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Best Harlan Coben audiobooks

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Where should you start with Harlan Coben Books? With so many options, it’s hard to know where you should start. We have listed his top five books along with what they are about and the reviews from the public and critics.

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Best Harlan Coben Audiobooks

You may have already heard of Harlan Coben; he is the number 1 New York Times author of over thirty novels. He has also created and produced many Netflix TV series. Harlan’s books include many bestsellers like “The boy from the woods,” “No second chance,” “Just One Look,” “Unabridged,” “Dealbreaker,” “The Stranger,” and so many others.

About Harlan Coben

Harlan was born in Newark, New Jersey, with his wife, who’s a pediatrician, and their four children. When Harlan first started writing, he wrote exclusively about a sports agent Myron Bolitar. Readers and critics alike loved the series. It was said to be a page-turner not to be put down with a hint of comedy that all related to. After his seventh book in the series, he started having big ideas that didn’t fit the Myron Bolitar series. He created something new! His book “TELL NO ONE” became the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling and the most decorated thriller of the year.

Genre of writing

Harlan Coben is an American mystery and thriller writer. His books are beloved by many, not just in the U.S. but internationally as well. Some consider his books “Fool Me Once” and “The Woods” to be some of his best works. He even made a second Bolitar series. The “Mickey Bolitar series. Harlan Coben was the first writer in over a decade to be invited to write fiction for the New York Times op-ed page. He has over 75 million books in print worldwide, and so many are being read online as well. He has books published in 45 languages so they can be read around the world.


Top 5 Harlan Coben Audiobooks

Where should you start with Harlan Coben Books? With so many options, it’s hard to know where you should start. We have done some of the hard work for you in your decision-making. We have listed his top five books along with what they are about and the reviews from the public and critics. While any of his novels would be a great choice, these five books are sure to grab your attention and suck you into the world created. Make sure you add them to your wishlist.

Gone for Good

“Gone for Good” was Harlan’s fourth stand-alone novel. It was published in April 2002. You can find it at your public library, Barnes & Nobel, or grab an ebook on Amazon, Kindle, Audible, Indiebound, Powells, or iBooks. “Gone for Good” was named a New York Times international bestseller.

If you’re a romance or drama reader, then “Gone for Good” is a book you won’t want to miss. It’s a tale about a man Will Klien searching for his brother, who was his hero when they were children. The search for his brother spirals as a girl Will once loved is found brutally murdered in her family home, and his brother is the prime suspect. Will searches for his brother, a killer, and  for the truth. It’s a story of love, not just love between lovers but between friends and family members. “Gone for Good” is filled with suspense; your heart will flutter.  You can find a small excerpt on as well as a short audiobook sample. You won’t want to put his book down, and with an audiobook, you won’t have to. You can listen while you drive, clean, jog, or cook!

The general consensus is that” Gone for Good” is a great book and a must-read for thriller, mystery, and romance enthusiasts. USA Today said that “the story had more twists and turns than an amusement park.” A reader from the Dayton Daily News said, “The plot thickens with every page, and the characters are never what they seem. It’s safe to say that this is a story that gets better with every page.

Tell No One

Harlan Coben’s first stand-alone book, “Tell No One” was an instant sensation and international bestseller. Before this book, Harlan Coben was known for his books about the sports agent Myron Bolitar. The series was already a best-selling series, and “Tell No One” did not disappoint his fans. It was published in June 2001 after Harlan had an idea that didn’t fit the Agent Bolitar series. You can find it at your local library, Barnes & Noble, and you may even find it at your local bookstore. This book was an instant hit and a favorite of fans. You can also grab an ebook copy on Amazon, Kindle, Indiebound, Books a Million, or iBooks.

“Tell No One” is a novel of betrayal, redemption, love, and loss. The story starts with Dr. David Beck and his wife celebrating the anniversary of their first kiss. Tragedy strikes when his wife, Elizabeth, is abducted, brutally murdered, and left in a ditch. Dr. Beck never truly recovers from his loss. For eight years, he has lived with his loss, trying to cope and helping others as a pediatrician in the inner city. On the eighth anniversary of his loss, his life is turned upside down when two more bodies are found at the same place where Elizabeth went missing. Then he receives a disturbing email containing information that only Elizabeth could know and a rendezvous point for the next day. 

