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As a subscription service, Audible is costly for audiobooks but there are ways to save some money while keeping your subscription.

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Get Audible for Free

Do you love to read but just cannot find the time? Then listen to a book! Audible, a subscription audiobook service, offers a vast array of content in the spoken word, including their own original content. Owned by Amazon, Audible offers two membership plans – Premium and Premium Plus but all readers can sample the service for a 30-day free trial. Amazon Prime Account holders have their own unique opportunity too!

What is Audible

Audible is a subscription-based audio content service. The platform offers podcasts, audiobooks, and original content, including best sellers and new releases. In order to purchase content, some readers have access to a specific number of monthly credits depending on their membership level. Once they use their allotted Audible credits, readers can buy more content at discounted prices until their credits renew. 

Readers can access their content through the Audible app or Audio content through Audible is available on Alexa-enabled devices, Kindles, and any mobile iOS or Android device. Despite the accessibility to audiobooks, readers cannot use Audible as a text-to-speech app. Unlike other TTS apps, like Speechify, Audible only allows users to listen to content specifically on their platform. 

How Audible works

Audible is an audiobook reader app with a built-in library. After the subscriber downloads the Audible app, which is Apple iOS, Windows, and Android compatible, they can easily navigate or search a variety of titles. Audible can be used on a desktop or mobile device allowing users to access their content from various locations. Depending on their membership level, users receive an Audible credit to purchase titles for download or streaming accessibility directly from the app. If users download audiobooks, they are available to listen offline. All Audible audiobooks can be accessed through a desktop or mobile device.

Benefits of Audible

Amazon Audible has a few helpful benefits for subscribers and minor additional features for Amazon Prime users. 

As an Amazon Prime subscriber, each user has access to two Premium titles for free from the Audible library during their 30-day free trial. Both titles will always be in the Prime subscriber’s library, even if they decide to cancel their Audible subscription after the free trial. The additional title credit is the only added benefit for Amazon Prime members at this time.

Every user has access to a variety of audiobooks, podcasts, sleep tracks, and meditation programs, as well as original Amazon content starting at only $7.95 per month. If they decide to upgrade to Audible Premium Plus membership, users receive 1 monthly credit to use in the Audible library while Amazon Prime members get two credits monthly. Premium Plus costs $14.95 per month but with the additional monthly credit.

Audible has narration available in partnership with Kindle Whispersync for Voice technology through the app as well. With a few clicks, Audible can read using the app’s text-to-speech capabilities. Users need to own the Kindle ebook and its audiobook companion from the Audible library as well. For example, owning the Kindle ebook does not guarantee that the reader would be able to listen to the ebook. They would have to be sure to purchase and download the companion audiobook as well. 

Save money

As a subscription service, Audible is costly for audiobooks but there are ways to save some money while keeping your subscription. Users can even begin the cancellation process to get a coupon or money off their next purchase. Members never pay full price saving up to 30% off the list price, as compared to non-members.

Subscribers can also look at their Kindle library to determine which books have the option available to upgrade with audio. Some audio companions come free with the Kindle ebook purchase but others are a small cost to the reader. A helpful option, the user can then switch between reading and listening to the book on their Kindle with Whispersync technology. 

Another option within the Audible app is to keep a wishlist. When users add titles to their wishlist, Audible will notify the subscriber when the book goes on sale. 

Another way to save money without even signing up for Audible is to sign up for their daily deal emails. Audible offers premium titles at significantly reduced prices and sometimes free on a daily basis. Each day subscribers to the email list receive a detailed explanation of the book as well as other books that might interest them. 

Flexibility and exceptional service

Subscribing to a service without the ability to cancel or being required to pay a fee to cancel often turns users off. Audible does offer cancellation from their free trial or subscription at any time without penalty. They also allow returns of audiobooks or audio content for any reason. Each of these features may impact a user’s decision to subscribe to Audible. 

Once a user subscribes to the service or free trial and an audiobook is purchased, the book remains in the user’s library regardless of membership status. Users can download the book to their devices or stream it directly online. If a subscriber would like to return the book, it can be exchanged or returned for any reason.

Audible membership provides rollover options for monthly credits as well so users have up to a year to purchase a free audiobook with their credits. If subscribers are not enjoying or using the service and they can cancel, they will lose access to those credits in their library but not the books already purchased. 

Convenient listening with the Audible app

While there are great benefits to reading a book, listening can be a convenient option for many readers. It may also be a necessity to listen to audiobooks. Many busy readers or readers with disabilities would like to have a chance to read more and Audible presents that unique opportunity to access Audible Originals, podcasts, or audiobooks. 

