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Let’s explore the text to speech features of Fake You and it’s alternatives.

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Fake You text to speech

There’s a lot you can do these days with speech synthesis and text to speech (TTS) technology. Gone are the days when TTS was something you could only find on Google Translate.

New technologies and platforms are a few clicks away, ready to turn written text and transcriptions into realistic narrations in many languages. Fake You is one of the platforms evolving at a rapid pace.

However, before you assume it’s the best solution for your needs, there are a few things you should know. Let’s explore the text to speech features of Fake You and it’s alternatives.

What is Fake You?

There are many ways to describe the Fake You app. Some call it a text to speech reader. Others call it a voice app. Its developers refer to it as a voice generator and some users regard it as the speech editing version of Photoshop for deep fakes.

But at its core, Fake You is an open-source text to speech reader with voice cloning capabilities. It uses machine learning technology to process and replicate voices so anyone can add them to voiceovers.

The Fake You website has a simple interface where users can write or copy-paste text and select one of over 2,400 voices to narrate the text. You can choose the custom voice based on various categories or languages like English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, etc. One of the most popular categories is the “Real People” category, with over 180 voices.

Every narration you create using Fake You is available online, in permalink format, and for download as a WAV audio file.

Who created Fake You?

Fake You is a community-driven text to speech voice generator. While none of the active developers have made their names publicly known, you can find their online handles on the app’s “About” page. Contributors do everything from coding to voice sourcing to data gathering to moderating Discord discussions and requests.

Because it is open-source software, Fake You is available for everyone to use and improve upon, provided they have the necessary skills. However, the website has IP rate limitations and accessing the API may require a unique token to avoid long queues.

After sharing your plans to use the API, you can ask for a token on the Fake You Discord channel.

The uses for Fake You

What is the purpose of a TTS reader that can clone voices? Here are some examples:

  • Creating Deep Fake videos – As previously mentioned, Fake You does for audio what Photoshop does for fake photography. It makes it easy to develop speeches in someone else’s voice without having an actual recording. You can use this to play a practical joke on someone, create fanfiction, etc.

  • Cloning your voice – Another widespread use is to clone the user’s voice. Fake You could help you clone your voice and add it to your podcast when pressed for time to make a realistic recording in your voice.

  • Creating voiceovers – You can also use voice cloning to add celebrity voices or specific AI voices to your content on TikTok and YouTube videos. For example, you can read your words aloud as a typical TV announcer, anime character, robot, etc.

Speechify – An alternative to Fake You

As impressive as Fake You is, the open-source voice generator isn’t without limitations. For one, there’s often a long queue to get anything done. Secondly, the TTS reader can’t import documents and doesn’t have the best implementation of tone, pitch, and cadence. As a result, despite its text to speech technology, it’s not the most helpful TTS reader.

Speechify is a reliable alternative for many reasons. If you want a TTS reader with a mobile app and natural-sounding voices, Speechify is the answer. The app’s high-quality voices are a result of artificial intelligence algorithms.

You can import almost any digital text file format from TXT files to Word documents to Excel spreadsheets to images, process written words, and read them aloud with an AI voice. Speechify supports additional languages like Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, and others with realistic voices.

In addition, Speechify is a traditional TTS reader capable of real-time screen reading. You can use it online and offline and adjust the playback speed at will. The available text to speech voices might not be nearly as many as Fake You offers, but the quality is superior.

Try Speechify for free on Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows desktop and mobile devices and see the difference.


What is the most realistic text to speech?

Speechify has the most realistic speech online and offline.

What is the best way to prank your friends with fake TTS?

While Fake You can help clone many celebrity voices, Speechify’s text to speech voices give more credence to spoken words because of the better cadence, pitch, and grammar understanding.

How to use FakeYou?

You don’t need an account or a lengthy tutorial to use the Fake You voice changer. All you have to do is write or copy-paste the text into the online interface. Then, you can select the desired voice from the list, click the “Speak” button, and wait your turn in the queue to listen to the narration and get your download link.

What TTS is the most popular?

Speechify is one of the most popular TTS apps for online and offline applications.

Where can I download FakeYou?

Fake You is a cloud-based service, meaning you can’t download a desktop or mobile app to your devices.

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