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Cliff Weitzman
By Cliff Weitzman Dyslexia & Accessibility Advocate, CEO/Founder of Speechify in VoiceOver on October 04, 2022
This article explains what VoiceOver is, why it’s useful, and covers some alternatives in case VoiceOver doesn’t provide what you need.

    VoiceOver text to speech

    As a video content creator, you always seek ways to expand your audience. The more people your videos reach, the more money you can make from them.

    One of the best ways to expand video reach is to add natural-sounding voices to them.

    Of course, you could use your own voice for this. However, if you believe you don’t have the right type of voice for creating a professional voiceover, you need access to a custom voice that can handle video narration.

    That’s where Apple’s VoiceOver text to speech technology comes in.

    Available on all Apple devices, VoiceOver is a voice generator ideal for a video editor. This article explains what it is, why it’s useful, and covers some alternatives in case VoiceOver doesn’t provide what you need.

    What is text to speech?

    Text to speech (TTS) apps are screen readers that read aloud any text placed into them at the most basic level. Using speech synthesis and machine learning technology, they create AI voices you can use for transcription.

    The best text to speech software provides natural-sounding speech based on any text file copied into them. While this text is usually read in real-time, many text to speech tools also allow you to extract what they read as audio files.

    Imagine creating a video and overlaying a .wav audio file and some background music. That is possible with the human-like voices TTS readers provide. This functionality makes them ideal for creating voiceovers for your video content.

    Why use TTS for your content?

    Many people see text to speech as little more than an accessibility tool. While these online tools are great for people with reading comprehension issues, they’re also valuable for content creators. TTS can provide quality voiceovers that make your videos stand out.

    Here are a few benefits of using TTS when creating content.

    • You get a high-quality voice that meshes perfectly with your video. This AI voice is ideal if you don’t have good recording software.
    • TTS readers give you a realistic voice at a fraction of the cost of a professional voiceover. Your YouTube videos become more profitable because you use free text you create yourself and low-cost text to speech voices.
    • You can improve your audience’s experience with text to speech. That’s especially the case if you have TTS software that offers multiple languages. Imagine being able to reach people who speak Portuguese, Spanish, or Hindi, as well as people who speak English.
    • With TTS, you can quickly generate an audio file without the hassle of complicated recording equipment. Pop your text into the software and let it do your hard work.

    VoiceOver – The TTS app for macOS

    Many people use Apple’s range of Mac devices to create video content. The company offers its VoiceOver software with no extra pricing to consider.

    So, how do you use it?

    Siri is the easiest way to activate VoiceOver. Turn Siri on and ask it to “Turn VoiceOver on” to start the reader. Tell Siri to “Turn VoiceOver off” if you want to stop. This technique works for Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

    Suppose you’re using a keyboard. Press Command + F5 to activate VoiceOver. You can also use a Magic Keyboard by holding the Command key and tapping Touch ID three times.

    Recording audio using VoiceOver

    You could spend an excessive amount of time watching explainer videos to show you how to record a voice using VoiceOver or you could follow these simple instructions.

    iPhone and iPad

    • Open a project in iMovie and scroll through the timeline until the playhead appears over the place you want to record your voice. The playhead is a white vertical line.
    • Select “Add Media” and tap “VoiceOver.”
    • Choose “Record.” After a three-second countdown, iMovie starts recording. Select “Stop” to end the recording.


    • Open your project in iMovie and place the playhead in the appropriate spot.
    • Click the “Record Voiceover” button, which looks like a microphone. You should see it below the main viewer.
    • Tap the “Record” button to start recording an audio file. Press it again to stop.

    You can change the input device for this recording using the “Voiceover Options” button.

    Alternative TTS readers for you to try

    VoiceOver is a helpful text to speech reader, but it may not be as lifelike as you want it to be. In that case, you can use the following alternatives for audio recording or in an e-learning setting.


    Murf.ai lets you easily create narration for videos, presentations, and e-learning purposes. You can even use it to create an interactive voice response (IVR) system for phones. With a wide range of languages and over 100 voices, you should have no problem finding new voices for your videos.

    Voice Dream Reader

    Another useful app for iOS, Voice Dream, offers text highlighting and dictionary features on top of text to speech. It’s a practical mobile solution, though it isn’t available for Microsoft devices or Mac. However, there is an Android version.

    Amazon Polly

    Polly stands out because it features text to speech APIs that are ideal for developers. The software excels at generating lifelike voices and allows you to store any speech it creates. You get five million text characters for free before you need to start paying for it.


    Speechify features over 14 languages, including English, German, Arabic, and many more. It also has handy sliders that allow you to alter the speed of its readouts.

    Broad platform compatibility is another benefit, as it’s available for iOS, macOS, Android, and Google Chrome. It’s also said to have the most realistic voices to choose from, including celebrity voices.

    Speechify – The TTS tool for your next voiceover project

    Apple’s VoiceOver software is helpful. However, it requires you to take complicated steps to create narration for your videos.

    Would you like to learn more?

    Try Speechify for free today to find out what this powerful TTS app can do for you.


    What is a voiceover?

    A voiceover can refer to narration over a video or the Apple VoiceOver software.

    What is the difference between voiceover and narration?

    Narration tends to be a spoken commentary of what’s on screen. Voiceovers can serve the same purpose but may also incorporate the thoughts of characters who aren’t on screen.

    What is the purpose of text to speech?

    Text to speech can have many purposes related to e-learning, voiceover work, or simply reading text aloud.

    Why should I use TTS instead of my own voice for voiceovers?

    You may not have a professional-sounding voice or want to offer your audience something different.

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