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Speechify vs TTS Reader

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Speechify and TTS Reader are great apps for text to speech but see how they stack up when compared side by side.

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Comparing Speechify vs TTS Reader

If you are looking for text-to-speech software that will convert text into audio, there is no shortage of high-quality options available for you to choose. Widely considered two of the best text-to-speech apps available today, Speechify and TTS Reader are both great tools for converting web pages and text files into audio. However, the exact features and functionality of these two apps differ a lot more than you might realize. 

To help you decide which text-to-speech app is best suited for you, let’s take a look at how Speechify and TTS Reader compare to one another and the unique features and benefits of each app.

What is Speechify?

Speechify is an AI voice generator that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce high-quality natural sounding voices. Rather than synthesizing each word individually, Speechify analyzes digital text in its entirety in order to accurately replicate elements such as pitch, tone, and pauses. The result is audio that sounds much more natural and is completely indistinguishable from a real human narrator. 

With Speechify Premium, you will have 30+ different AI voices to choose from across 20+ different languages, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Speechify Limited, meanwhile, is free to download and use and offers 10 different AI voices – all in English. 

Speechify is capable of synthesizing digital text in a wide range of formats. This includes web pages and HTML, Microsoft Word docs and docx files, PDFs, txt files, and more. Speechify Premium also offers the ability to scan print documents so that even printed text can be read aloud.

Speechify can be downloaded to iOS or Android mobile devices, such as your smartphone or iPad, and also comes available as a Chrome extension for use on your web browser. When using the Speechify app, Speechify supports offline use and can be used to synthesize written text even if you are not connected to the internet. Audio can be exported as a WAV, MP3, or other audio formats for listening convenience.

Along with plenty of high-quality voices to choose from and the ability to perform speech synthesis across multiple languages, Speechify offers a number of other noteworthy interactive features. These include the ability to adjust the app’s reading playback speed, advanced highlighting/note-taking features, and the ability to scan printed documents. For business users, Speechify Premium also provides an API that lets you build text-to-speech functionality into any web page or app.

Speechify Premium costs $139 per year, while Speechify Limited is a free version of the app that can be downloaded and used indefinitely, completely free of charge. Along with this free text-to-speech tool, Speechify also offers a limited trial of Speechify Premium that lets users try out the app before they purchase it. 

Thanks to its many features and functions, there are many different use cases for Speechify. Users with dyslexia or other disabilities are able to use Speechify to improve their comprehension and reading speeds, users who like to multitask can use Speechify to free up their hands and eyes while they read, book lovers can use Speechify to convert e-books into audiobooks, podcast lovers can get a similar experience to podcasts by listening to their favorite texts read naturally and out loud, scholars can use it for reading documents like epub or PDF files, and business users can use Speechify to create voiceover content and add text-to-speech functionality to their website and apps. 

What is TTS Reader?

TTS Reader is a free browser extension that can be downloaded to Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Like Speechify, TTS Reader allows you to listen to written text aloud at adjustable speeds or convert written text into audio files. TTS Reader can likewise also be used to read a variety of digital files as well as web pages. 

TTS Reader supports speech synthesis across multiple languages and provides several different male and female voices to choose from. Another feature of TTS Reader worth mentioning is how TTS Reader can remember where you left off in a document or article, even if you close your browser, making it easy to start reading again without having to manually find your place. 

Unlike Speechify, TTS Reader is not an AI voice generator. This means that TTS Reader relies on traditional speech synthesis software rather than artificial intelligence and machine learning. When you compare the two, this key difference in technology is certainly noticeable. The AI voices produced by Speechify are all but indistinguishable from real human voices, analyzing content to replicate the subtle nuances that make speech realistic. TTS Reader, meanwhile, synthesizes each word individually. While the voices themselves are certainly easy-to-understand and pleasant enough, the result of this type of speech synthesis is much choppier and more robotic than Speechify’s AI voices. 

For individual users, TTS Reader is completely free to download and use and relies on in-app ads to generate revenue. Users are given the option to pay for a premium version of the app that is add-free, but it doesn’t include any additional functions or features. Business users that plan to use TTS Reader for commercial purposes are required to pay for licensing. 

Speechify vs TTS Reader: Which is better? 

The most substantial difference between TTS Reader and Speechify is the quality and realism of each app’s voices. As an AI voice generator, Speechify is able to produce voices that sound far more natural than those produced by TTS Reader and other text-to-speech software that isn’t powered by AI. The result is arguably a much more pleasant listening experience, though how highly voice quality ranks on your list of priorities is ultimately a matter of personal preference. 

Speechify also offers a lot of features you won’t get with TTS Reader. This includes the ability to scan print documents, the ability to download the app to your iOS or Android device, and the ability to highlight text and take notes using voice commands. Speechify also allows you to create playlists for easy listening on-the-go, many tutorials for the platform, the ability to bookmark specific sections of text, and shortcuts to speed up your user experience.

TTS Reader does get points for being completely free to download and use. Even comparing the free version of Speechify to TTS Reader, though, there are still good reasons to choose Speechify instead. While Speechify Limited only provides access to ten AI voices instead of the 30+ you get with Speechify Premium, they are still AI voices that sound much more realistic than TTS Reader’s voices.

Conclusion – Speechify is the winner

TTS Reader does offer a few features that aren’t available on the free version of Speechify such as adjustable reading speeds and multilingual speech synthesis. If you are looking for a free text-to-speech app, it will be up to you to decide whether these features outweigh the voice quality offered by Speechify Limited. 

Other comparable text-to-speech apps 

Along with Speechify and TTS Reader, there is a broad range of other high-quality text-to-speech apps available for download. Some of the top TTS apps on the market today include: 

  • Amazon Polly – Amazon Polly is one of many solutions offered by Amazon Web Services and is an AI voice generator that is free to use for up to five million characters per month for the first year. 
  • – is an AI voice generator geared toward business users that includes an impressive range of AI voices and features. As an enterprise solution, however, is much more expensive than most TTS apps. 
  • Azure Text to Speech – Produced by Microsoft, Azure Text to Speech offers 270 different AI voices to choose from across 119 languages and language variants as well as powerful voice customization features. 
  • ReadSpeaker – First released over twenty years ago, ReadSpeaker is a pioneer in the text-to-speech industry and remains an excellent TTS app. 

Frequently asked questions 

Is there anything better than Speechify?

There are a lot of great TTS apps on the market today, and which one is best for you will depend on your own unique needs and preferences. Speechify Premium, however, offers unmatched voice quality and all the features and functions needed for both personal and commercial use. Speechify Limited, meanwhile, offers a better listening experience than most free TTS apps and many paid apps as well. 

What is the most realistic TTS voice? 

AI voices such as those produced by Speechify’s AI voice generator are always going to be more realistic than voices produced by traditional speech synthesis software since they are capable of replicating the subtle nuances that make a voice sound human. 

What is the best narrator app?

A few excellent narrator apps include: 

  • Speechify 
  • TTS Reader
  • NaturalReader
  • Balabolka
  • Amazon Polly 
  • ReadSpeaker 
  • Azure Text to Speech

Is Speechify completely free?

Speechify Limited is completely free to download and use and provides ten different AI voices to choose from. Speechify Premium costs $139 per year and offers 30+ AI voices across 20+ languages as well as additional functions and features. 

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