Now I won’t spoil the fun by telling you what comes next. You can find a small excerpt and audio sample on The reviews for “Tell No One” rave about the character plot and the depth of the characters themselves. One reader said, “I don’t remember the last time I was so driven to finish a book.” It’s unanimous with readers everywhere that “Tell No One” is a sensation read. You can also catch the film “Tell No One” based on the novel and released in 2006.


Caught is one of Harlan Coben’s more recent novels, published in 2010. It’s available in the U.S. and the UK. This novel’s subject is a little different than his others and could be triggering for some. This book may be a little harder to acquire locally, but it can be found on Amazon and on Audible. 

It’s a story filled with emotion, loss, guilt, grief, and forgiveness. Wendy Tynes is a reporter who has a greater mission. A mission to bring down sexual predators. She works with local police on her news program “Caught in the Act.”

When a highschool student Haley Mcwaid goes missing, the community is in shock. Haley is the captain of her lacrosse team and is headed off to college. She has loving parents and is a jewel in her community. So when her mother wakes up one morning and realizes she hasn’t come home, the community is sent reeling as time goes on with no word and no new leads. 

With this book, Coben took the opportunity to write about a real problem and to make people think. Everyone agrees he did just that.

The Woods

Published in April 2007 Harlen Coben’s “The Woods is a story about family loyalty and the dark secrets that some families carry with them. This thriller is full of suspense and mystery. Four teenagers go into the woods; two are found dead, and two have gone missing, never seen or heard from. This story follows our main character, whose sister was one of the missing teens. We follow him as he tries to piece together the mystery, always feeling like he’s missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. The plot twists and the buried secrets all come to life as the main character look for his long-lost sister. This plot makes it a book that’s hard to put down.

This book can be found in most bookstores as well as on Amazon, Kindle and iBooks, and many other places where ebooks are available. “The Woods” was recreated on Netflix; the original story was changed a bit and given Polish history. So if you love watching as much as you love reading, then “The Woods” on Netflix would be a great option to see this story come to life. “The Woods” has been called one of Coben’s most compelling stories.

Fool Me Once

“Fool me Once” is another one of Coben’s novels to be turned into an AMC series, so if this plot sounds interesting, you can watch it as well as read it. Once again, Harlan Coben creates a world that no one can resist. “Fool Me Once” was published in March 2016. It follows the story of Maya, a special ops pilot whose husband recently died. He didn’t just die, though; he was murdered. Only two weeks after the murder, while Maya is at work, she sees her two-year-old daughter on her nanny cam playing with her recently deceased husband.

It’s a mystery thriller you won’t be able to put down. With this book, Harlan Coben proved that he’s not running out of great ideas anytime soon. With over a decade of international bestsellers under his belt, he is writing and producing multiple Netflix series; Harlan Coben never disappoints his readers. Every book is a live wire you won’t want to miss.


Listen to the Best Harlan Coben Audiobooks with Speechify

You may think that reading is only for certain people, but that’s not the case anymore; with so many text-to-speech apps, you can listen to any book you like, just like you would a podcast. While these five books are great, Harlan Coben has so many options to choose from, “Lockwood,” “Don’t let go,” “One false move,” “Fade away,” “Missing you,” “Run away,” “Stay close.” For people who have reading limitations or vision problems, it’s easier than ever to listen to your books instead of all the page-turning, struggling to understand, and eye strain that can come with reading for long periods of time.

How to get Speechify

Speechify is available on phones and iPads; you can get it as a chrome extension on your computer. There is a free plan that comes with a premium trial for free. Speechify has some of the best high-quality AI voices to choose from. With Harlan, books like “Hold Tight,” “The Innocent,” “Play dead,” and “Stay Close” are narrated to you by Scott Brick. If you want to listen to a narration by Steven Weber, you can choose from books like “Wilde” and “Final detail.” With Speechify, you can turn any paperback books you already have into ebooks. You simply have to scene the pages, set your customizations, and start listening.

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