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Speechify is absolutely brilliant. Growing up with dyslexia this would have made a big difference. I’m so glad to have it today.

Sir Richard Branson

Text to speech Indonesian readers are a game changer for students, businessmen, people with dyslexia, and more. Here’s our top pick!

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Text to speech in Indonesian

If you’ve searched for text to speech (TTS) tools online before, you’ve probably discovered that English is the most common language, and sometimes the only language, for these apps. Other languages, like Indonesian, are often excluded from these accessibility tools. However, things are now changing.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of text to speech software solutions and e-learning tools in other languages besides English. In fact, you can find a number of TTS apps that offer high-grade speech synthesis and natural-sounding voices in many global languages, including Indonesian.

The rising interest in other languages in the TTS space is due to many factors, but regardless of the reasons why they exist, they are becoming even more useful apps in everyday life. Indonesian text to speech apps can transform the way you approach your academic and business tasks and help you overcome reading difficulties such as dyslexia or visual impairments.

Naturally, TTS tools have their uses outside the classroom and business environments. Content creators, for example, will more than welcome them whenever they need a voiceover for their projects, literature enjoyers who can’t deal with screens will love turning their favorite new books into podcasts, and multitaskers will be able to accomplish so much more by listening to text in their chosen language while they do other tasks.

Customize your narration with Speechify’s text to speech tool

No matter whether you’re learning a new language, getting back into reading after a long time, or trying to maximize your work efficiency, TTS programs will help you immensely. They will let you create your own learning material, narrate your e-mails and web pages, and so much more.

However, depending on the quality of the software you’re dealing with, the process may or may not be so pleasurable. Fortunately, Speechify, a sophisticated TTS solution and voice generator, is here to make your life easier—especially if you need test to speech for the Indonesian language.

Speechify features countless customization options that will let you not only turn text into audio files (including WAV and MP3), but also edit the voice and turn it into the audiobook or podcast of your dreams! The best part? It features only realistic voices with a plethora of accents and voice tones that will put all other TTS solutions to shame.

When it comes to Indonesian, Speechify can produce natural-sounding Indonesian voices with an authentic Indonesian accent. While there are of course over 700 indigenous local languages to the Indonesian islands, such as Javanese and Sundanese, not every variety can be properly processed by TTS apps. However, Speechify offers one of the most realistic text to speech for Bahasa Indonesia, which is the official term for the national language of Indonesia.

Lifelike narrator options

Speechify boasts numerous natural-sounding voices as well as voice style and voice tone options for you to play around with. No matter the kind of content you’re making or the text you need narrated, the end product will sound natural and flow seamlessly. The text to speech voices may be synthetic speech, but you’d be surprised how much they sound like a real human narrator.

If you’re looking to experiment and take your voiceovers to a new level, you’ll certainly welcome Speechify’s celebrity options. Want Arnold Schwarzenegger to read your e-mails while you sip your morning coffee? Speechify can do that for you.

Editable pitch, speed, and emphasis

Natural languages are living things, and they vary from speaker to speaker. So whenever you’re exposed to language, there’s plenty of variety for your brain to process and absorb. Of course, we’re not only talking about different realizations of phonemes and idiolectic quirks we all bring to the linguistic table. There are also accents, dialectical variations, and various suprasegmental factors that make language what it is.

Speechify lets you tune all of it. It lets you choose male and female voices, play around and experiment with pitch, change reading speed, make the AI emphasize words, and insert pauses to make you feel like you’re listening to authentic human voices. This includes for Indonesian as well as all other languages that Speechify supports.

Additional languages

We’ve already spoken about languages and how many of them are making a breakthrough in the TTS market. Naturally, Speechify is at the forefront, supporting most of the widely spoken languages in the world. Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese—they are all there, together with many, many other options.

Of course, as we’ve mentioned, languages come in varieties (think British vs American English), so Speechify won’t leave you disappointed in that area either. With lots of accent options you can experiment with in the settings, you’ll be able to create high-quality, effective, and natural-sounding Indonesian voices in no time!  

Create impressive voiceovers with Speechify

Of course, making podcasts and turning your study material into audio files and personalized lectures is not all you can do with Speechify. If you’re a content creator of any kind (YouTuber, animator, you name it), you already know how important it is to make your projects sound good and engaging. Sadly, that’s not always possible with some of the low-end TTS solutions. But, with Speechify, its a piece of cake.

With all of the tuning options it gives you, Speechify is virtually a pro tool packed into a browser extension. It is affordable, easy to use and master, and it will work miracles whenever you need natural-sounding content. This makes Speechify a top choice for content creators or marketing teams whose target audience speaks Indonesian.

Furthermore, many people appreciate the fact that Speechify is so versatile. Namely, it works on all platforms (PC, Mac, mobile) and supports most major operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS), so you won’t have to worry about syncing your progress cross-platform or losing track of your work when you’re on the go.


Is VoiceMaker free?

VoiceMaker is a free-to-use online text to speech conversion tool you can use directly in your browser. VoiceMaker works based on Neural TTS (NTTS) and Standered TTS Engines to create high-quality audio output, and with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) working behind the scenes, we can transform the way TTS solutions operate and convert text into authentic, human-like AI voices.

However, the best free text to speech app is Speechify, which supports many languages besides English, and its natural-sounding voices are powered by a sophisticated API. Speechify has a free version with many great features, as well as a premium version that unlocks even more functionality.

What is Narakeet?

Narakeet is a hefty TTS video maker tool. It is an online service you can access via the website to create quality content quickly and with no fuss. It supports over 70 languages and over 400 different voices.

Of course, for the most natural-sounding voices in Indonesian or any language, we recommend Speechify above all else.

How do I add language to text to speech?

Adding a language is simple. For Android, for example, all you need to do is scroll down and find the Screen Readers section, and then tap on the text to speech output option. Then, tap Select Language and choose which one you want to use. To change the voice, go to Settings (the icon is next to the Preferred Engine button).

With Speechify, all of the text to speech languages come preloaded with the program.

How do I use TikTok text to speech?

To use text to speech on TikTok, tap the Text button while you’re editing your videos. Then, type in the caption you want to be read, and tap the Speech icon. Then, choose whatever voice option catches your eye, and voila—you’re done. You can also use Speechify to create more customized voices for your TikTok videos.

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