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How to read the news more every day: What you must know

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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Bibliophiles on April 25, 2023
Stay informed with our guide on reading the news every day. Learn essential tips to make it a daily habit and stay up-to-date.

    How to read the news more every day: What you must know

    In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to avoid news altogether. Whether it’s on social media, online news, in the newspaper, or on TV, news stories are constantly coming at us from all directions. With the pandemic, healthcare, politics, and international news making front-page headlines every day, it’s more critical than ever to stay informed and up-to-date on current events. In fact, a lot of people have started reading the news for the first time, so here are the top tips on how to read the news more often and avoid getting bogged down by negativity.

    First step: choose the right news outlets

    Being informed and up-to-date with current events is essential. However, with so much news available from a variety of sources, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of the top news sources and podcasts to help you find the right network for you.

    News sources

    You should always identify and read sources that are reputable and trustworthy. You can begin by exploring traditional news sources such as:

    1. The New York Times — A highly respected news source that covers a wide range of topics, including international news, politics, business, and culture.

    2. BBC News — A world-renowned media outlet that provides comprehensive coverage of global news.

    3. CNN — A leading 24-hour cable news network that covers breaking news, politics, and entertainment.

    4. NPR — A nonprofit news organization that provides in-depth coverage of national and international news.

    5. The Washington Post — A top-notch news outlet that covers politics, business, sports, and culture.

    6. Reuters — A global news agency that provides coverage of breaking news and international events.

    7. Fox News — Fox News reporters cover a wide range of news topics, including politics, current events, business, and entertainment.

    8. The Wall Street Journal — A respected source for business news and financial analysis.

    9. Associated Press — A news agency that provides coverage of breaking news and current events.

    10. The Guardian — A British online news source that covers global news, politics, and culture.


    If you’re busy and on the go, you can always listen to a podcast for your news. In fact, there are multiple podcasts that are hosted by mainstream news outlets, so you can easily stay in the know. Here are just a few:

    1. The Daily — Produced by The New York Times, The Daily covers the biggest news stories of the day in a 20-30 minute format.

    2. Up First — Produced by NPR, Up First covers the top news stories of the day in a 10-minute format.

    3. Today, Explained — Produced by Vox, Today, Explained provides a deeper dive into the day’s top news stories in a 20-30 minute format.

    4. The Economist Radio — Produced by The Economist, this podcast covers world events and offers analysis in a 20-30 minute format.

    5. CNN News Briefing — Produced by CNN, this podcast covers the top news stories of the day in a 10-15 minute format.

    Top tips for reading the news on a regular basis

    If you want to read the news more often, here are the most important tips you should follow.

    Set boundaries with your news consumption

    Setting boundaries with your news consumption is also key. It’s easy to get sucked into scrolling through news stories for hours on end, but this can quickly lead to news fatigue and even depression. For example, limit the amount of time you spend reading news articles or scrolling through your news feed.

    Focus on what’s going on locally

    It’s essential to learn how to aggregate news from various sources and news apps and focus on local news that directly affects your life. Local news, in particular, is crucial as it provides us with information about the community we live in and the issues that impact us directly. Breaking news can be distressing, so it’s important to balance it out by paying attention to what’s going on at home.

    Don’t forget to read the good

    Many news stories can be challenging to read and leave you feeling overwhelmed or depressed, so it’s crucial to balance the bad news with stories that make you feel hopeful or informed. Try seeking out news stories that highlight positive change or progress in the world. NPR’s “The Optimist Daily” and The Guardian’s “Good News” section are great resources for uplifting news stories.

    Channel your news fatigue into empathy and action

    It’s easy to feel helpless or defeated after reading about current events. Instead, channel your news fatigue into empathy and action. Consider how you can get involved in your community or support organizations that align with your values. By taking action, you can feel empowered and make a difference.

    Read the news critically

    It’s important to read the news critically to ensure that you are getting accurate information. Always verify the source of the news article and fact-check any information that seems suspicious. Also, be wary of “clickbait” headlines that may exaggerate or distort the truth. Take the time to fact-check news stories, especially those that seem too outrageous to be true.

    Benefits of keeping up with the news

    Keeping up with the news can have numerous benefits. It helps you stay informed about current events and make informed decisions. It also allows you to engage in conversations with others and understand different perspectives. Additionally, it can improve your critical thinking skills and help you stay up-to-date with global issues.

    Read more news in less time with speechify

    With the advent of text to speech apps like Speechify, it has become easier than ever to consume news and other forms of written content.

    So, how can Speechify help you read more news? The app is designed to read text out loud, so you can listen to news articles on the go, while exercising, or even while doing household chores. This allows you to multitask and make the most of your time.

    Additionally, the app offers a range of customization options that make it easy to tailor your news consumption experience to your preferences. You can adjust the reading speed to your liking and select different voices.

    By having articles read aloud, those who struggle with traditional reading methods or don’t have a lot of extra time to read can still keep up with current events and stay informed.

    Try Speechify for free today and see how it can help you stay up-to-date with news and be more productive while achieving your goals.


    How many times a day should you read the news?

    There’s no set number of times per day that you should read the news, as it depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. However, it’s generally recommended to stay informed by reading the news at least once a day, whether that’s in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

    How do you read and retain news?

    To read and retain news effectively, first scan the headlines to identify articles that interest you, make an effort to connect the new information to your existing knowledge, and engage in discussions with others about the topic to solidify your understanding and retention of the news.

    What can you do to read more news?

    Here are just a few tips for reading more news.

    • Consider the daily paper.

    • Sign up for news alerts.

    • Follow news outlets.

    • Scroll through headlines.

    • Choose news stories that interest you.

    • Have text to speech apps like Speechify read it to you.

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