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Find out why you may need an Australian accent generator, what to use, and how an Aussie voiceover can help your projects.

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Australian accent generator

The American English accent is arguably the most commonly used in video content. However, its widespread use doesn’t necessarily make it ideal. Content needs variety and some accents are more engaging than others when targeting specific audiences.

Maybe your new project can benefit from an Australian accent. Naturally, hiring a voice actor or asking an Australian person to narrate a video can seem like easy ways to get an Australian voiceover. Although, not everyone knows someone from Australia or can afford a voice artist.

Fortunately, you can create Australian voices with the right Australian accent generator. Here’s why this distinct accent might resonate with your audience and what tools you can use to make realistic voiceovers.

Why do people like the Australian accent?

According to a survey, men and women find the Australian accent sexy. The dating website polled over 2,000 men and women in the U.S. about accents they found attractive. Although the Australian accent wasn’t among the top three choices for either gender, it found its way on both lists.

This shouldn’t surprise many people. Hollywood has no shortage of Australian actors and singers. For example, big screen stars like Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, and others carry the torch for the Australian accent.

Some believe that accents can trick people’s minds and transport them to exotic places, thus making speakers more intriguing. So, if you must use a different accent in your audio and video projects, why not go with one from the Land Down Under?

The elements of a good Australian accent

The Aussie accent carries distinct features. If you want to generate a male or female voice with a believable Australian accent, the generator should be able to nail those characteristics, which include:

  • Soft pronunciation of “r.” The “r” sound doesn’t have the same heavy use in mainstream American and British accents. It’s one of the most distinctive Aussie accent features and is particularly noticeable when “r” is the last consonant in a word.

  • Heavy on the vowels. While American English has 16 vowels, Australian English has 20, similar to British English. The reason for this is an Aussie tendency to extend vowel durations, particularly on long vowel sounds.

  • Inflection and intonation. It’s common for native Aussie speakers to use different intonation and inflection when ending sentences. It often makes statements feel more similar to questions.

  • Deleted consonants. Another accent-defining habit is deleting consonants from words and shortening them.

The Australian accent isn’t easy to replicate even by native British English speakers, let alone someone with an American accent. Just because it’s easy for Aussies to replicate American accents doesn’t mean the reverse applies.

Australian accent generators to try

Due to the complexity of Australian accents, it’s important to pick a reliable generator.


ResponsiveVoice is a text to speech app supported on most platforms like Android, iOS, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Microsoft Windows, etc. The app prides itself on replicating male and female voices from Australia and hits it particularly well with the female accent.

People can use ResponsiveVoice to read digital text in an accent familiar to them or create audio tracks to add as voiceovers. In addition, ResponsiveVoice lets people embed the speech synthesis app into their personal and professional websites.


What if you want to take a stab at doing an Australian accent yourself? In that case, you may not need a voice generator capable of replicating accents. But you may still need a high-quality accent generator to know where to put the right emphasis on words. Accenterator is an exciting tool.

The free, online accent translator can translate entire phrases from an English accent to an Aussie one. You can type or copy-paste text in English and the app translates the sentence to as close to an Aussie pronunciation as possible. This text conversion gives key phonetic clues on how to speak the same words and sound Australian.


If you want to generate speech in an Aussie accent directly, TTSMP3 can help. The online voice generator can pronounce up to 3,000 characters in a single pass. You can listen to the text in an Australian accent online or download the track as an MP3 file.

However, that’s not the best part. The text box allows users to customize the speech generation. You can change the speed and pitch, emphasize specific words, add breaks, and even designate multiple speakers. You don’t even need advanced HTML knowledge to do this. Additionally, given the limited selection of voices and accents, customization is crucial for creating unique and compelling narrations.


Speechify is a multi-purpose text to speech (TTS) reader. The app generates natural-sounding voices using artificial intelligence and machine-learning-powered speech synthesis. Also, it can convert almost any text into realistic voiceovers with proper pronunciation, intonation, cadence, etc.

The app supports multiple languages, including various accents. It can quickly generate narrations for written content that sound Australian. And unlike similar voice and accent generators, Speechify emphasizes clarity and accuracy and allows downloading in multiple audio file formats like MP3 and WAV files.

Create Aussie accents with Speechify

Speechify has some of the best text to speech voices and realistic accents. If you want to transform an Australian English text with Australian slang into a voiceover for YouTube videos, Speechify’s premium voices are the way to go.

Whether making podcasts, YouTube videos, eLearning materials, self-publishing audiobooks for Amazon, or anything else, Speechify can generate the voice you need. Try Speechify for free to sample its premium voices and convincing Aussie accent.


How many Australian accents are there?

The Australian English language has three accents, according to many linguists. The accents are broad, general, cultivated, or posh. However, the differences between them are barely noticeable to non-native speakers.

What other accents and languages does Speechify have?

The Speechify AI voices collection contains other accents and languages like Polish, Italian, Arabic,  Spanish, Vietnamese, etc.

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