guides and teach correct pronunciation, help differentiate letters and words, improve concentration, etc.

    Use Speechify to bring Asianfanfics to life

    What good is text to speech technology if you don’t have a reliable TTS reader? Luckily, Asianfanfics’ posts are compatible with Speechify.

    The Speechify text to speech app is in the App Store, on Google Play, and works on Windows and macOS devices. It supports over 150 languages, including English on iOS, and generates natural-sounding voices for digital text.

    The app can help you turn your favorite fanfic into audiobooks of the highest quality, where you control the reading speed as you would in podcasts.

    But that’s just scratching the surface. Asianfanfics has many comics, anime, and manga illustrations with five-star reviews. Typically, those docs and epub files are challenging to read and even harder to convert into an audio file format, but Speechify is a TTS app that uses OCR technology to process text from image files.

    You can add narrations to illustrations and make specific content categories more engaging.

    If you’re ready to experience fan fiction at a new level, try Speechify for free. You might find that listening will become your favorite form of reading.


    Can Wattpad read to me?

    Wattpad has a built-in TTS feature, but it isn’t the best, nor is it available for every fan fic on the platform.

    What is the best app for text to speech?

    Speechify offers the most authentic narrations and high-quality voices for every type of TTS conversion. It works equally well on iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones, and desktop computers.

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