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Wideo pricing: Is it worth it?

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Among some of the best video editing programs, Wideo offers a lot to its users. However, is it worth the price? Let’s find out.

Wideo pricing: Is it worth it?

Wideo is a high-quality piece of software. Its video editing capabilities enable us to maximize our work efficiency, regardless of what type of video content we’re creating. From YouTube explainer videos to video marketing, it’s suitable for everything.

Still, there’s always the question of price. Is Wideo worth your hard-earned money or are there other options that might suit you and your budget better? Well, the answer to this question isn’t that simple. We’ll, therefore, need to do a Wideo review and pricing guide.

What you need to know about using Wideo for your video animation

At its core, Wideo is a piece of online video editing software. With it, you can create, edit, and share professional videos on various social media platforms, blogs, and other websites. A great thing about Wideo is that it doesn’t require any previous video editing experience. It also significantly cuts down video production costs.

To create content with Wideo, you can either upload images and video files or choose templates already available in the app’s media library. These include motion graphics, audio files, unique fonts, and various other objects ready for manipulation. In addition, to increase functionality and user experience, it uses a simple drag-and-drop mechanic.

Another Wideo feature that sets it apart from other in-house video editing programs is its text to speech option. Namely, you can run any text through the program and hear it aloud by one of 50 AI narrators that work in over 15 languages. As such, you don’t need audio recording equipment or a voice actor to provide narration for your videos.

Lastly, this video editor can be used for free. Its freemium version does, however, come with a watermark. Hence, if you want to extract a video from Wideo without the embed, you’ll need to subscribe to one of three pricing models. Although, this is quite normal nowadays. Most programs with free and SaaS versions do this.

User reviews for Wideo

When it comes to reviews, Wideo has a generally positive overall rating online. Most users didn’t find major issues with using this video editing software. Nevertheless, this isn’t to say that everything is peachy about it. There are negative comments as well.

Most positive reviews mention the drag-and-drop mechanic we’ve mentioned. For them, this feature makes it easier to import and manipulate objects. It also speeds up the video creation and production process, allowing you to export a video in less than ten minutes.

Other positive critics praise the regular updates. Wideo is constantly optimized, eliminating bugs and adding new features to improve the app even further. This is a major positive, especially when you consider in which state some apps are launched these days.

Still, the bad reviews we’ve encountered focus on users being unable to reclaim their money after filing complaints. However, this isn’t to say they didn’t get their money back. The problem was that it took longer than expected due to slow responsiveness.

Pros and cons of using Wideo

Regardless of how premium and high-quality an app is, they all have their pros and cons. Wideo is no exception to this. Therefore, let’s list down some major advantages and disadvantages of using this video editing software.

The pros

Drag-and-drop mechanic

As mentioned, this feature makes creating professional-looking videos way easier. It’s simple and fast, and it covers pretty much the whole app, which is a major pro in our book.


Nowadays, teams launch apps in various states of completion and aren’t keen on fixing bugs. This isn’t the case with Wideo. It’s constantly being updated, meaning that something that’s bothering you will eventually disappear.

The cons

Text to speech voice quality

Even if a video creation software, Wideo’s text to speech feature isn’t on pair with apps that specialize in this technology. This might be a minor issue, but it’s worth mentioning.

Varying template quality

This might be normal for apps with vast libraries of templates, but it’s still a con. Not all images, sounds, and transitions are of the same quality. Some are pretty average and low-fi.

What comes with a Wideo subscription

Wideo offers three pricing plans—Basic, Pro, and Pro+. You can purchase a monthly subscription for a one-time payment or a yearly that will be billed annually. So, let’s see what each of these offers, shall we?

  • Basic: For a yearly fee of $228, Wideo Basic offers its users ten downloads a month and 33 video templates. However, you can only create 1.5-minute videos.
  • Pro: If you’re willing to pay $468 a year, Wideo Pro allows unlimited downloads and access to its full template gallery. You’ll also be able to create clips of up to ten minutes of video length.
  • Pro+: For $948 a year, the Pro+ version of Wideo offers unlimited downloads and an option to create videos that last up to 30 minutes. On top of that, you’ll be able to create an additional account, which is a nice touch.

Speechify—an alternative to Wideo

There are many video creation apps online and they all vary in quality. Yet, one thing they all have in common is their pretty basic text to speech technology. Their library of AI narrators might be vast, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t sound like robots. And that’s okay. They make animated videos and are not text to speech apps at their core.

Still, if you want a proper voice-over for your, let’s say, short educational video, you might be better suited with a bonafide text to speech champ like Speechify. It provides its users with over 30 AI narrators in over 15 languages. All of them sound realistic to the point that it might be hard to distinguish them from actual humans.

To make things even easier, Speechify’s OCR allows you to snap photos of text and the app will read it aloud just as if you were to type it digitally. It’s also available on iOS and Android devices, besides being a stand-alone app for Mac and Microsoft computers. Additionally, if you want to use it as a plug-in for your web browser, you can do so on Google Chrome and Safari.


Is Wideo free to use?

Wideo has a free version that allows you to use many features. The only downside is that you’ll have a watermark on your video that you can only remove by subscribing to one of three paid plans.

Is there a trial?

Yes, Wideo offers a free trial. You can use any of the three paid plans for free for 7 days.

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

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