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Although one of the less-known languages in India, Lahnda has started to make a breakthrough in the TTS scene. Here are some of the better Lahnda TTS tools.

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Lahnda text to speech (TTS) voices are becoming more and more prominent, and nowadays, we have a lot of terrific options to choose from when looking for a new Lahnda TTS solution, be it for education, content creation, or work.

About Lahnda

Lahnda, also known as Western Punjabi, is an Indo-European language of the Indo-Aryan branch, making it a long-lost, distant cousin of English, Spanish, Russian, and a bunch of other European and Asian languages.

Although not as well known as some other related languages, such as Hindi, there are more than forty million people speaking Lahnda natively in India and Pakistan.

Text to speech for Western Punjabi

The ever-growing presence of Lahnda and other less-known languages in the TTS sphere is fantastic news for foreign language learners, businessmen trying to make a breakthrough in foreign markets, as well as those with reading or studying difficulties looking for assistive technology to help them engage with the written word more easily.

With a high-quality TTS app, you can create your own audiobooks and learning material in Lahnda for extensive audio input without having to rely on teachers and native speakers who are, let’s face it, hard to find outside India.

Further, thanks to sophisticated machine learning and all the customizable options that modern TTS and speech synthesis tools offer, you can even pick different Lahnda accents, choose between male and female voices, and tweak your audio files to make them sound just the way you want them to.

Such levels of flexibility can revolutionize the way we approach our studying sessions, work tasks, and content creation. When you start playing with all the settings and creating custom voices, you’ll quickly notice a change in your workflow and productivity levels, and you’ll realize how fruitful relying on text-to-speech can be, both at work and in academic settings.

Text to speech software for Punjabi

As we’ve mentioned, there are tons of different kinds of software solutions, not only in Western Punjabi but in other languages as well. What your best choice is going to be will depend on your needs and the kind of project you are working on, which is why we have a list of our top picks for TTS apps, as well as their pros, functionalities, and prices.

Microsoft Azure

The first on our list is probably the most famous entry, too — Microsoft Azure. This is not strictly a TTS program but an all-around computing and analytics tool with some pretty impressive sharing and integration capabilities. If you’re looking for a tool that can assist you during every step of your business and not just when you’re doing voiceover and translation work, Azure is your best choice.

Note, however, that there are no set pricing plans for Azure. The bill will depend on what kind of services you need.


Narakeet is another great tool if you’re looking for easy accessibility and a web-based solution: simply paste the text into the designated field, and voila — you’ve got great TTS voices without any hassle in multiple languages, including Czech, Romanian, Icelandic, and many more.

You can try Narakeet for free, but there’s a wide variety of pricing plans based on the number of words you want to be converted per minute. For the biggest payment of $500, you will get 10000 minutes worth of content.

Resemble is more than a mere TTS program. It also allows speech-to-speech voice synthesis, that is, voice cloning. However, the service is a bit more expensive than some of the other solutions we’ve mentioned, although there is a free trial you can try to see whether you like it or not. The actual pricing for a more premium package will be a matter of negotiation, so you’ll have to contact the Resemble team.


Xpeacho is one of the most versatile solutions on this list. It works for YouTube narration, marketing, audiobook narration, podcasting, documentary making, etc. In addition to Lahnda, Xpeacho supports dozens of other languages, such as Spanish, German, Dutch, Hindi, and Tamil, as well as language varieties, such as UK and US English. Xpeacho is also the first Pakistani TTS tool, so it has a good history when it comes to Southern Asian languages.

You can try Xpeacho for free, but if you want all of its features at your disposal, you’ll have to pay anywhere between $3 and whopping $2200 dollars.


Like Xpeacho, Speakatoo has the privilege to call itself one of the first TTS solutions when it comes to Indian languages. It’s developed by an Indian team that went the extra mile to improve all their APIs and make sure you get the most natural-sounding voices in Hindi, Lahnda, and other related languages.

Speakatoo has a free trial option, but if you want to rely on it long-term, you’ll have to pay anywhere from $3.61 to $24.16, depending on the size of your workload.


We’ve saved the best for last with Speechify, the best TTS solution not just for Lahnda but countless other languages as well, including French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, and Italian, to name a few.

Additionally, Speechify lets you choose among various accent and dialect options, so you can make your recordings highly personalized.

Try Speechify yourself at:


What is the most realistic sounding text to speech?

The most realistic TTS voice will depend on the language you are going for. Some languages like Catalan, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Turkish are not as well represented as English, Mandarin, and Arabic, for example. The same goes for language varieties: it is much easier finding US English voice than Australian voices.

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