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How to make the most of your workday

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Find out how to make the most of your workday with productivity hacks and A-list techniques to maximize time management in your workspace.

How to make the most of your workday

The dreaded 8-hour workday, for most people, is a reality. Those 8 hours can sometimes go by quickly, yet remain unproductive due to procrastination or not correctly prioritizing tasks. Sometimes, the workweek feels as if it were less time than the full 40 hours and many people struggle to get value from a workday.

For some, getting things done can prove to be more difficult than it should be.

There are several ways to increase productivity, even for those with heavy workloads. Sometimes multitasking and better time management skills can help workers who have difficulty completing a daily to-do list. Picking up techniques that can prevent burnout can also play a factor.

Why put off tasks until the next day when you can get things done today? Keep reading to learn productivity tips to help you make the most of your workday.

Top tips for a productive workday

Most employees are familiar with the 8-hour workday. It may seem like plenty of time to accomplish the most important tasks. But for some, low energy levels due to work burnout can create an unproductive work environment. Fortunately, different hacks can help to increase productivity and ensure you accomplish more by the end of the day.


An 8-hour workday seems like plenty of time to complete your work, but it can go by in a New York Minute. You can start the day with the best intentions, yet before you know it, it’s the end of the day, and you haven’t accomplished much. This cycle can repeat itself, causing a fast decline in work performance.

Planning daily tasks is the key to ensuring they get done. Creating a daily to-do list to prioritize crucial items can be beneficial.

For some, setting cell phone notifications to remind them of deadlines helps to stay on top of the more critical tasks. Likewise, consider how long each task takes and the specific times they need to be completed. Having a plan to tackle the workday can help avoid wasting time on projects that aren’t a priority.

Take breaks

Getting your work tasks done is important, but so is taking a short break. Breaks will give you time to recharge so you can sufficiently focus on getting things done. For some, set times for breaks can help to motivate them to complete a task. For others, taking a much-need break when necessary can help them to refocus.

Breaks can help to prevent work burnout and rejuvenate energy levels. Taking breaks can be a bit easier for those working from home. However, the downside could be wasting time with unnecessary phone calls or spending too much time on social media. Setting a break timer can help ensure you return to your tasks.

Reduce distractions

A big part of making the most of your workday is limiting distractions. It’s far too easy to waste time scrolling through social media or picking up the cell phone every time it receives a notification.

Consider turning off phones and tablets to avoid the temptation of checking them every time they flash a new alert. Try keeping relevant browser tabs open on your PC or laptop to remove the temptation to stray from your workload.

Unnecessary visits from work colleagues in the office or friends or family members when working from home should be reduced or avoided. Even short visits can distract you enough to lose focus and cause disruptions to your workflow. Set boundaries during working hours and try to keep all interactions unrelated to work at a minimum.

Make better use of commuting time

Those who commute to work by bus or train can utilize this time for mobile meetings. Another use of this often ill-spent time is to set your plan for the day. Alternatively, you can use this time for personal development by listening to audiobooks that teach about time management. Even those who commute to work by car can take advantage of this time to improve their personal development by listening to podcasts.

The power of positive thinking

Remaining positive during working hours can play an essential role in productivity. Rewarding yourself for your accomplishments is one of the keys to a positive work environment. Taking pride in what you do while maintaining an optimistic view, even when things get stressful, will help to keep you moving forward.

In addition, it helps to take time to find a healthy work-life balance. High-performing employees tend to have the proper balance between work and play.

Use tools like Speechify to become even more productive

Speechify is a TTS (text to speech) app that can help increase your productivity during your workday. For example, it can help you with multitasking by eliminating the need to take the time to read a work-related document. Instead, you can use Speechify to read the document while working on getting things done on your to-do list.

When using Speechify, you can increase the playback speed to reduce the time it takes to listen, freeing up even more time. Speechify can read Google Docs to you while you take notes or scroll through work emails.

If you’re interested in increasing your productivity and making the most of the day, give Speechify a try today.


How can you make the most of your workday?

Having a daily work plan, taking breaks when necessary to prevent work burnout, and reducing distractions are all ways to be more productive.

What are some things you can do to make your workday more productive?

Eliminating distractions can significantly increase your productivity.

What are the benefits of taking a break every two hours?

A scheduled break every two hours could motivate you to accomplish necessary tasks before your next short break. Giving your brain a break from an intensive project can also increase productivity by rejuvenating energy levels.

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

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