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The ultimate guide to the Lexercise Dyslexia Test and reviews

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Lexercise offers dyslexia testing and therapy for both children and adults. But how good is it, and what are the reviews like?

The Lexercise Dyslexia Test relies on a combination of various reading assignments and visual-spatial exercises in order to assess an individual’s phonological awareness, language decoding ability, and reading comprehension skills.

The aim of the test is most often to determine whether the person being tested has dyslexia, dysgraphia, or any other reading difficulties and come up with an appropriate plan to manage and treat their condition. But how effective is it, and what do users have to say about their experiences with the test?

Is Lexercise worth it for Dyslexics?

It is hard giving a definitive answer in regards to whether Lexercise is worth it or not since all testing candidates come with a different set of problems and traits that demand care and attention. However, the general consensus is that Lexercise is more than worth it when it comes to dyslexia evaluation.

The Lexercise Test is distributed by a reputable company that has helped countless people with learning disabilities get diagnosed properly and reach desired reading levels and phonemic awareness.

The test is comprehensive and involves a combination of phonological skill checks and multi-sensory tests that will check the learner’s reading fluency and written language comprehension abilities. It is also adaptable to meet the examinee’s individual needs.

One of the downsides to the test, however, is that it might be a bit too expensive for individuals. Indeed, the test is much more suited to be used within a private or public school system, and since the therapy frequently relies on assistive technology, it is the most fruitful in a special education environment with a pediatrician or a reading instructor guiding the child’s reading sessions. That might be a downside, but more on that later.

In addition, the test might not be a viable option if the examinee speaks a language other than English.

What does the Lexercise test cover?

If you or your child starts noticing some reading problems, visiting a reading specialist as soon as possible is paramount. After all, any kind of dyslexia treatment will yield more fruit if you start it immediately.

If your dyslexia or language skill screener relies on the Lexercise Test, you can expect a comprehensive exam focusing on the following:

  • Phonological awareness: Building phonological awareness is crucial early on since it entails the ability to recognize and replicate sounds.
  • Language decoding: With awareness comes the ability to decode and analyze the language, as well as the ability to filter out nonsense words.
  • Reading fluency and comprehension: When working on our reading skills, we want them to be as good as possible, which is why the Lexercise Test focuses on tasks that evaluate an adult’s or a child’s ability to read smoothly and interpret the meaning of the text in front of them in real-time.
  • Kinesthetic/visual-spatial exercises: In a way, reading depends on our ability to process visual information since graphemes are visual representations of sounds. Therefore, Lexercise reading instructions test both the examinee’s phonics skills and their strengths when faced with multi-sensory tasks.

Lexercise cost and features

Lexercise offers various services, and they come in different packages. That means the price can vary depending on what option you opt for.

The most basic package costs $150 a month unless there are ongoing sales and promotional periods that might bring the price down a little bit.

For individual diagnostics and therapy, you will have to dish out about $450 a month. This package includes one-on-one sessions with a licensed, professional speech therapist and a highly personalized reading plan.

Both the basic and the individual therapy plan include interactive lessons, parent resources, and training.

In addition, Lexercise has a free dyslexia screener option you check out.

Lexercise reviews and what teachers, students, and parents should know before buying

One of the most discussed aspects of Lexercise is the price tag. Most reviews will bring attention to the fact that this program is not for everyone’s budget, so it would be wise to check with your health care and insurance providers before settling for any Lexercise package since not all of them cover all dyslexia therapy costs. If you can afford it, however, you will not regret it.

Further, we mentioned that some aspects of the Lexercise method are mostly suited for group use and said that that might be a downside. What we meant was that you should be aware that Lexercise services and interventions are conducted online.

If you prefer in-person strategies, Lexercise might not be for you. If you don’t mind online therapy, and if you are not experienced and versed in dyslexia treatment, you will certainly appreciate Lexercise, especially if you prefer a homeschool approach to education.

Speechify - a simple solution to helping children improve their reading skills

The Lexercise Test is a fantastic screener, and the therapy services provided by the company are more than effective at managing dyslexia. However, you should never limit yourself to just one thing.

There are various strategies recommended by the International Dyslexia Association (e.g., classroom remediation) and tons of assistive tools designed to help those with reading difficulties cope with their predicament. Today, we’re recommending text-to-speech apps, more precisely, Speechify.

Speechify is a text-to-speech reading tool developed by some with dyslexia for those with dyslexia. It allows the users to customize and adjust everything from reading speed to accents, letting even those with severe comprehension impairments and disorders such as ADHD find their ideal reading pace, no matter their grade level.

The app comes with built-in highlighting features, so it can aid even those with more visual learning styles by eliminating the need for additional tools.

Speechify also supports dozens of languages and language varieties, so it’s fantastic for teaching foreign consonants and vowel sounds to those aiming for a specific, non-standard accent.

In addition, the tool is more than affordable, which makes it the most cost-effective supplemental tool out there.


Are online dyslexia tests accurate?

The answer will depend on the kind of test you take. Some tests, such as the Z Screener test, are pretty accurate, while others are not worth your time.

What are the 4 types of dyslexia?

There are four types of dyslexia:

  • Phonological dyslexia
  • Surface dyslexia
  • Rapid-naming dyslexia
  • Double-deficit dyslexia

What is the best way to exercise for dyslexia?

The best way to exercise when dealing with dyslexia will vary from person to person, and it will depend on their grade, too. For example, first-grade students will not have the same approach as those in high school, and certainly not as those in college. However, some common strategies for all graders include listening to audiobooks, using visual aids, trying to gamify reading tasks, applying for individualized education programs (IEPs), using intervention methods such as Orton-Gillingham, and trying everything else that might help build one’s self-esteem and confidence when reading.

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

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