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Wattpad text to speech and Audio Stories

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Wattpad text-to-speech and Audio Stories are assistive technology features that allow you to listen to your favorite Wattpad stories instead of reading them.

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Wattpad text-to-speech and Audio Stories  

If you’re an avid reader who particularly enjoys fanfiction, you might be curious about Wattpad text-to-speech (or TTS) through Audio Stories to get more out of your reading and listening experience. 

Do you continuously lack time to read your favorite fanfics? Reading takes a lot of time. Sometimes we get so into it that it eats our entire days. Well, the new assistive text-to-speech technology might solve that. 

Text-to-speech and audio stories can solve this problem for you by allowing you to listen to your favorite short stories and other work created by Wattpad writers.

What is Wattpad text-to-speech, and how does it work?

Wattpad is an online writing community. It’s a social storytelling platform that serves millions of readers and writers and is a fanfiction Mecca. 

On Wattpad, you’ll easily find stories created by Wattpad writers starring your favorite TV show, Netflix, book, and anime characters, as well as stories with K-pop idols (such as BTS). 

Avid Wattpaders often follow Wattpad stories in the making and wait on new installments as the writer publishes them. This creates a sense of community and closeness, which was the entire point of the platform.

After all, Wattpad was created to make people’s writing more accessible to everyone. 

Back in 2006, when it was created, people couldn’t rely on the powers of TikTok and other social media to get the word out about their passion projects. There were no social media trends and hashtags back then. 

So, young adults and beginner writers could only rely on word of mouth to ensure their fanfics and other works of fiction reached an audience. That changed with Wattpad. Today, Wattpad writers can reach thousands if not millions of people and easily communicate with them.

The whole point of Wattpad was accessibility, which is why the platform continually improves its functionality and features.

One of the main features that Wattpad utilizes in order to make the platform more accessible is TTS. This screen reader function caters to the readership with visual and other such impairments who might not be able to enjoy the stories otherwise. 

Text-to-speech and audio stories are features that read digital text out loud. They allow everyone to read stories in a way that suits them the best!

How can I use Wattpad text-to-speech to improve my reading experience?

Wattpad text-to-speech relies on screen reader technology. Screen readers are programs read digital text out loud. This makes text easier to consume and more accessible.

Text-to-speech turns any Wattpad story into an audiobook, meaning you can enjoy all Wattpad stories, fanfiction, science fiction, teen-fiction works, and more just like you would regular audiobooks and podcasts on Amazon or any other platform you use.

It’s perfect for people with dyslexia or visual impairments, as well as for people who like to multitask while listening to stories!

What are some limitations of using Wattpad text-to-speech?

Although admirable and helpful, the Wattpad TTS feature isn’t perfect. The text that’s read out loud often sounds unnatural, which can ruin the reading experience. 

Of course, Wattpad TTS and audio stories feature is still helpful. However, it’s still in its beta stage, so to speak. The feature does not provide any customization. This means that writers can’t customize how their text sounds when the screen readers read it out loud, and readers can’t customize the voice they want to hear from their side, either.

Speechify makes reading fanfics easy

If you’re looking for a solution that will make your reading experience enjoyable (rather than cringe-worthy), then Speechify is the app for you! It can read your books, stories, emails, and even text messages to you.

Speechify is a text-to-speech reader that was initially created to help people with dyslexia. However, readers of all kinds simply have flocked to Speechify as the leading TTS app.

Designed to not only make reading easier but also maximize your time and boost productivity, Speechify will make reading more accessible to you. The Wattpad stories you love will turn into audiobooks that sound like professional audio recordings. With natural-sounding voices and features that let you control the speed, cadence, and formatting, Speechify offers a stellar user experience.

Speechify is a text-to-speech app that’s also compatible with any device. It doesn’t matter if you have an Android smartphone or iOS, or if you like to enjoy your young adult science fiction on your MacBook or PC. Speechify will work on any gadget you have, and you can get it in any app store. You can also sync your account across all devices for a seamless listening experience.

Customizable and easy to use

Speechify has an intuitive AI. That means that anyone can use it. What’s more, you can use it right away on your iPhone, Android phone, or computer! Speechify also has web browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and more.

You don’t need elaborate explanations in order to figure out how the app works. Once you download the app to your phone or install an extension on your browser, you’ll instantly be able to use Speechify. 

As soon as you turn Speechify on after installation, you’ll see the stark difference between this TTS tool and other ones, like the Wattpad audio story feature. The quality of the reading voices is so lifelike that you’ll think a real person is reading your stories to you. All the text you read on Speechify will sound as if your favorite podcaster read it!

Customization options include languages, voice types, and reading speed. You can choose between four different reading speeds, which is an excellent feature for those who have turned to TTS tools to boost their productivity. You can fly through your favorite fanfics and stories much faster—and while doing other things at the same time!

You can also use various shortcuts to make your Speechify experience even better


How do you listen to audio on Wattpad?

To start using the TTS technology on Wattpad, all you have to do is find a story that has a text-to-speech tag. At the very top of the page you clicked on, you’ll see a control panel that has a Play button. Simply click on it, and the audio story will begin. Aside from starting and pausing the story, you can also skip ten seconds forward or backward.

For a higher-quality audio experience on Wattpad, we recommend using Speechify for its customization options and natural-sounding voices.

What is the difference between a Wattpad tex-to-speech and a Wattpad Audio Story?

Even though they sound like two different features, Wattpad TTS and Audio Stories are the same. Or, better said, Audio Stories are those Wattpad stories that have a text-to-speech option. These stories can be read out loud via the TTS tool. That means they are easily accessible to everyone (even people with reading difficulties and visual impairments) and more convenient for consumption.

What does text-to-speech mean?

The clue is in the name! Text-to-speech refers to the technology that reads out written text out loud. This assistive technology makes the lives of people with dyslexia and visual impairments easier. Speechify is one of the world’s most popular text-to-speech apps available today.

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