For those with limited time, the app provides a convenient option for subscribers to access on mobile devices, including iPhone or Android, while commuting. Subscribers can even access the Audible library from the Amazon Alexa devices while making dinner. 

Audible free trial: how to sign up

Signing up for an Audible account is easy! Simply log on to and sign up. Users will have the option to become an Audible member with a Premium or a Premium Plus subscription. Subscriptions to the service require a credit card which will be charged following the free 30-day trial. 

With the membership, subscribers will have unlimited access to the Plus Catalog. Users have access to all titles in the Plus Catalog as long as their membership is active and the title is in the Catalog. 

As an added bonus for the free trial, Audible will send each subscriber an email prior to the end of their free trial to remind them of its expiration and impending subscription charge. 

Audible free trial: what’s included?

As an audible free trial subscriber users have access to unlimited audiobooks and original spoken word content. Even if the user terminates the membership before the end of the trial they’ll be able to keep, permanently, the one Premium title they chose from the Audible library. 

Amazon allows exchanges of titles users do not want for whatever reason. Every user has access to the wellness programs provided by Audible at no extra charge. The wellness programs include sleep tracks and guided meditation. Wellness programs are included in the free trial as well as the Premium membership. 

Who’s eligible for the Audible free trial?

Everyone is eligible for the Audible free trial! Depending on the level of membership subscribers choose, they’ll have access to more free content after the free trial ends. The only way someone would not be eligible is if they had already signed up for the free trial with the same email. 

Will Audible extend my free trial?

When starting a free trial for Audible, subscribers will need to offer a credit card for payment method after the trial expires. If subscribers choose to renew the subscription after the trial, they do nothing and Audible will automatically charge their card. By cancelling the subscription before the trial ends users will not be charged for their renewal. 

Audible only offers a 30-day free trial at this time but had offered an extended free trial for three months. Periodically Amazon offers extended trial opportunities for Amazon members or non-members, typically for Prime Day or other holiday promotions. Audible discontinued the extended free trial for this year but may again run the promotion in the future. If an extended free trial is important, wait to subscribe until they offer it again.

Get Audible for free without a membership

Audible is available for free without membership by downloading the app or visiting The membership is free for 30 days without penalty for cancellation. Audible will even send a reminder email before the end of the trial period to avoid being charged for the membership fee. 

The free trial enables users to have access to all of the same content as paid subscribers but only for 30 days.

How to access free Audible through Amazon Prime

While Amazon Prime members do have many benefits, a Free Audible membership is not one of them. Any user can access the free trial membership of Audible but a Prime membership can provide access to additional features. For example, if an Amazon Prime member upgrades to Kindle Unlimited, they will also have access to various Kindle ebooks with free audiobooks that are playable in Audible. 

One benefit of being an Amazon account holder when signing up for an Audible trial is the two free credits for audiobooks Prime members receive as opposed to the single credit received by non-Prime members. Both credits can be used for audio content that will permanently remain in the subscriber’s library, even if they do not wish to continue their membership. Content can be purchased at a discounted price for subscribers. 

What are the requirements for free Audible

The only requirement for the Audible free trial is to never have signed up for it before. The subscriber needs access to a compatible device such as iOS, Android, Alexa-enabled, Kindle, Fire, or one of the other options. Once signed up the user can access all of the same features that paid members have for up to 30 days. Most Audible subscribers sign up through the free trial and determine if it is right for their lifestyle. 

What do you get

With the 30-day trial, all members have access to the Audible Plus Catalog of podcasts, original content, and audiobooks. Any content on the Audible Plus catalog is available to listen to without purchase throughout the trial. Audible Plus Catalog has thousands of titles available to any member. Titles are added to the catalog daily, including fiction, non-fiction, best sellers, and new releases. 

Once the subscriber chooses a premium audiobook, they can use the 1 credit available to them to purchase. Even if they decide to cancel the membership, they’ll have permanent access to that title. 

Featured titles for free

Audible features a Daily Deal which offers a select premium title for free or significantly reduced price. Members and non-members can sign up for email reminders about the daily deals. 

As members, the Daily Deal may be free but non-members pay a nominal fee, such as $1.95. Once purchased, the Daily Deal remains available in the subscriber’s library permanently. One day these books may be listed for $9.99 but on Daily Deals, they could be free!

Speechify is better than Audible

Speechify offers opportunities to readers that Audible does not have the capabilities to do. Speechify was created specifically to address accessibility to all readers, regardless of circumstances, to access the written word. Audible does have a tremendous library of content but when it comes to personalization of access, it falls short. Speechify has capabilities that offer accessibility to all readers.

