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Do you want to cancel Google Play Books or need help canceling your book purchase from Google? If you’re seeking these answers, as well, keep reading.

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Cancel Google Play Books

Do you want to cancel Google Play Books? Do you need help canceling your book purchases from Google? Do you wish for a better way to read the books you already have on your shelves? If you’re seeking these answers, as well, keep reading.

What is Google Play Books?

Google Play Books originated from Google Books, a search service, that essentially scans the text of books and articles or any publication in its library. Like a typical web search on Google, when you search Books, items from your query are matched to the content in the digital library within Google Books. These matches are displayed with links in your search results. If the book is DRM-free, out of copyright, or has become part of the public domain you are free to download a copy in PDF format. If the author has granted permission we will display a preview of their copyrighted text, and sometimes an entire copy. 

Once you decide on a book you’d like to read you can tap the “Borrow This Book” link to borrow the book from the Google Books library. If you wish to buy the book you will need to purchase it from Google Play Books. Likewise, if you plan to use Google Books, the service appears to only be available on a web browser at  Even with the limitations, it’s still a good reference to find books and pertinent information quickly.

Google Play Books as we know it today, comes as a preinstalled app on Android devices. The app is designed for Android and IOS devices, but Play Books is also available in your favorite web browser. As far as book collections go, the Play Books store houses one of the largest collections of new releases from best-selling authors, along with everyone’s favorite classics to textbooks. Additionally, Play Books stores the files you upload to the library. Publishing as an author was temporarily paused to improve content management but has since reopened. 

You Can Find Cheaper Options That Are Just As Good

Typically downsides are common with free e-readers and many do not have trending or new releases readily available. This is not the case with Libby. My library, along with many of the country’s public library systems provide this free reading app for Apple and Android mobile devices. Another free option to Google Play Books is Hoopla, it doesn’t have as many new books as Libby but it’s still a good choice and available for Android and IOS. To download the Android version of the apps, log in to the Google Play Store from your Google Play account. On your iPhone or other IOS device like an iPad, visit the app store. As a note, audiobook apps from these free alternatives are not DRM-free. 

Subscription Service Options

There are many subscription book services available but Amazon is probably the most widely recognizable service. Amazon has an enormous selection of books in many genres accessible across the company’s network. Amazon Kindle is a free app that allows you to obtain free, low-cost, and bestseller books. Again, the app is free but not all of the books on the Kindle app are free. If you wish to curb your book reading cost; a monthly subscription investment might be necessary.

Kindle Unlimited can be such an investment. With this service, you will have unlimited access to over two million digital titles at your fingertips. Those titles are best sellers, new releases, beloved classics, and more. Thousands of ebooks with Audible narration are readily available for your listening pleasure. Also included in Kindle Unlimited are magazine subscriptions, and to further expand the features are thousands of titles available from Great on Kindle Books. 

Amazon Prime Reading is not to be forgotten, and it’s available to read on any device, anywhere using the Kindle app. Over a thousand titles are within reach of Prime members with availability from magazines, Kindle singles, books, comics, and more. You’ll always find reading materials with Amazon’s title rotation of fiction and non-fiction, newsstand volumes, and short works. 

Apple Books is another quality option. Originally launched as iBooks, is a book store and audiobook store designed for your IOS device, currently, there isn’t an Android app. Apple Books allows you to read or listen to your favorite titles in one app store app and saves your purchase history similar to the other apps across Apple’s platform. Family sharing is also available with Apple Books for every family member up to 5 people on the account. As long as you read with the same Apple ID, Apple Books will save your progress, track the books you want to read, and allow you to set and see all your reading goals across all your connected devices.

Downpour is an audiobook subscription service offering digital content from many major publishers and Downpour’s parent company Blackstone Audio. It’s very similar to Kobo and Audible because it’s a subscription service, and you get a monthly credit to purchase audiobooks at a discounted price. The Downpour app and subscription plan provide the ability to purchase additional credits and the convenience of digital rental of audiobooks. Renting, however, does not give you ownership of the audiobook. 

