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Notevibes review - The ultimate guide

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Learn more about Notevibes in this Notevibes review. The ultimate guide outlines its features, pros, and cons.

Notevibes is a popular text to speech tool that many prominent companies worldwide use to create voice overs for their marketing campaigns, product demos, and other material.

In this Notevibes review, we’ll discuss the platform and outline its most important features.

What is Notevibes?

Notevibes is a TTS software that lets you create high-quality voice overs for audiobooks, product demos, marketing campaigns, broadcasting, video games, e-learning, and much more.

This realistic AI voice generator uses cutting-edge technology to offer lifelike, natural-sounding voices to its users. All you need to do to convert text into speech is paste it into the box on and press “Convert.”

With Notevibes, you can save your audio files as WAV or mp3 files and use them even when you don’t have internet access. You can use the platform from your computer (Mac or Windows) and mobile device (Android or iOS).

Many agree that Notevibes is one of the best text to speech software on the market. Besides allowing you to create human voices in real-time and in different languages and unique voices, one of the platform’s biggest advantages is its advanced editor.

Through the editor, you can customize the pitch, speed, intonation, and pauses between words, phrases, and sentences. Moreover, you can adjust the volume and emphasis.

The platform offers several pricing plans with different options, and you can choose one that suits your needs. Keep in mind that Notevibes is mainly directed toward business users who need advanced features to create voice overs for commercial purposes.

Voice over possibilities

Notevibes offers over 225 different voices and 25 languages from popular providers like Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft. You can choose a male or female voice and opt for voices of adults or children, depending on your needs and the desired effect.

The realistic voices and natural-sounding speech will have everyone think you’ve hired voiceover artists (voice actors) to record audio.

Some of the most popular languages on the platform are English (and its geographical variations), Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, French, Italian, and Russian.

Pricing plans

Notevibes features a paid and free version. The free plan offers limited options in terms of character limit and available text to speech voices. However, it does allow you to check out the platform’s possibilities and determine whether it suits your needs.

When it comes to the paid version, the platform offers three options: Personal pack, Commercial pack, and Corporate pack.

The Personal pack costs $96 per year. If you want to pay on a monthly basis, the price is $19 per month. This pack is designed for personal use like private listening, e-learning, or generating podcasts.

Here’s what it includes:

  • 1,200,000 characters per year
  • Over 225 voices
  • 21 languages
  • MP3 download
  • One account license

The Commercial pack costs $1,080 per year or $99 per month if you want to pay on a monthly basis. It contains everything you may need for YouTube broadcasts, IVR voice over, TV, and other mediums.

Here’s what you’ll get with this pack:

  • 12,000,000 characters per year
  • Cutting-edge voice editor
  • Over 225 voices
  • 25 languages
  • Up to four account licenses
  • Speech synthesis markup language (SSML) tags support
  • MP3 and WAV download
  • Audio file redistribution
  • Intellectual property rights for all files

The Corporate pack is designed for corporate users. It contains everything the Commercial pack contains, plus extra features like an unlimited character pack, master account for management, up to 10 account licenses, and priority email support.

Pros and cons

Similar to other TTS platforms like Murf, Speechelo, and NaturalReader, Notevibes has its pros and cons. If you’re thinking about subscribing to Notevibes, it’s important to be aware of its advantages and drawbacks to ensure it’s a good fit.

Here are the advantages of using Notevibes:

  • A wide range of languages and voices
  • Excellent customization options
  • Great for commercial use

Here are some potential drawbacks you should consider:

  • Commercial plans feature a hefty price tag
  • The platform has a steep learning curve due to advanced options

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If you’re unsure whether Speechify is the right platform for you, you can try the free text to speech version and explore some of the options. You can use the platform for presentations, transcription, YouTube videos, commercials, podcasts, video games, freelance work, and much more.

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What is the target audience of Notevibes?

The target audience of Notevibes are individuals who need a TTS tool for commercial purposes. Of course, freelancers and those who need it for personal use might also find Notevibes suitable, but many agree there are more affordable options.

What do you need to do to create a Notevibes account?

Creating a Notevibes account is simple and quick. All you need is your email address, name, and password. You can also log in with your Google, email, Microsoft, or Facebook account.

What are some of the ways you can use Notevibes?

You can use Notevibes to create voice overs for commercials, videos, video games, educational content, product demos, promotional material, and much more.

Cliff Weitzman

Cliff Weitzman

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