As the main purpose of using any text-to-speech software is to enable access to various texts, Speechify’s simple, intuitive interface allows users to convert any text – ebook, PDF, websites, and even emails into the spoken word. It also offers a wide variety of human-sounding voices in over 30 different languages. Speechify is a mobile and desktop app that allows users to upload any kinds of text content to be read aloud. Speechify also offers a free option where Audible is subscription-based. 

Audible, however, offers the specific text in the audio format which limits its usefulness to readers with disabilities. If a reader has a document or personal email that needs to be read, Speechify is the only answer. Audible does not have the ability to upload and read documents as Speechify does. These limitations of Audible make Speechify a better choice for users looking for a text-to-speech app with capabilities to read any online or digital content.

How to use Speechify

The intuitive nature of Speechify makes downloading it the clear solution to any user’s text-to-speech needs. Speechify capabilities allow users to multitask, improve their reading speed and comprehension as well as allow readers with disabilities to read more easily. 

As a desktop app, it is available as a browser extension for Chrome or Safari which makes it very simple to use to read websites or any online content. On the desktop app, users can upload text, a website link, or a PDF document for Speechify to read. For users looking to organize their content, each additional upload can be cataloged neatly into a folder directly in the app. 

For mobile and tablet users, Speechify can be used on both iOS and Android platforms. One particularly useful tool is that users can easily snap a picture of any document or text they would like read to them and Speechify will read aloud in any voice! The possibilities are endless with Speechify. 

The benefits of Speechify over Audible

When it comes to text-to-speech most users need access to read aloud for various forms of text, not just audiobooks. Speechify provides users of the free platform with access to real human-sounding text-to-speech for all kinds of formats. If a user needs an email or website copy read, they can easily upload the link and listen. Readers can also listen to their favorite ebooks in various formats in a variety of voices and languages. 

The price is competitive with other apps in its category, specifically Audible. Readers can purchase the Premium version for $11.58 billed annually. Even the free version is stacked with premium features including the choice of speed and more than 10 voices. User can access their Speechify accounts from any device, mobile or desktop. 

A significant benefit Speechify offers is the flexibility to read any text document, anywhere, anytime. Speechify users can upload any HTML address into the online browser, even the free edition, and have it read aloud to them. Speechify can convert PDFs, docs, and websites into human-sounding voices with a few simple keystrokes. All of the potential uses are astounding. Think of how much time it would save to upload a weblink and listen to the content while driving to work or working out. But time-saving is not the only benefit of Speechify.

Speechify has a variety of uses beyond time-saving. It is great for anyone with a disability, professionals looking to increase their productivity or anyone in an e-learning setting. Speechify was actually created to assist with reading for people with dyslexia. Converting text to speech helps people with many disabilities read faster and with more fluency and retention.

When learning to read children would benefit from listening while reading themselves. Parents can upload children’s books or other appropriate content and read along with the human-sounding voices of Speechify. Retention is greatly increased when two senses are engaged!

Audible, however, only offers its own specific content in the Audible library. While the price range is similar for both applications, Speechify’s dexterity with various formats proves to be a greater benefit for the text-to-speech of most users. Audible also only offers a 30-day free trial while Speechify provides a free version for users. 


What is Audible?

Audible is an online audiobook subscription service. The platform lets users purchase, download, and listen to audiobooks or other audio content. The library offers audiobooks, podcasts, guided wellness content including meditations, and Audible Original content. 


Can I get Audible for free?

Audible does offer a free trial for new users. The 30-day trial does require users to submit a payment method before accessing the Audible library. All users have access to the Plus Catalog with thousands of titles, including podcasts, audiobooks, Original Content, and wellness programs.


How do I get Audible forever for free?

Audible is a subscription service but users can get a 30-day free trial. User credits are available and after listening to each book, readers can return their audiobook and use their credit to select another. While the user will eventually have to pay the subscription fee, they can access more than one book during their free trial period.


Is Audible free for Prime users?

No, not after the 30-day free trial, Amazon Prime users have to pay the same subscription fees as non-Amazon users. Prime members have access to the additional feature of two monthly credits with the Premium Plus membership plan, while non-Amazon members have access to only 1 Premium selection title.


Is Audible free without membership?

Audible is free for 30 days without membership but will automatically renew at the end of the trial. Audible Plus starts at $7.95 per month following the trial while Premium Plus starts at $14.95 per month. Both membership plans offer access to Audible’s library of audiobooks, podcasts, and original content but Premium Plus members get a credit each month to use toward Premium titles, not included in the Plus membership.

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