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Different ways to use Discord banners: how to create and upload them

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Discord has evolved from being a haven for gamers to a vibrant social media platform that caters to various interests, including anime, memes, and much...

Discord has evolved from being a haven for gamers to a vibrant social media platform that caters to various interests, including anime, memes, and much more. One of the ways Discord allows users to express themselves is through the use of Discord banners. Whether it's your Discord server banner or your individual Discord profile banner, the opportunities for personalization are endless. This comprehensive guide covers different types of Discord banners, from server banners to animated profile banners, and provides step-by-step instructions for creating and uploading them.

Types of Discord banners

Discord banners serve as the visual identity for your server or personal profile. They offer an immediate sense of what your community or gaming interests might be. Here are some options to consider:

Discord server banner

This banner represents your Discord server and gives newcomers an idea of what your community is about. If you're a Minecraft enthusiast, a high-quality image featuring your favorite in-game locations could be a captivating choice.

Discord profile banner

Discord Nitro users have the additional perk of being able to set a personalized banner for their Discord profile. These banners can be anything from animated gifs to high-quality images.

Animated banner

If you're a Discord Nitro user, you can even have an animated banner, typically in the form of an animated gif, that adds an extra layer of pizzazz to your profile or server.

How to create a Discord banner

Creating an eye-catching Discord banner is key for both your server's appeal and your profile's uniqueness. Here's how to go about it using various tools:

Using graphic design software

Adobe Photoshop or similar graphic design software offers you the most control over the quality and aspect ratio of your banner. The recommended size for a Discord banner is 960x540 pixels. Decide whether you're creating a server banner or a profile banner. Make your banner stand out by adding various elements such as fonts, emotes, or even animated gifs.

Using online services

Platforms like Canva and provide banner templates, which are incredibly helpful for those who aren't skilled in graphic design. You can easily incorporate various elements like fonts, memes, and emotes to create a banner that speaks volumes about you or your server.


Canva has free Discord banners that can be customized to your liking. They offer layouts that range from cute to funny.

Similar to Canva, also offers various templates and even allows you to create animated gifs easily. If you want to add an overlay, is a good option to consider.

Social media inspirations

If you're out of ideas, you can take inspiration from Twitter headers or YouTube banners. Even TikTok can provide some inspiration for funny and cute banners.

How to upload a Discord banner

1. Discord Server Banner

- Open your Discord server.

- Go to Server Settings.

- Click on Upload under Server Banner Background.

- Note: Server banners are a perk available to servers that have reached a boosting level. Server boosts help unlock these perks.

2. Discord Profile Banner

- Open Discord and go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture.

- Click on Edit.

- You will see a window where you can upload your banner image or animated gif.

File formats and requirements

When it comes to uploading your Discord banner, it's crucial to know the supported formats and special conditions. Here's a quick rundown:

- Discord accepts PNG, JPEG, and GIFs for banners.

- For animated banners, you would need Discord Nitro and the file should be an animated GIF.

Tips for a stunning Discord banner

When you're setting out to create a Discord banner that really grabs attention, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. From the aspect ratio to the little details that make it unique, here are some essential tips:

1. Aspect Ratio: Make sure the aspect ratio is correct; a distorted banner can be an eyesore.

2. High-Quality Images: Always use high-quality images, as pixelated banners don't look appealing.

3. Fonts: The text in your banner should be in English (or the language your server mainly uses) and easy to read.

4. Emojis and Emotes: These can add a touch of personality to your banner.

5. Cover Photos: If you're also into other social media platforms like Facebook, ensure that the banners across different platforms have a consistent style.

6. Gamer-Friendly: If your Discord server is targeted toward gamers, consider using images or themes related to popular games.

7. Animate Discord: If you can, use animated gifs to make your banner more engaging.

8. Be Unique: Your Discord pfp (Profile Picture) and banner should represent you. Make it unique to stand out.

9. Extras: You can add perks like countdowns, server boosts information, and more using various Discord bots or custom code.

Free options

Websites like Canva and provide free options for those who don't want to invest in a Discord Nitro subscription.

Whether you're into anime or a die-hard gamer, Discord banners are a way to express your interests and attract like-minded individuals. Utilizing tools like Canva and or even just browsing through Twitter and TikTok for inspiration can yield fantastic results. Just remember to keep your banners in line with the community guidelines, maintain the correct aspect ratio, and you're good to go! By applying these tips and tricks, you can have a Discord banner that not only looks good but also encapsulates the essence of your Discord server or profile.

The Speechify AI advantage in Discord banners

In the realm of personalization and creativity, Speechify AI products like Speechify AI Video Generator and Speechify AI VoiceOver can revolutionize the way you interact with your Discord community. Imagine taking your server announcements to the next level by creating polished videos without any actors or equipment. Turn any text into high-quality videos complete with AI avatars and voiceovers—in less than 5 minutes! These features can seamlessly blend with your unique Discord banners, creating an enriched user experience that combines visual artistry with cutting-edge technology. Try Speechify AI Video Generator to elevate your Discord server or profile today!


How do I get Discord banners?

To get Discord banners, you can either design one yourself using graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or use online platforms like Canva or that offer customizable banner templates. Once you've created your banner, you can upload it to your Discord server or profile based on where you want it to appear.

Where to get animated Discord banners?

Animated Discord banners can be created using graphic design software that supports the creation of animated GIFs. You can also use online platforms like that specifically allow you to create animated banners. Some websites even offer pre-made animated banners that can be downloaded and used.

How do you add an animated banner on Discord?

To add an animated banner on Discord, you must first ensure that you have a Discord Nitro subscription, as animated banners are a Nitro perk.

1. For Server:

- Open your Discord server.

- Go to Server Settings.

- Under Server Banner Background, click Upload and choose your animated GIF.

- Note that animated server banners are available to servers that have reached a certain boosting level.

2. For Profile:

- Open your Discord profile by clicking on your profile picture.

- Click on Edit.

- In the window that pops up, you'll have the option to upload an animated GIF as your banner.

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