Rakuten’s Kobo is a curated collection of ever-expanding book titles designed for reading enthusiasts by fellow reading enthusiasts. It was created with the mission to feel like for favorite corner book store. With over 5 million titles to choose from, including the classics, bestsellers, and even audiobooks, you will find a book or several and are guranteed to fulfill your reading pleasure. Presently Kobo is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Libro fm is a service for purchasing audiobooks while supporting your local bookstore. To participate, you must register for a free account and then select the local bookstore you wish to support. Next, you have the choice of purchasing a monthly subscription service or buying books a la carte at your leisure. With Libro fm, you can listen anywhere and anytime with great additions like a sleep timer and bookmarks to make your listening more productive.

Google Play Books May Not Be Worth The Money

The plus side of Google Play Books is no typical monthly subscription. However, book purchases are full-price (unless you find a legitimate discount code that works), and you can only submit a refund request up to 7 days after purchase. There are many alternative options to purchasing singular books or audiobooks on your digital device. You could always choose one of the low-cost book subscription services or even the free book reader apps like Libby or Hoopla from your local public library.

How To Cancel Your Subscription Today

Google Play Books is a different style of book subscription service. When you buy a book subscription from the play store app, you are getting a subscription to a book series. Upon subscribing to a book series, such as Manga, your account is automatically charged for a book purchase every time a new book in the series is released. 

When you no longer want your book series subscription, it is time to cancel. From your hamburger menu in the Play Store App, choose Payments and Subscriptions. Once in this tab, you will see a list of recurring purchases, and you can decide which you would like to stop. Don’t be alarmed if you did uninstall the app previously and you are still incurring charges. If you delete Google Play Books it does not circumvent previous purchases.

How To Cancel On An Android Device?

To begin the cancellation process with an Android, you must first open Google Play. 

  1. Tap the profile icon in the top right.

  2. Select Payments & Subscriptions.

  3. Next, tap Subscriptions.

  4. Select the subscription you would like to cancel.

  5. Now, you will need to tap Cancel Subscription.

  6. Continue following instructions.


How To Cancel On An Apple Device?

To begin the cancelation process on Apple, you will need to start with the website

  1. First, sign into the Google account from which you bought the subscription.

  2. Next, select Subscriptions, on the left.

  3. Now, tap the subscription you would like to cancel.

  4. Select Manage.

  5. Then, Cancel Subscription.

  6. Finally, when you get a confirmation pop-up select Yes. 

How To Cancel On A Web Browser?

To begin the cancelation process on a web browser like Chrome you will again start with

  1. First, sign into the Google account from which you bought the subscription.

  2. Next, select Subscriptions, on the left.

  3. Now, tap the subscription you would like to cancel.

  4. Select Manage.

  5. Then, Cancel Subscription.

  6. Finally, when you get a confirmation pop-up select, Yes. 

Alternative to Google Play Books-Speechify

Speechify is the #1 mobile or desktop app that allows you to read aloud any pdf text you import in 30+ computer-generated text-to-speech voices. The app’s advanced recognition technology gives Speechify the capability to turn actual books and documents into audio by way of photos. Speechify is not limited to one platform. You can start listening on your iPad and if you want to switch to an Android phone it’s possible!  Next, if you want to transfer your favorite book to Chrome on your computer, it is compatible. Speechify helps you to retain more of what you read, lets you consume your content 2-3x faster, and allows you to listen anytime and anywhere you can take your device.

Speechify gives the listener flexibility and versatility unlike any other app before. Struggling students can now listen and comprehend their reading with increased retention. Adults possessing a shelf full of books they want to read or re-read can do so without a second purchase of an electronic copy. Speechify makes all of this possible, therefore, replacing all other ebook readers.

TTS Reader

TTS is an acronym for text-to-speech. A TTS reader is an assistive technology that reads digital text aloud. TTS uses a database of recorded voices with speech synthesis to make the voices sound human. TTS apps can often translate the text into another language. It can be a big assistant to children by aiding them in writing, editing, and focusing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund on Google Play Books?

Google Play Books allows the purchaser 7 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. Google Play for Education is more lenient and allows up to 30 days after purchase to request a refund.


What is the difference between Google Play Books and Google Books?

Google Play Books is simply an ebook shop. Google Books is essentially a commercial e-library with worldwide accessibility through the internet. 


Can I delete Google Play Books from my phone?

You can easily save books to your device and delete them at your leisure. Google Play Books simplifies buying and reading books on your device.


How do I cancel a subscription on Google Play Books?

Cancel your subscription by clicking your profile icon at the top right. Select payments & subscriptions. Then, tap the subscription you want to stop. Next, click manage. Now, in the confirmation window, select cancel subscription.

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