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If you are interested in British English text to speech voices, there are plenty of apps you can check out. Here are some of the best options you can find.

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If you are interested in having a British accent voice for your video, there are two ways to approach the situation. You can hire a British voice actor, or simply use one of many text-to-speech apps. 

This can be an excellent way to add high-quality voices, dialogues, narrations, or voiceovers for your videos in just a couple of steps. 

Text to speech for British English

If English is not your native language, you might be tempted to look for new ways to explore content, especially if you are a content creator. You can easily add narration in just a couple of steps based on the transcript you wrote. 

But the key here is to find a text-to-voice tool that will support British English. And fortunately, there are plenty of choices. British and American English versions are one of the most popular options for these tools, so you will get to choose the app you like. 

Text to speech software for British English

Now, based on the app you choose, you will get access to different voice skins (male or female voices), customization options, and others. But the choice of the app will also affect the price. While it is possible to find a free text-to-speech tool, it’s not always the best idea. 

Free versions are usually stripped down when it comes to features and settings, and if you plan on using the app for a while, getting a full version is always a better option. And here are some of the best text-to-speech services you can find that offer British English voices. is an online platform that offers AI voice generation. You can choose between multiple languages, but the quality will vary based on your subscription plan. If you go for the cheapest option, you will still have natural-sounding voices, but offers better versions. 

When it comes to the app itself, it’s easy to use, and it is an excellent choice for content creators, e-learning, and those with reading disabilities. There is also a text-to-speech API you can check out, and Play offers integration with WordPress as well. 


Narakeet is another interesting option you can check out. There are a couple of different tools you can get from this brand, and text-to-speech software is just one of them. You can also get Slides to Video, Markdown to Video, and Automate Video Production.

But if you are interested in TTS only, it is still a great option. The app supports different languages (including UK English), and you can easily save audio files in mp3, wav, or m4a formats. It’s easy to use, and the top-up payment plan is something many will like.


Murf is a tool designed to help people make studio-quality voiceovers in no time. It is also a great option for narration, podcasts, audiobooks, YouTube videos, and so much more. The app offers both quality and versatility, and it is easy to use even without tutorials. 

If you are curious about what Murf has to offer, you can always check out the free demo version. The app can generate ten minutes of audio, which will give you a clear idea of what to expect. And if you like it, you can go for one of the subscription plans. 


While the majority of apps on the list are designed for speech synthesis or voice generation, Synthesia is a tool designed for creating videos. And the text-to-speech part of it is one of many functionalities you can use. 

The program will allow you to easily make videos with your AI avatar that will speak the words written in the script or transcription. And it is a great tool to make explainer videos, ads, and any other type of promo material. 

Naturally, you can select British English as the language, and combine it with the AI avatar you like. 


If you want to go for the best text-to-speech engine you can find today, you should check out Speechify. The app will work on iOS, Android, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and anything else you can imagine. And thanks to the intuitive user interface, it’s easy to use. 

The app also works on any type of text. You can convert PDF, txt, docs, and epub files into AI voice, but Speechify will also work on online text through the Chrome extension. And if you enjoy having a digital library, the app can use files from Audible as well. 

One of the most amazing features that Speechify offers is OCR, which will allow you to convert physical pages to audio as well. If you have any book or text in physical format, Speechify will be able to convert it to a lifelike voice in real time.

Speechify also supports languages such as Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish, Korean, Portuguese, and many others. 


What is the difference between British English and American English?

There are numerous differences between British and American English. Many of the words are spelled differently, but at the same time, words can have different meanings as well. Whether we talk about chips vs crisps or the difference between pants and trousers. 

What is the British accent?

A British accent is British English used in the United Kingdom. The term covers a variety of different accents including Scottish, Scouse, Welsh, Cockney, and many others. But in the majority of cases, people will think of Received Pronunciation or BBC English. 

What do British people sound like?

Great Britain is filled with various accents, and the difference between Scottish and Southern English will be more than noticeable even for people who are not from the United Kingdom. The majority of TTS apps focus on RP, and try to emulate what is known as “Standard.”

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