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The ultimate guide to Wideo and reviews

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A powerful online app, Wideo offers its users numerous features to create and stylize all types of video content. Here’s all about it.

The ultimate guide to Wideo and reviews

Nowadays, having a high-quality presentation for your product is more important than what you’re selling. Although it sounds weird, this is just how video marketing strategies work. So, what’s the best way to create a presentation for digital marketing? Is it PowerPoint or are there other apps and programs to get your message across even better?

One of the best and most popular video production apps is Wideo. This app has been up and running for years and is somewhat of an industry standard. As such, it’s only fair to review it and see why so many people are using it. We’ll also cover some customer testimonials so that you can get a better first-hand perspective.

Wideo and its notable features

In essence, Wideo is an online video editing software. It allows its users to create, manipulate, and share all kinds of videos on social media platforms and other websites. The major advantage of Wideo is that you don’t have to be a seasoned professional in video production to handle the app. It’s suitable for beginners, with simple step-by-step tutorials.

Wideo allows users to upload their images and video files into the app or choose a host of templates. The app’s library includes countless images, sounds, fonts, and other objects to fiddle around with. Either way, users have a chance to create unique YouTube videos with a simple drag-and-drop mechanic.

A notable feature of Wideo is its text to speech component. It allows users to enter any text into the app and pick an AI narrator to read it aloud. This is a great feature for creating explainer videos, as well as when a user doesn’t have proper voice recording equipment. There are more than 50 voices in over 15 languages, all with unique characteristics.

Another great thing about Wideo is that you can use it for free. It offers a freemium version that comes with all the features. However, there’s one catch. All freely created videos will have a watermark, which might be a problem for some filmmakers. If you want to remove it, you can subscribe to three different paid plans.

How to use Wideo for your business or personal projects

The most common reason people use Wideo is to build trust through content marketing and brand awareness. With a call-to-action showcase from your marketing team, you’ll influence your target audience’s purchasing decisions.

On the other hand, it’s not just about business and sales. Wideo is great for creating short clips for TikTok or lengthy ones for Vimeo. Its high-quality transitions, effects, and narration options will set your video apart from others and boost your click-through rates and views.

Wideo can also be used for creating interactive e-learning courses. With this app, you can prepare and finalize high-quality videos that deal with education and offer its listeners and students an overall improved experience compared to classic PowerPoint presentations.

The pros and cons of using Wideo

Like all apps out there, Wideo has both pros and cons. As such, it’s only fair to mention some of them so that we can have a better overview of the app.

The pros

Drag-and-drop feature

The drag-and-drop feature makes creating professional videos way easier. Its conversion rate is fast and simple, and it allows you to edit and manipulate the entire video with ease.

Updates and customer support

Unlike other apps, Wideo is constantly being updated. Therefore, any bugs that you might encounter while using it will eventually disappear and new features will be added for a better experience.

Text to speech

Text to speech technology is a fantastic feature of Wideo. It allows anyone to include a voice-over for their video, especially those who aren’t confident in how their voice sounds when recorded.

The cons

AI voice quality

Although text to speech is a great option, not all voices that read aloud your text are natural enough. Some of them are pretty robotic, meaning that it might be a better option to look for a third-party TTS voice-over.


Sure enough, you can remove the watermark from your video by going pro, but we still have to mention it as a downside that prevents free users from creating great videos.

Template quality

Some templates aren’t as high-quality as others, disrupting the balance of otherwise professional videos.

User reviews of Wideo

If you search for Wideo user reviews online, you’ll see that most of them are quite positive. Of course, there are a few that don’t agree, but pain points are normal. No app or piece of software is perfect. Nevertheless, let’s see what some of them had to say.

One user is amazed at how the drag-and-drop feature makes creating a video so much easier. They say that it took them less than 5 minutes to insert all the elements into the app and extract fully finalized content ready for uploading to a video hosting platform.

Another user is pretty pleased with the constant algorithm updates and optimization. They suggest that the software is always turning corners to bring something new to its users, and it's making it easier to use video editing with each new update.

Unfortunately, one user had issues with the app and wanted to reclaim their money. They say that they had a problem with refunding and that the team behind the app wasn’t as responsive as they would have hoped.

Final thoughts on using Wideo for your video needs

By all metrics, Wideo is a great video platform for editing and creating all types of content. It’s simple and it offers tons of features. The only real downside can be the AI voice-overs, as they aren’t that advanced.

However, that’s understandable. Wideo is a video editing software before anything and its text to speech is just a neat additional touch. You can, however, always use third-party TTS apps like Speechify for even better narration and mix it with Wideo.

Speechify is a text to speech app that offers over 30 natural-sounding voices in over 15 languages. It’s available on all popular platforms and devices, including iPhones and Android smartphones, as a standalone app on Mac and as a plug-in for web browsers.


Why is Wideo a powerful marketing tool?

Wideo allows its users to create professional-looking videos, and edit thumbnails and b-rolls to attract potential buyers.

Where can I find product reviews?

Be it Adobe Premiere, or Wideo, you can look up reviews for all apps and programs by searching for them on Google, just like you would with a product on Amazon.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

Just like SEO (search engine optimized) written content can improve your landing page’s rating on Google or Yahoo, a quality video will attract potential buyers by introducing them visually to what your business has to offer.

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

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