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Marathi text to speech voices

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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in Books on June 27, 2022
Marathi is one of the most widely spoken languages in India, and it’s making a breakthrough in the text to speech market. Here are the best TTS tools for Marathi.

    Getting the hang of a foreign language is no easy task, especially when there are not enough resources to listen to and immerse ourselves in and when we don’t have any natives to listen to and imitate in our own speech.

    Fortunately, with text-to-speech apps, we can create our own podcasts, audiobooks, and other sorts of e-learning material for a lot of additional audio input. Today, we’re taking a look at the Marathi language and some of the most popular text-to-speech and voiceover tools you can use when learning and working in this beautiful language!

    Natural languages are truly alive, and they change constantly. Different people in different regions have their own unique accents and speech quirks that you can’t find elsewhere, and that’s one of the most beautiful things about every language, especially those spoken in India.

    There are countless local languages in the Indian subcontinent, and each of them has its own varieties and dialects, including Marathi. To illustrate this richness of voices, lots of TTS voice generators rely on advanced machine learning that allows them to analyze and replicate all aspects of Marathi speech and produce the most natural-sounding voices a speech synthesizer could ever aim for.

    More premium TTS solutions feature voices of every kind (basic, WaveNet, neural), and in addition to supporting different languages, they allow you to adjust pronunciation, choose between male and female voices, and fine-tune your audio files in regard to speech tempo, pitch, emphasis, etc.

    Text to speech Software for Marathi

    Below, we’ve got a short list of the most popular Marathi voiceover and text-to-speech solutions, as well as their pros and cons, pricing plans, and unique features.

    Microsoft Azure

    Azure is a cloud-based TTS platform with plenty of really nifty features. Namely, in addition to text-to-speech, it allows for speech-to-text conversion and analytics and gives the user a lot of cloud storage, ensuring they’ve got everything they need to stay productive in one place, available at all times, no matter what. Azure is also compatible with other similar apps and even open-source solutions, so it’s rather flexible and can accommodate most users’ needs.

    As for the pricing, the short answer is that it’s not possible to tell. Each pricing plan is unique and depends on the user’s needs, so you can take a look at the Azure pricing calculator to see what kind of bill you can expect.


    Play.ht is one of those powerful TTS tools we mentioned. It’s been around for quite some time, so no list of TTS recommendations is complete without it. It offers countless AI voice options, both in male and female variants; it lets you play with pretty much every aspect of pronunciation, and it’s super intuitive, so it’s a great Marathi TTS solution if you’re a beginner.

    You can check out Play for free, but it’s gonna cost you between $14.25 and $74.25 a month if you choose to stick with it.


    Next up, we have Speakatoo. What’s cool about this one is that it’s made in India, so it definitely does the trick when you’re converting not only Marathi but Hindi text as well. It’s great at nailing all the unique phonemes, and it’s pretty simple to use.

    You can try Speakatoo for free, but if you want to do any substantial work with it, you’ll need to sign up and pay anywhere from $3.61 to $24.16.


    Micmonster is another great Marathi TTS solution. It prides itself on being the future of speech synthesis, and it’s already one of the most popular choices for content creators making YouTube videos and social media posts. It’s also great for corporate training videos, e-learning, and podcasting, so you won’t go wrong choosing it.

    As for the pricing, it will depend on the plan you choose. You can make a free account and give it a go, but you’ll have to spend about $60 dollars a year to get the most out of it. There’s also a $134 lifetime plan, which might be better if you’re looking for a long-term solution.


    Synthesia is, first and foremost, an online-based AI video-generating platform. Its goal is pretty much to convert text into video, ensuring you don’t need to rely on a bunch of different tools and hire video editors. However, it’s also a great TTS solution as well, which makes it the perfect choice if video editing is your primary focus.

    Synthesia costs $30 a month if you want to unlock all the features.


    We’ve saved the best for last — Speechify.

    Thanks to its intuitive UI, highly customizable settings, and expressive AI voices, Speechify remains our number one choice. It works not only with Marathi and Hindi but tons of other languages as well (English, Korean, Italian, Japanese, etc.), and it will turn pretty much anything into a podcast, voiceover, or audiobook. You can even scan your hard copies and create Marathi audiobooks yourself if you can’t find them elsewhere.

    Speechify works on all major platforms (Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone devices, etc.), it’s compatible with pretty much all programs you’re likely to be working in (Word, Docs, etc.), and it supports WAV and MP3 formats. You can even import e-book files from Audible and tailor them according to your tastes.

    Try Speechify today for free.


    What are the voice options for Marathi on Google Translate?

    Sadly, it is not possible to choose different Marathi voice options on Google Translate.

    What is the difference between a male and a female voice?

    Male voices are usually much deeper than female voices, and they’re lower pitched.

    What is the pronunciation of “Marathi”?

    The English pronunciation of the word Marathi is muh-rah-thee.

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