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Best alternatives to Animaker

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Discover the best alternatives to Animaker for creating stunning 3D animations and high-quality videos.

Audio-video content gets tons of hits, whether it’s YouTube shorts, sales videos, eLearning materials, etc. But animations are increasingly popular because they allow creative types to go wild and introduce stunning visual effects and transitions for a fraction of the cost of live-action productions.

You can use animations to make tutorials, intros, games, educational materials, informative slideshows, and various other types of content for any industry. However, you must use the best animation software to get high-quality content. With that in mind, Animaker is one of the tools with the highest usage rate among professional and amateur animators. This article goes over the service and some of its best alternatives.

What is Animaker?

Animaker is an animation video-making platform designed for ease of use and a wide range of users. It can help anyone, from freelancers to big corporations, to create stunning animations, videos, and other creative live-action content.

The platform distinguishes itself through a clean and organized interface. Its drag-and-drop editor takes the complexity out of creating animations and lets all users intuitively discover how to mix and match elements.

Animaker also has a fast video asset library with stock images, videos, props, sound effects, fully animated characters, etc. To help users speed up their creative process, Animaker offers over 1,000 video templates.

For example, you can use templates for YouTube tutorials, business presentations, sales videos, etc.

The cloud-based platform has other neat features like character creation. It supports characters with many customizable facial features and accessories that create unique 3D animations. The platform even enables users to use auto lip-sync to take voiceover video content to a new level.

In addition, Animaker has many royalty-free assets, including sound effects and music tracks. So whether you’re working with a team or by yourself, creative Animaker projects can be as straightforward or complex as you need them. You also won’t have to worry about watermarks and similar copyright issues.

Best Animaker alternatives

Of course, the 2014-launched tool isn’t the only one of its kind in the world of animation software. Here are some of the best Animaker alternatives to consider if you don’t like its templates, pricing, functionality, or editing tools.


Blender is a crowd-favorite among 3D creation platforms. It can create animations, use motion tracking, and has advanced video editing features.

The Blender suite isn’t the most user-friendly tool for beginners. However, it can produce high-quality video content for many projects.

Many video creators and animation specialists use the Blender animation tool for its applications in video game design.


If the open-source Blender is too complex to use, Vyond is an excellent alternative. The web-based video editor has all the tools and assets you need to create quality animated videos for eLearning purposes, online tutorials, and other projects requiring dynamic videos.

Its whiteboard animations enable users to create GIFs and MP4 videos with just a few clicks. Moreover, Vyond allows designers to build templates from scratch for their custom slideshows and infographics. And thanks to its intuitive user experience, it won’t require advanced knowledge.


Canva isn’t a dedicated video maker like Animaker. But that doesn’t make it any less efficient for design projects. The platform makes creating animated videos or collages from scratch or existing templates easy.

Users can change animations in a few ways, like adjusting fonts, colors, and text. To simplify the process, Canva offers a drag-and-drop editor and thousands of templates for a wide range of projects. It’s one of the best Animaker alternatives for designers who need a good balance between static imagery and animations in their projects.

Raw Shorts

The Raw Shorts platform takes a different approach to graphic design, video-making, and graphic design. It’s a newcomer to the scene and uses text-to-video combined with artificial intelligence to streamline creative projects.

It does a good job of generating explainer videos, tutorials, and marketing content from user-added video scripts. Raw Shorts can even add narrations to videos and offers tons of charts and other audio and video assets. While it needs further development, it’s an affordable solution for quickly generating complex animated content.


Another alternative to Animaker is Moovly. It’s a popular tool for making multimedia content for small businesses and corporations. It uses a standard drag-and-drop interface and an extensive media library to help users get started on their projects.

The platform comes with video creation and animation tools and enables working with timelines to streamline the workload. In addition, the software exports files in multiple formats, including smartphone-friendly video resolutions. You can make use of existing assets or add custom sounds, clips, and images to personalize your work.

Use Speechify as the ideal narration tool for your animations

Creating video content is a great way to gain brand visibility, connect with audiences, or promote companies. But the visual aspect is only one part of what makes videos amazing. Your content needs audio to elevate transitions and animated characters to new levels.

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The service supports multiple languages, accents, and female and male voices, and it can even read text aloud from print mediums and images. Use it on AndroidMac, Windows, and any platform you want. Speechify lets you create the highest-quality audio content and export it in various formats for your online videos.

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What is the best video editing software?

Many platforms battle for supremacy in the video editing niche. Animaker, Adobe, Renderforest, and qualify as top choices. But the ease of use of Animaker makes it one of the strongest contenders.

Is Animaker better than Powtoon?

Animaker is more versatile than Powtoon. And despite the latter’s affordability, Animaker remains a more solid choice for animations and videos.

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