Audible vs. Scribd: What you need to know

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By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Audible on September 18, 2022
Find out what you need to know for Audible vs. Scribd in our comparison of these audiobook subscription services.

    Audible vs. Scribd: What you need to know in 2023

    Listening to content instead of reading it is much faster when learning, multitasking, or when you’re short on time to get your dose of entertainment. But which platform is best for you, and how can you get your hands on the best narrated voices?

    Scribd vs. Audible summary

    Scribd and Audible are two popular audiobook platforms with audiobook subscription services. While their customer bases intersect in some areas, the platforms are different enough that some users can choose one over the other without looking back.

    3 reasons why Audible is better than Scribd

    Scribd vs. Audible is no debate when it comes to audiobook ownership. Audible gives users the ownership of the books, while Scribd only lets people rent from its audiobook library. Even if users end their Audible subscriptions, they still keep the books they purchased after the subscription ends.

    Another reason why Audible is better than Scribd is the library size. Audible has a larger number of books available for audiobook listeners, especially the most popular books.

    The final reason why Audible might be a better choice is audio quality. Streaming at 64 kbps offers superior clarity, while Scribd only supports 32 kbps streaming.

    3 reasons why Scribd is better than Audible

    There are reasons to choose Scribd over Audible. First, the Scribd subscription is cheaper and perhaps more convenient for people with limited time to listen to audiobooks.

    Secondly, Scribd shares its eBook library, which users can turn into audiobooks with text to speech software. In addition, Scribd is a multi-content platform with documents, magazines, and sheet music, and other exclusive content that Audible doesn’t have.

    Scribd vs. Audible product comparison

    Both platforms offer audiobooks with decent audio quality. While Audible has a larger collection, the Scribd library pulls ahead with more content variety.

    Users can find popular podcasts on either platform.

    Library and audio quality

    Thanks to its higher market share and larger customer base, Audible is the first platform to receive bestsellers and new books. Popular titles make their way to Scribd later, and one can argue that the platform has much older titles than Audible. Their selection of audiobooks is comparable, with over 300,000 Audible and Scribd audiobooks to choose from.

    The 64 kbps bitrate is available for all audiobooks and podcasts on Audible. Scribd uses a 32 kbps bitrate stream. Theoretically, the difference isn’t noticeable on regular speakers. However, you will notice it with a pair of high-quality headphones, earbuds, and desktop speakers. Additionally, you can listen to audiobooks from both Scribd and Audible offline after downloading your selected titles.

    Scribd vs. Audible apps and devices comparison

    Both audiobook platforms have mobile apps with Android and Apple compatibility. Users can also launch Scribd and Audible in their browsers and listen to their favorite content.

    However, the Audiobook service that takes the win is Audible. Regarding devices, Audible delivers seamless compatibility with Kindle, Fire TV, and Alexa. Scribd offers compatibility with mobile devices, Mac, and PC.

    Scribd vs. Audible customer service comparison

    Audible has a vast customer service department for a simple reason: The audiobook platform lets users buy books. Therefore, they have products to return.

    A Scribd membership lets users rent content, so there’s less need for customer service.

    Audible comes with phone and chat customer support and the standard email service. Furthermore, it has a one-year return policy on books.

    Scribd vs. Audible pricing comparison

    Scribd pricing

    Scribd costs $11.99/month and comes with a 30-day free trial. This monthly fee gives subscribers access to Scribd’s extensive library of audiobooks and e-books, as well as magazine and news articles. You can sign up for the subscription on the Scribd website.

    Audible pricing

    Audible offers two different membership plans, Audible Plus at $7.95/month and Audible Premium Plus at $14.95/month. Both come with 30-day free trials. With them, you get access to the entire Audible book library, which includes Audible Originals, audiobooks, sleep tracks, meditation programs, and podcasts. The Audible Premium Plus plan includes access to everything from the Audible Plus catalog, in addition to one title per month from an extended selection of best sellers and new releases that you are allowed to keep.

    Scribd review summary

    Some users call Scribd the Netflix of audiobook platforms due to its business model of licensing content and its flat-rate monthly subscription for unlimited access to its collection.

    It’s important to understand that unlimited listening is a massive perk compared to platforms that limit users to one or two books per month.

    Of course, popular titles are harder to come by and might receive Scribd’s throttling treatment.

    Scribd—Key features and benefits

    Scribd has some compelling features and benefits:

    • Unlimited audiobook streams
    • Affordable membership
    • Access to any title in the collection
    • 32 kbps audio
    • Varied content with magazines, ebooks, and podcasts

    Customer service and return policy

    Because there’s nothing to return, Scribd doesn’t have a return policy. However, it still offers email-based customer service to users.

    Scribd—A good collection of the written word & music

    Although Scribd isn’t the first platform to list bestsellers, it does contain various types of content compared to some of its competitors:

    • Books
    • Audiobooks
    • Magazines
    • Sheet music
    • Documents

    Scribd app and device compatibility

    The platform works well on Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and in web browsers. It lacks compatibility with smart speakers and TVs.

    At the same time, users can control playback speed, take notes, set a timer, create bookmarks, and even share content.

    Audible review summary

    Audible has received high praise in the audiobook industry for its collection and high-quality audio. It gets some of the best books on the market much earlier than similar platforms.

    As a bonus, ending the subscription doesn’t restrict a person’s access to their account. They can still log in and listen to owned Audible audiobooks.

    Audible content and quality

    Audible has over 200,000 titles in its library, with many bestsellers, podcasts, and more. Even its own content has grown over the years.

    Audible Originals contains Audible premium content with a runtime of over 11 hours. The Audible Originals Podcasts also run for over seven hours.

    Members get treated to big names like Alex Callister, Stephen Fry, and many more stars.

    Audio quality

    Audible delivers twice the audio quality over Scribd at 64 kbps, but you can choose between the Enhanced and “Format 4” formats. The former has minimal compression and better clarity, while the latter takes less space and works well for downloads.

    Audible customer service and returns policy

    Members can return any book within one year of buying it on Audible. The refund process is simple and doesn’t require going through customer support.

    When it comes to technical issues and other problems, users can reach out via email, chat, and phone.

    Audible app and device compatibility

    Audible works on almost everything from iOS to Android, PCs, smart TVs, and Amazon Alexa.

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